Kingdom Rush HD: Video Levels 1 - 10

Our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough includes tons of insider tips, tricks, and advice to help you hold your defenses against the evil hordes assaulting your castle. We've packed it full of vital intel including video solutions for every level as well as tips to help hone your defensive strategies.

Please note that this page for our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough may take a few moments to load as we've included videos for each level.

Level 1 - Southport Campaign


Level 2 - The Outskirts Campaign


Level 3 - Pagras Campaign


Level 4 - Twin Rivers Campaign


Level 5 - Silveroak Forest Campaign


Level 6 - The Citadel Campaign


Level 7 - Coldstep Mines Campaign


Level 8 - Icewind Pass Campaign


Level 9 - Stormcloud Temple Campaign


Level 10 - The Waste Campaign