Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House: General Info and Tips

Our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough will help you raise generation after generation of healthy, happy, and successful families. Here, you'll find tons of helpful tips, hints, and answers to all your questions about this exciting addition to the Virtual Families' franchise.

Welcome to our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough, where you can find all the insider tips and hints you need to play this exciting addition to the Virtual Families game. Use our collection of helpful hints, custom screenshots, and step-by-step instructions to help you raise a happy, healthy, and successful family. We hope you enjoy our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough!

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Opening Story:

In Virtual Families 2, you once again are put in charge of some little people living inside your iPad. It's your job to make sure that they are all healthy, happy, and successful in life. Make sure they don't pick up bad habits or unhealthy ones, and encourage good habits like taking out the trash or cleaning up. If it were only this easy to do with your own family! 

General Tips for playing Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough

Adopting Your First Family Member


  • When the game begins, you'll have the choice of your first family member.
  • You can either adopt the first person you see or hit "Try Again" to see another option.
  • It's a good idea to select someone who makes a decent salary and with money in the bank.
  • Just click "Adopt" when you are happy with your choice. 


Moving Around, Picking People Up, and Interacting with Items


  • To move around the area, just tap your finger and drag where you want to explore. 
  • To pick someone up, just tap them to select them and then drag your finger where you want to put the person.
  • Release your finger to let them go. 
  • To interact with an item in your home, simply drag a person to that item, and drop them on the spot. 


Feeding Your People


  • Anytime you purchase food for your family, it will appear in your inventory on the left. 
  • You simply need to drop it on the table in the kitchen, and they will put the groceries away on their own!


Scolding and Praising

  • To shape your little people's behaviors you need to use the scolding and the praising gloves found in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • The green is for praising and the red is for scolding.
  • Tap the glove you want to use and then tap on the person you would like to use it on.
  • Use the scolding glove sparingly as it can lead to depression. 


Character Detail Screen

Details Screen

  • To access the character detail screen, simply tap on the character, and then tap on their name in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • This will show you everything you need to know about your little person. 


Work Areas 

  • There are certain parts of the house that are work areas for your little people - the kitchen, the workroom, and the office. The career choice will decide what area the person works in.
  • Office related jobs will work on the computers.
  • Anything cooking related will work in the kitchen, and anything needing tools will work in the work room.
  • Simply drop your character in one of these areas to send them to work. 


The Store

  • The store can be accessed through the store button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Simply tap to enter and then tap a category to browse the items for sale.
  • Tap again to bring up the option to buy. Click "Buy" to purchase.
  • Your items will show up in the inventory on the left of your screen under the scolding and praising gloves. 




  • When you see a yellow mail icon over the computers, this means you have an email.
  • Drop your person on the computer so they will read it. 
  • Proposals and general spam mail will come in through email. 


Getting Married


  • Marriage proposals will come in through email.
  • You will have the option to marry or reject the person.
  • Once you accept someone, they will arrive at the home and join your family. 


Making Babies


  • Once your little person has been married, you can start on a family at any time.
  • You will need furniture such as a couch or bed to set the mood... then when you want them to give it the old college try, tap and drag one member of the couple onto the other.
  • If they're in the mood and ready to have children, they will attempt to make a baby.
  • If they are successful, you'll soon have a new addition to the family in mom's arms.
  • Just remember, mom will be pretty busy with baby for a little bit so she won't have time to work on her career until that little one is a bit older. 




  • When you purchase items in the store for the home they will show up in your decorating inventory.
  • Just tap the "Decorate" button at the top of your screen to open it.
  • Then simply tap the item and drag it to wherever you want to place it in the home.
  • Click the arrows on it to rotate the item. 


House Upgrades

House Upgrades

  • Each generation has certain areas of the house that are open for upgrades.
  • Simply go to the store, tap "Home Renovation" and pick the upgrade you would like to make.
  • The workers will show up at the home and get to work right away fixing up your new upgrade. 




  • There are three sets of collections you can gather during the game. 
  • There are 12 bugs, 12 leaves and nuts, and 12 bones.
  • Keep your eyes open in the yard for these items to appear. 
  • To collect them, simply drag and drop a person on the object. 
  • This is a good task for children. 

Those are the basics for playing Virtual Families 2. We wish you luck and hope you enjoy our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough!