Kingdom Rush HD: Kingdom Rush Towers

Our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough includes tons of insider tips, tricks, and advice to help you hold your defenses against the evil hordes assaulting your castle. We've packed it full of vital intel including video solutions for every level as well as tips to help hone your defensive strategies.



Archer Tower
Archers ready to strike at your enemies from a distance.

Marksmen Tower
Marksmen shoot broadhead arrows, dealing more damage.
Their longbows have longer attack range.

Sharpshooter Tower
Once archers reach the sharpshooter level, their attack range and damage damage potential increases above any other archer's.
Rangers Hideout
Legendary masters of the bow, they can unleash a hail of arrows faster and further than any other force in the realm.

Poison Arrows, Wrath of the Forest
Poison Arrows
Poisons enemies dealing damage over time.

It won't hurt... for long.
Wrath of the Forest
Summons thorns and vines that trap, hold, and incapacitate ground-based enemies within its range.

It's a trap!
Musketeer Garrison
Patient, careful, and deadly accurate long-range deadeye shooters, with advanced weaponry.

Sniper Shot, Shrapnel Shot
Sniper Shot
Long range shot with increasing chance of instantly killing an enemy or deal massive damage.

One shot... One kill...
Shrapnel Shot
Special explosive ammunition, that blasts an area with shrapnel, dealing damage to all ground-based enemies within range.

Eat grapeshot!
Trains militia, tough soldiers that block and damage your enemies.
Footmen barracks
Footmen are better trained and equipped than basic militia.
They can become the backbone of a good army.
Knights barracks
Knights are professional soldiers with heavy armor.
Decicated to his majesty, they will stop your enemies' advance.
Holy Order
Trains paladins, an order of holy warriors.
They are paragons of divine protection and heavenly defense.

Healing Light, Holy Strike, Shield of Valor
Healing Light
Paladins can heal their wounds with Holy Light whenever they are injured.

There shall be light!
Holy Strike
Every attack has a chance of becoming a Holy Strike, dealing holy area damage.

By holy fire be Purged!
Shield of Valor
Enhances paladins protection, making them more resilient.

No retreat, No surrender!
Barbarian Hall
Barbarians are savage warriors that will quickly clear a battlefield, usually at the cost of their own lives.

Throwing axes, More Axes, Hunting Nets
Throwing axes
Barbarians can throw great axes at ground and flying enemies in range.

May our axes split our enemies in two!
More Axes
Barbarians equip an additional axe to deliver additional damage.

Double the Axes Double the fun!
Hunting Nets
Hunters by nature, Barbarians can throw nets to slow flying enemies for a while.

Stay put!
Mages cast armor piercing bolts at your enemies, ignoiring any physical protection.
Adept Tower
Adepts cast enhanced bolts, which can tear through armor, flesh and bone.
Wizard Tower
Wizard cast high-energy bolts, which rip apart the very essence of enemy troops.
Arcane Wizard
Arcane Wizards focus on altering reality; as well as shooting the deadliest magical ray known to man.

Death Ray, Teleport
Death Ray
Enemy troops are disintegrated into fine dust.
Complete effectivity guaranteed!

Avada Kedavra!
Teleports a group of enemies a random distance back down the path.

Space is merely a perception, a concern for mortal men.
Sorcerer Mage
Sorcerers handle forces that are close to darkness, weaving spells that temporarily lower enemy armor and deal damage.

Summon Elemental, Polymorph
Summon Elemental
Summons a rock elemental, stout avatar of the land's power.
It will fight those who approach his master.

Rock is eternal.
Polymorphs enemies into harmless sheep.
Sheep have no armor, no abilities and cannot be blocked.

Dwarven Bombard
Bombards ground enemies dealing area damage.
Dwarven Artillery
Enhanced dwarven ordnance, this artillery will blast an even larger area.
Dwarven Howitzer
They build them bigger and bigger, don't they?
Your enemies stand no chance!

500mm Big Bertha
The 500mm siege gun aka "Big Bertha" is the biggest, baddest piece of artillery in the block.

Dragonbreath Launcher, Cluster Launcher
Dragonbreath Launcher
Launches seeking missiles with extended range that never miss.
They even find another target if they lose the current one.

Guaranteed mayhem.
Use with discretion.

Cluster Launcer Xtreme
Fires a special bomb that will explode in mid air dropping additional bomblets into a wide area.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning...
Tesla x104
Dwarven engineering at its finest, harnessing the power of a thousand thunderstorms.
Who shall we aim it at?

Supercharged Bolt, Overcharge
Supercharged Bolt
Supercharged Bolts will arc to additional targets.

You've been - thunderstruck!
Overcharges the tower creating a static field that damages all enemies in proximity.

Ride the Lightning!