New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2: Levels 21 to 30

Our New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2 Walkthrough will be your companion as you return to the time of kings, knights, and magic in this challenging time-management game. Finding yourself transported back to the time of Merlin is nothing compared to the task now before you: discovering the location of the legendary Fountain of Living Water. You must race through forty levels of increasingly difficult challenges in order to collect the gold necessary to advance. Our step-by-step instructions, custom edited screenshots, and video solutions for each and every level will aid you in your quest, so the only question is: Can you manage it?

Level 21

Goals:  Power altar

  1. The goblin goes back and forth around the gold and wheat
  2. Pick up gold first
  3. Send a worker to the windmill and collect wheat
  4. Release the first worker
  5. Collect gold and wheat alternately until you have released all but lone
  6. Send 3 workers to the altar
  7. Collect gold to release the last worker
  8. Collect wheat to until you have close to enough wood to finish the altar
  9. Send 2 more workers to fill up the altar



Level 22

Goal:  7 workers (5 to go)

Achievement available:  1.  Cut down all trees on level 22 - let us know if you get this as it is impossible for us to get the last 2 trees at the same time before releasing that final worker
                                            2.  Use less than a minute to find all workers on level 22 - shown in video solution

  1. All hiding workers are behind areas where a tree is in between 2 regularly spaced trees so you want to get to those areas quickly.
  2. To get the achievement, collect mana and use the acceleration bonus
  3. The first worker can be released in the 2nd row of trees, 2nd tree from the right
  4. Chop 5th tree from right in the first 2 rows
  5. Chop the 2 trees just to the left in the next row and release the 3rd worker
  6. Chop last tree in the 3rd column from the right and then the tree just to the left
  7. Work diagonally into the back of the woods for the last 2 workers



Level 23

Goals:  300 wood, 300 gold

  1. Unlimited food
  2. Chop wood and collect mana
  3. Build a house and collect 3 gold
  4. Upgrade house
  5. Collect more gold and trees
  6. Upgrade house again
  7. Use the Daredevil spell on the succubae
  8. Collect mana to run Green Peace and have enough for Daredevil
  9. Light 2 fires at night and remove at daybreak
  10. Collect gold and trees to meet goals



Level 24


Achievement available:  Gather 200 tomatoes on level 24

  1. Collect food once
  2. Clear the wood block to the right
  3. Collect food and build house
  4. Clear wood block to the 3rd tomato plot
  5. Chop down the trees
  6. Build the left bridge
  7. Chop down the remaining available trees and 40 gold
  8. Build the windmill
  9. Upgrade the house
  10. Staff the windmill and collect food
  11. Collect 40 gold
  12. Upgrade the house
  13. Collect 60 gold
  14. Clear the wood block and then the stone block to the right
  15. Chop down the rest of the trees
  16. Build the right bridge
  17. Build the foundry and staff it
  18. Clear the last stone block
  19. Collect gold and food (if you want the 200 tomato achievement)



Level 25

Goals:  Build lighthouse

Achievement available:  Do not use wells on level 25

  1. Chop one tree and collect food
  2. Build house
  3. Collect one mana and use acceleration bonus (btw, it is entirely possible to do this without the acceleration bonus, it just takes longer)
  4. Collect 60 gold
  5. Clear the top stone block and release the worker
  6. Use acceleration and collect 60 gold
  7. Clear bottom stone block and worker
  8. Send one worker to the light house
  9. Use both spells as available
  10. Chop down trees in free time and collect wood
  11. Send workers to collect 60 gold twice
  12. Clear last stone block and worker
  13. Add 2 more workers to light house
  14. Collect the rest of the wood



Level 26

Goals:  7 workers (5 to go), 200 gold

Achievement available:  Use the sword to drive away 15 witches on level 26

  1. Collect food and one tree
  2. Build a house
  3. Collect gold
  4. Clear bottom stone block and release worker
  5. Collect gold, food, and chop trees
  6. Upgrade the house twice
  7. Light fire to the left and have John fight off the other witches (if you're going for the achievement just don't light the fire and accept that you might go over the limit)
  8. Collect 120 gold and food
  9. Clear the 2 stone blocks to the right and release the worker
  10. Chop enough trees for fires and collect gold



Level 27

Goals:  6 workers (3 to go), 400 wood

Achievements available:  1.  Let goblins cut 5 trees on level 27 (to get these just be lazy)

                                         2.  Do not use watchtowers on level 27 (don't rebuild watchtowers)

  1. Chop down trees and collect food
  2. Build house
  3. Collect 80 gold
  4. Upgrade house twice
  5. Chop down all trees
  6. Collect mana and use Greenpeace until you meet the wood goal
  7. The skeletons will destroy the towers and you can rebuild them if you want or go without to finish a slightly bit slower



Level 28

Goals:  Destroy one tower

  1. Send one worker to the sawmill
  2. Chop down trees and build bridge
  3. Collect mana continuously
  4. Build the foundry and staff it
  5. Use green peace once and cut down the trees
  6. Remove the worker from the sawmill when done with trees
  7. Use the Fearless spell
  8. Build the bridge to release workers
  9. Collect all the gold on the right
  10. Light the fire to the right and keep it lit throughout the rest of the level
  11. Use john on the left
  12. Keep sending 3 workers to tower after using the fearless spell
  13. Once all gold is collected on the right (you don't need the left gold)
  14. Send as many workers as the tower takes each time you use the fearless spell



Level 29

Goals:  7 workers (4 to go), 300 gold

  1. Collect food and mana
  2. Use Fearless spell and chop down all the trees
  3. Build the Windmill and staff it
  4. Collect gold until the spell wears off
  5. Collect food
  6. Clear the 2 stone blocks to release the first 2 workers
  7. Light one fire and use John for the other side
  8. Collect mana
  9. Clear the wood blocks
  10. Use the fearless spell again and collect gold
  11. Clear the last 2 stone blocks to release the last 2 workers
  12. Collect the last of the gold goal using the Fearless spell



Level 30

Goals:  300 food, 200 mana, 7 workers (4 to go)

Achievement available:  Clear all wood blocks on level 30

  1. Send worker to the Windmill
  2. Collect food and gold twice
  3. Clear the stone block to the right
  4. Collect gold 3 more times
  5. Clear the stone block to the left to release the next worker
  6. Collect wood
  7. Build 2 houses
  8. Collect food and mana
  9. Light fire when witches start showing up to the right
  10. Clear all the wood blocks before getting the last mana if you want to get the achievement