Kingdom Rush HD: Kingdom Rush Enemies and Bosses

Our Kingdom Rush Walkthrough includes tons of insider tips, tricks, and advice to help you hold your defenses against the evil hordes assaulting your castle. We've packed it full of vital intel including video solutions for every level as well as tips to help hone your defensive strategies.

Enemies & Bosses


Small evil humanoids with no outstanding abilities.
Tough savages with light armor.
Tribal healers resistant to magic attacks.

*Can heal allies
Big, ugly and tough humanoids, they'll obliterate everything in their path.
Swift & agile, they can dispatch their enemies very quickly.

*Can dodge melee attacks

Armored outlaws that can withstand a lot of punishment.

Hulking, well-trained armored outlaws, often seen leading Brigands and Bandits.
Giant Spiders
Quick, vicious enemies resistant to magic.
Spider Matriarch
Tough magic resistant beast that can spawn several Spiderlings.

*Spawns Spiderlings
Vile winged creatures that can fly past barracks and artillery.

Shadow Archer
Deadly accurate archers that will shoot at nearby soldiers in their path.

*Shoot arrows

Dark Knight
Full plated corrupted knights, almost impervious to damage.

Very fast vicious creatures that can dodge melee attacks.

*Can dodge melee attacks
Cunning fast beasts that can dodge melee attacks and resist magic attacks.

*Can dodge melee attacks
Golem Head
Mechanical dark magical construct.
Winter Wolf
Cunning & Deadly, these beasts can defeat all but the best warriors.

*Can dodge melee attacks
Very tough warriors that can regenerate their wounds quickly.


Troll Champion
Elite tribal warriors equipped with vicious throwing axes.

*Regen, Throws armor piercing axes

Troll Chieftain
The Chieftain can enrage his brethren, improving their attack damage, armor rating, speed and health.

*Regen, Can enrage allies
Large ape-man like creature that can obliterate scores of soldiers with one strike.

*Area attack
Rocket Rider
Half man, half machine; the Rocket Riders follow their dark lord's will wherever they go.

*Flying, Turbo
Dark Slayer
Claimed by darkness; Slayers are the bane of anyone standing in their way.
Demon Spawn
Terrible infernal creatures that explode when they die, damaging nearby soldiers.

*Infernal combustion
Demon Lord
Demon Lords lead fiendish armies into battle, protecting their minions with infernal shields.

*Shields other demons, Infernal combustion
Demon Hound
Vicious terrible creatures, they serve as hunting dogs for the Demon Lords.

*Infernal combustion
Demon Imp
Flying mischievious infernal creatures that are often seen in the company of Gargoyles...

Mindless automatons that obey the orders of their evil masters.
Skeleton Knight
Skeleton Knights are the reanimated bones of once great warriors.
Master of the dark arts, the Necromancer summons undead minions to do their bidding.

*Summons undead, Ranged attack
Magma Elemental
Made of rock and fire, Magma Elementals are beings of death and destruction.

*Area attack
Son of Sarelgaz
Deadly, Unyielding monsters, Sarelgaz's offspring make for terrifying foes.
Goblin Zapper
Hardened and fearless goblins that run into battle tossing bombs at their enemies.

*Throws bombs
Orc Champion
Orc Champions are the elite fighting force of the goblinoid horde. Equipped with heavy armor.
Worg Rider
Fearsome enemies that fight from the back of their battle-ready mounts. They dismount only when their Worg dies.

*Can dismount
Forest Troll
The biggest and hardest to kill troll species.
These behemots can regenerate their wounds almost instantly.

*Regeneration, Area Attack
Fallen warriors, their bodies claimed by the forest. They are now only Husks of their former selves.

*Slow speed, Medium armor
Noxious Creeper
An aggressive predator, that hatches mutated Spiderlings to feed on their prey.

*High magic resistance, Spawns Spiderlings, Costs 3 lives
Tainted Treant
With steel-hard bark, these corrupted beings were once protectors of the forest.

*High armor, Tough
Swamp Thing
A mass of vegetable matter that comes from the vilest and most tainted of places.

*Very tough, Ranged attack, Regeneration
Elite armored mercenaries that fight only for the spoils of battle and the promise of gold.

*Ranged magic attack
Magic resistant criminal warlords that can dispatch scores of soldiers with their infernal blades.

*Area magic attack
Troll Pathfinder
Elite troll warriors that become unblockable while standing on ice.

*Regeneration, Unblockable on ice
Troll Breaker
Armored, combat-trained trolls, that can tear through even the most sophisticated of defenses.

The Juggernaut
A mindless unstoppable machine of destruction.
The Juggernaut obliterates any army that tries to stop him.

An abominable legendary creature from the coldest reaches of Stormspike.

The most evil being you will encounter.
Watch out for evil bad jokes!

One of the legendary spider queens.
Sarelgaz rules the northern lands.

The most feared and respected chieftain.
His battle prowess is only matched by his incredibly boring campfire stories.

The heart of the Rotten Forest and its source of corruption.

The Kingpin
The most greedy and slicker vandal in the kingdom.
Rest for sure he'll try to steal your money!

Larger, smarter, and more vicious than any other troll. His bite is even worse than its breath!