New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2: Levels 11 to 20

Our New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2 Walkthrough will be your companion as you return to the time of kings, knights, and magic in this challenging time-management game. Finding yourself transported back to the time of Merlin is nothing compared to the task now before you: discovering the location of the legendary Fountain of Living Water. You must race through forty levels of increasingly difficult challenges in order to collect the gold necessary to advance. Our step-by-step instructions, custom edited screenshots, and video solutions for each and every level will aid you in your quest, so the only question is: Can you manage it?

Level 11

Goals:  6 workers (4 to go), 400 mana, 200 wood

  1. Collect food and gold
  2. Release the 3 workers behind the gold
  3. Pick up wood block by the tower
  4. Collect mana, food, and gold
  5. Daylight will destroy the tower so use John for the last witches and rebuild the towers
  6. Release the last worker and clear rock blocking the trees and spell altar
  7. Collect mana and chop trees
  8. Use Green Peace spell twice and chop down tress
  9. Collect mana to finish
  10. Use John to help fight off the witches




Level 12

Goals:  6 workers (4 to go), 200 gold


  1. Collect food
  2. Chop down 3 trees
  3. Build bridge to the right
  4. Collect mana
  5. Chop down trees and collect gold
  6. Clear stone block to the left
  7. Chop down trees and collect wood block
  8. Build next bridge
  9. Chop down tree and collect wood block
  10. Use Daredevil spell to remove succubae
  11. Collect mana for next spell
  12. Build next bridge
  13. Build house
  14. Collect food and gold to finish




Level 13

Goals:  7 workers (4 to go), 1000 wood


  1. Add worker to windmill and collect grain
  2. Add worker to foundry and collect gold
  3. Remove worker from windmill when finished with grain
  4. Clear first rock pile
  5. Add worker back to windmill
  6. Collect wood and food
  7. Release the workers behind the stone block
  8. Start collecting mana while releasing last 2 workers (technically you do not need to release the last worker)
  9. After collecting 120 gold to clear the rocks, remover worker from foundry
  10. Upgrade sawmill
  11. Add 2 workers to sawmill
  12. Chop down trees
  13. Use green peace spell to replace trees
  14. Use daredevil spell as needed and collect mana




Level 14

Goals:  1 lighthouse, 8 workers (6 to go)

  1. Chop down 3 trees
  2. Build 2 houses
  3. Collect food, gold, and wood
  4. Build sawmill and add worker
  5. Use Green Peace
  6. Light one fire and use John to fight off other side
  7. Upgrade 2 houses
  8. Collect mana and use Green Peace
  9. Upgrade 2 houses
  10. Send 2 workers to lighthouse
  11. Keep using Greenpeace to collect wood
  12. Add 3rd worker to light house during 3rd night




Level 15

Goals:  300 wood, 8 workers (6 to go)


  1. Collect food and mana
  2. Use fearless spell
  3. Chop down 3 trees
  4. Build 2 houses
  5. Chop down more trees
  6. Use Fearless
  7. Collect gold
  8. Build sawmill and add worker'
  9. Upgrade house
  10. Collect mana
  11. Use Fearless
  12. Finish off the trees and collect gold
  13. Upgrade house 2 completely
  14. Collect wood




Level 16

Goals:  1 light house

  1. Collect food
  2. Remove wood blocks at lower left worker and middle left worker
  3. Pick up food
  4. Remove wood blocks to windmill
  5. Send worker to windmill and another to pick wheat
  6. Send 2 workers to light house
  7. Clear wood blocks to release last 2 workers
  8. Send 3rd worker to light house
  9. Clear wood blocks




Level 17

Goals:  500 gold

Achievement available:  Do not get hit by a single tower shot on level 17


  1. Chop down trees and build 3 houses (you won't get shot at yet)
  2. Collect mana
  3. Use fearless spell
  4. Collect 2 wood blocks and the rest gold
  5. Build 4th house
  6. Build watchtowers
  7. Collect gold and mana using the fearless spell




Level 18

Goals:  5 workers (3 to go), 250 gold


  1. Collect food
  2. Clear wood block to left
  3. Build bridge to bottom right
  4. Clear wood blocking bottom left well
  5. Use the freeze spell and collect gold
  6. Clear stone blocking the path twice
  7. Build house
  8. Collect mana and use freeze spell
  9. Collect gold to finish




Level 19

Goals:  250 food, 250 wood, 250 gold

  1. Collect food and mana
  2. When goblin leaves forest, cut down all trees
  3. Build house, windmill, and foundry
  4. Collect 2 gold
  5. Use green peace
  6. Add worker to sawmill and collect wheat
  7. Add worker to foundry
  8. Collect gold while goblin is in the forest
  9. Remove worker from foundry
  10. Chop down trees
  11. Add worker to foundry
  12. Collect gold while goblin is in wheat field
  13. Build sawmill
  14. Collect wheat
  15. Collect mana and use Green Peace again
  16. Remove worker from foundry and add to sawmill
  17. Cut down trees
  18. Collect gold
  19. Collect food to finish




Level 20

Goals:  Destroy advisor's tower

Achievement available:  1.  Collect all gold on level 20

                                            2.  Destroy the Advisor's Tower with your first shot


  1. Watch out for tank
  2. Collect food and gold
  3. Add worker to the foundry
  4. Release the 3 workers behind the stone blocks as you can
  5. Send 3 workers to bottom right tower to destroy