Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival: Chapter Three: Play the Slot Machines

Our Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival Walkthrough will guide you as you gear up to tackle your most challenging case yet as the Master Detective. Madame Fate has returned from the dead and has charged you with the curse that once afflicted her. Use our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our comprehensive puzzle solutions to free the cursed prisoners of Fate's Carnival and put another case in the closed file.


  • Collect the nail puller.
  • Click the lever.
  • Move to the Fish Gates.



  • Remove the nail puller to remove the nails.
  • Collect the wheel.
  • Move to the Slot Machines.



  • Click the wagon wheel and replace it with the wheel.
  • Click the wagon.



  • Click Fabiano.
  • Click the black diary page; collect the door ring.
  • Collect the game coin and axe.
  • Move to the Crossroads.



  • Select the axe to use on the stick and collect it.
  • Move to Fabiano’s Stage.


Mallet Head

  • Place the stick into the mallet head.
  • Collect the weak hammer.
  • Move to the Slot Machines.



  • Select the weak hammer to smash the device.
  • Collect the acid.
  • Move to the Fish Gates.



  • Pour the acid onto the cage and collect the sea key.
  • Move to Marlena’s Tank.



  • Use the sea key to open the lock.
  • Click the valve right – right- left- right - left.
  • Speak to Marlena; collect the bone head.
  • Move to Fabiano’s Stage.


Bone Head

  • Place the bone head onto the skeleton a mini-game will trigger.
  • Arrange the joints correctly to solve.
  • Collect the button and the closet key.
  • Insert the closet key into the lock; click it to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the book and place it with the others; collect the four books.
  • Select the light bulb and insert it into the socket; collect the lit bulb.
  • Click the poster to uncover the code.
  • Use the code to punch into the phone; collect the card.
  • Collect the middle hammer.
  • Move to the Slot Machines.



  • Select the middle hammer to use on the device.
  • Collect the door ring.
  • Move to the Crossroads.



  • Attach the 2 door rings onto the gate.
  • Click the rings and move ahead.