Kingdom Rush HD

Our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough includes tons of insider tips, tricks, and advice to help you hold your defenses against the evil hordes assaulting your castle. We've packed it full of vital intel including video solutions for every level as well as tips to help hone your defensive strategies.

Welcome to our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough, a comprehensive guide filled with hints, tips, and tricks to ensure your victory over the evil invaders. Use our strategy tips, basic information on bosses, towers, and enemies as well as video solutions for all levels in order to solidify your success.


Opening Story:

In Kingdom Rush, get ready to defend your kingdom against a slew of enemies from orcs, trolls, wizards and more! Fight in different terrain customizing your strategy based on the environment and show off your leadership skills as you prepare to face the fight of your life.

General Tips for Kingdom Rush

  • Enemies and soldiers with armor receive less physical damage.
  • Support barracks with ranged towers to maximize enemy exposure.
  • Reinforcements are a great way to split enemy forces.
  • Artillery works best against high concentration of enemies.
  • Artillery damage is highest in the center of the explosion.
  • Use reinforcements constantly to slow and damage the enemy.
  • Always aim rain of fire a little ahead of your target.
  • With the salvage upgrade you can sell archer towers with only a 10% of loss.
  • Magic damage is the best way to deal with armored enemies.
  • Flying enemies cannot be blocked by barracks, and won't be targeted by most artillery.
  • Enemies with magic resistance receive less damage from magic attacks.
  • Adjust the rally point of soldiers to create better strategies.
  • Sometimes it is better to build more towers instead of upgrading a few.
  • Poison damage ignores armor.
  • Upgrading a barracks instantly trains new soldiers.
  • Calling an early wave gives bonus cash and reduces spell cooldowns a bit.
  • Artillery explosions can damage flying enemies although they cannot target them directly.
  • Use barracks or reinforcements to isolate troublesome enemies.
  • Barbarians with the right upgrades are capable of dealing with flying enemies.
  • Earth elementals are very tough and deal area damage every time they strike.
  • You can check the incoming wave of enemies by tapping the wave icon once.

And those are the basics for playing Kingdom Rush. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough!