Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House: FAQs

Our Virtual Families 2 Walkthrough will help you raise generation after generation of healthy, happy, and successful families. Here, you'll find tons of helpful tips, hints, and answers to all your questions about this exciting addition to the Virtual Families' franchise.

One of my little people won't age correctly. What's wrong? 
This usually happens when you've messed with the clock on your tablet. Some people will try to cheat and turn the clock ahead in order to get more money, but this can really have some negative effects on your game. If this happens, waiting it out might be the only recourse other than reinstalling the game and starting over. 

How can I find out how much food my little people have left? 
You want to make sure your family always has enough to eat so they can stay healthy and strong. To find out how much food is available, simply tap the fridge and it will show at the bottom how much food is available. 

How do I start Virtual Families 2 over?
Because your family shares coins and property, you can't start Virtual Families 2 over. If you're in your first generation, you can evict your family and start over with a new person. But you need to do that before the second generation takes over. Once you are inthe second generation, there's no starting over. The Evict button can be found by clicking the menu button and then hitting settings. 

My little people won't make a baby. It says "trying to make a baby" but one person will just walk away. What's wrong?
This can be annoying especially when you really want your peeps to get busy. This can happen if there's something blocking the way to the furniture that your people want to go to in order to make a baby. Try to make sure the path is clear. Move the furniture away from the walls. If that still doesn't work, move the furniture out in the yard. Just don't forget to move it back when they are done. 

I want my couple to have a baby, but they keep arguing that it's not a good time. What do I do?
Persistance should win out with this problem. Just keep at it. Of course the more children they have, the less likely they are going to want more. Also, it will be harder if one or both parents don't want children on their status screen. 

My couple says it's too soon to have a baby... what can I do? 
If you're getting this message then either your couple just had a baby recently or they've tried and failed at making a baby recently. Either way, you need to just wait a little before they will be ready to try again. 

How can I adopt a child? 
If you prefer to go the adoption route, you simple need to go to the store and tap the Special Upgrades button. Then tap Adoption Services. It  costs 4,000 coins, so keep that in mind. Once you adopt, you're family will grow by one. 

What's the age limit for having babies? 
Just like in real life, there's no real set age limit, but in general, once you hit 50, it's extremely difficult to have a baby. You can still adopt though. 

Does Baby Boost increase my chances of having twins or triplets? 
The short answer is no. Having twins or triplets is random. Baby boost will simply increase the chances of having a baby. 

My couple has had a baby. How long will it take to nurse the baby?
Once you have a baby, mom will nurse until the baby is two. This will take about four hours of real time. After two, your little people age 1 year for every four of our hours. 

Once you have children, how long to they stay in the home? 
Once a child is 19, he or she will be shipped off to college. You won't see them again unless you decide to pick on of them to live in the house after your current couple has passed on. 

One my family members is extremely weak or very ill. What do I do?
The first thing to check is if there is food in the fridge. If that checks out, then check to see if they are sick. If they are sick, you need to cure their illness. If they are just weak and over a sickness, giving them fruit, antibacterial hand gel, and vitamins can help. It also helps to make them sleep so they can get better. 

I have children. Can I make them work to and contribute to the family income? 
Sadly no. Children can't earn money. They are pretty good workers though, so it's a good idea to make them clean up around the house while mom and dad work. 

Can I influence my children's career choice? 
Again, no. Children will choose their own path no matter what you do. No matter how hard you push for them to be a docotor... they still might decide to make chairs or spices instead. 

I purchased everything in the Flea Market and it didn't reset. What's wrong? 
Nothing's wrong. You just bought up all the wares for now. Check back in about 7 hours or so and it will reset. 

What can I do with old furniture that I don't want anymore? 
When you've moved onto bigger and better decor, you can easily sell your old furniture by simply dragging it out to the street by the gate at the front of the house. 

I can't find any bugs! Am I missing something? 
Bugs can be tricky to find. Try to look for them when it's raining outside since bugs like the water.

One of my little people is depressed or blue. How can I help them? 
Just like real people, our little family members can become a bit blue every now and then. A few ways to help them is to give them some attention. Praise them for things, give them treats like candy or fruit, buy them fun and exciting things for the home, or keep the house clean. There's also the option of buying them Psychotherapy services by clicking on the upgrade me button on their character screen.