Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House: Goals

Our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough will help you raise generation after generation of healthy, happy, and successful families. Here, you'll find tons of helpful tips, hints, and answers to all your questions about this exciting addition to the Virtual Families' franchise.

Throughout Virtual Families 2, you can earn achievements for doing certain tasks or hitting certain milestones. Below is a comprehensive list of the goals you can achieve. 

Goal Task
Gettin' Paid Earn 100 Coins
Bring Home the Bacon  Earn 1,000 Coins
Mind on My Money  Earn 10,000 Coins
Trump This! Earn 100,000 Coins
An Eventful Week Encountered 10 Emails of House Events
Never a Dull Moment Encountered 50 Email or House Events
Marry Rich Marry someone with more than 370 coins in the bank.
Marry for Love Marry someone with less than 150 coins in the bank.
A Perfect Match Marry someone with the same career. 
Oh, Baby! Have a baby.
Oh, Baby, Baby! Have Twins. 
Ohhhhh Dear... Have Triplets. 
Four Is Enough Have four children. 
No Vacancy Have six children.
Need to Weed Praise someone who was pulling a weed. 
Care and Feeding Praise someone who was making a meal.
Sleeping Dragon Praise someone practicing Kung Fu. 
Star Gazer Praise someone who is star gazing. 
Go-pher It! Praise someone chasing gophers. 
Ants in My Pants Praise someone stomping ants. 
All That's Fit to Print Praise someone who is reading the newspaper. 
1000 Strokes Praise someone who is brushing their hair. 
Fire Stopper Praise someone who is putting out a smoking oven. 
Praising Good Behavior Praise someone for all nine behaviors. 
Praising the Praiser Praise your litle people 100 times. 
Sustenance Spend 500 coins on food for your little people. 
Abundance Spend 1000 coins on food for your little people. 
Gluttony Spend 5000 coins on food for your little people. 
Preparedness Fill the kitchen with 1000 units of food. 
It's Not a Pyramid but... Purchase all 4 food groups in a 24 hour period. 
Nutrition Snob Provide all 4 food groups of organics. 
Ant Terminator Get rid of the ants for good.
A Spoon Full of Sugar Cure a symptom of someone who is sick. 
Not Just a Virus Cure a serious infection in someone. 
Gravely Ill Cured a grave infection. 
Hic Cured someone of hiccups. 
Fish Tycoon You bought the fish tank
Plant Tycoon You watered the plants in the window boxes. 
Art You bought paintings for your house
Staying Cool in the Pool You bought the pool. 
A Fun House! You bought a pinball machine. 
Let's Dance You bought a radio. 
Time to Q You bought a barbecue grill
Trick You gave 10 pieces of nasty candy to your friends
Treat You have 10 pieces of yummy candy to your friends 
No Throwing! You scolded a child for throwing rocks
No Destroying! You scolded a child for tearing books
No Jumping On the Bed You scolded a child for jumping on the bed.
Tight Ship You run a tight ship!
Movin' On Up You got a promotion
Office Overlord One of your little friends mastered an office career
Cooking Captain  One of your little friends mastered a kitchen career
Workshop Warrior One of your little friends mastered a workshop career
Building for the Future You bought a career room upgrade item
The Dream Kitchen You have purchased 10 kitchen career room upgrades
Office of the Future You have purchased 10 office career room upgrades
Workshop of Wonders You have purchased 10 workshop career room upgrades
This Old House You have completely restored the house
Handyman You have fixed 10 malfunctions in the house. 
Sock Collector You laundered 10 socks in the washing machine
The Sock Market You laundered 50 socks in the washing machine
A Perfect Sock Storm You laundered 100 socks in the washing machine
Wrappers! You disposed of 10 wrappers
Wrap Attack You disposed of 50 wrappers
The Wrappers Wrap Up You disposed of 100 wrappers
See Spot? Run! You cleaned 10 dirt smudges
Spotty Behavior You cleaned 50 dirt smudges
Sir Spot A Lot You cleaned 100 dirt smudges
Weed Picker You pulled 10 weeds
Weed Whacker You pulled 50 weeds
Weed Obliterator You pulled 100 weeds
Spring Cleaning You made your house completely free of dirt and debris
Order in the Yard You got rid of every weed in the yard
A Gleaming Estate You home is spotless inside and out
Entomologist You completed the collection of insects
Botanist You completed the collection of nuts and twigs
Raptor Hunter You put together the raptor skeleton
Master Collector You completed all of the collections
Recycler You sold 5 common collectibles online
Super Recycler You sold 15 common collectibles online 
Monetizer You sold 5 uncommon collectibles online
Super Monetizer You sold 15 uncommon collectibles online
Super Seller You sold 5 rare collectibles online
Super Duper Seller You sold 15 rare collectibles online
Goal Collector You completed all of the collecting goals
Starting Out One of your little friends achieved the age of 35
All the Wheels Turning One of your little friends achieved the age of 45
Lessons of Life One of your friends achieved the age of 50
Midlife One of your friends acheived the age of 60
Wise One of your friends achieved the age of 65
Overachiever You completed 10 goals
Unachievable You completed 25 goals
The Impossible Dream  You completed 50 goals!