New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2: Levels 1 to 10

Our New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2 Walkthrough will be your companion as you return to the time of kings, knights, and magic in this challenging time-management game. Finding yourself transported back to the time of Merlin is nothing compared to the task now before you: discovering the location of the legendary Fountain of Living Water. You must race through forty levels of increasingly difficult challenges in order to collect the gold necessary to advance. Our step-by-step instructions, custom edited screenshots, and video solutions for each and every level will aid you in your quest, so the only question is: Can you manage it?

Level 1

Goal:  6 workers (5 to go)

  1. Chop down a tree
  2. Build a bridge for 80 wood
  3. Collect food
  4. Chop down all trees
  5. Build bridge to gold
  6. Collect a total of 120 gold
  7. Remove rock blocking wells
  8. Collect mana and use Green Peace spell
  9. Chop down all the trees again
  10. Build 2 houses
  11. Collect mana and use spell again
  12. Build right bridge and build house



Level 2

Goals:  200 gold, 6 workers (3 to go)

  1. Send one worker to the windmill and collect the wheat
  2. Clear the wood blocks x3 and chop down trees
  3. Build the bottom bridge and left bridge
  4. Release the worker from the windmill
  5. Chop down trees
  6. Build a house
  7. Build right bridge and build a house
  8. Use John to scare off the witches
  9. Collect gold



Level 3

Goals:  200 mana, 7 workers (4 to go)

  1. Send worker to windmill
  2. Collect grain
  3. Clear 2 wood blocks to a worker
  4. Clear another 2 wood blocks to a worker
  5. Start clearing the 3 wood blocks to the 3rd worker
  6. Send worker to the bottom fire and use John to scare off witches in the other direction
  7. Remove worker from fire after daybreak
  8. Collect gold 5 times total for a total of 120
  9. Collect mana from available well
  10. Clear stone block to get to last worker
  11. Clear stone block to get to wells
  12. Collect mana from 3 wells



Level 4 

Goals:  7 workers (5 to go)

Achievement available:  Remove at least 6 stone blocks on level 4

  1. Unlimited food on this level
  2. Clear up road and collect gold
  3. Clear stone block to worker on right and release
  4. Pick up mana and use acceleration bonus as available
  5. Clear the wood blocks to 3rd worker and then 2 wood blocks to the center
  6. Gold will still block way even if mined completely but keep collecting it
  7. Clear down the center path
  8. Leave the large stone blocks
  9. Clear to stone block to worker on right
  10. Clear to worker at the bottom
  11. Clear to the worker at the left



Level 5

Goals:   6 workers (4 to go)

Achievements available:  1.  Do not use the bell on level 5

                                         2.  Freeze 4 workers at the same time on level 5 (let us know if you get this one please)

  1. Collect food and chop tree
  2. Build house
  3. Collect 2 gold
  4. Clear stone blocking worker to right
  5. Collect gold and chop trees
  6. Upgrade the house
  7. Collect mana from the wells
  8. Use the freeze spells and collect gold; need 240 to break through rocks
  9. Clear the rocks blocking the last worker



Level 6

Goals:  300 wood, 6 workers (4 to go)

  1. Collect food
  2. Collect gold
  3. Clear stone blocking top worker
  4. Chop 3 trees
  5. build the house
  6. Collect gold
  7. Upgrade the house
  8. Clear bottom stone block
  9. Keep collecting gold (need 120 and then 60) to clear to the middle
  10. Chop down trees to finish



Level 7

Goals:  250 gold, build power altar for 500 food

  1. Collect wheat
  2. Chop trees
  3. Build the house
  4. Collect gold
  5. Chop all the trees
  6. Upgrade house
  7. Clear stone blocking windmill and worker
  8. Build the windmill and add a worker to it
  9. Clear stone blocking foundry and worker to the right
  10. Build the foundry and add a worker
  11. Collect food and gold
  12. Break through the rocks to the 3 workers
  13. Release foundry worker when gold goal is met
  14. Add 6 workers to the power altar



Level 8

Goals:  2 towers, 5 workers (4 to go)

Achievement available:  Drive away 25 skeletons on level 8 (you need to go past regular time so play it again)

  1. Collect one food
  2. Clear wood blocking left worker
  3. Build a house
  4. Collect food
  5. Clear wood block to right
  6. Send John to scare off skeletons
  7. Build first tower
  8. Build windmill and staff it
  9. Chop down trees
  10. Build bridge to bottom left
  11. Chop down trees
  12. Build 2nd tower
  13. Collect gold to clear stone block to left
  14. Chop down all the trees



Level 9

Goals:  6 workers (4 to go), 200 food, 200 gold

Achievement available:  Complete level 9 not using the Windmill

  1. Chop down 3 trees
  2. Build 2 houses
  3. Collect food
  4. Chop rest of the trees
  5. Collect gold
  6. Upgrade both houses
  7. Collect gold
  8. Clear to windmill (don't run for a bonus)
  9. Pick up wood
  10. Build bridge to island and clear wood block
  11. Build foundry and add worker (if you want; you don't really need to)
  12. Collect food and gold
  13. Note:  you can finish this level even faster if you add a worker to the sawmill



Level 10

Goals:  7 workers (5 to go)

Achievement available:  Do not allow a missile hit a worker on level 10

  1. Collect food while keep track of where the tank is shooting
  2. Chop down 2 trees
  3. Build house
  4. Collect 40 wood and 40 gold and upgrade the house
  5. Collect food and gold while avoiding the tank
  6. Release the workers one at a time