Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival: Chapter Twelve: The Lab

Our Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival Walkthrough will guide you as you gear up to tackle your most challenging case yet as the Master Detective. Madame Fate has returned from the dead and has charged you with the curse that once afflicted her. Use our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our comprehensive puzzle solutions to free the cursed prisoners of Fate's Carnival and put another case in the closed file.


  • Speak to Goodwell.
  • Insert fuse 1 & fuse 2 into the slots.
  • Collect the knife part.
  • Move to the Ferris Wheel Car.


Paper Knife

  • Attach the knife part onto the knife.
  • Collect the paper knife.
  • Move to the Telephone Booth.



  • Use the paper knife to cut the page.
  • Collect the little mirror.
  • Move to the Corridor.



  • Select Isis to use in the mirror.
  • Collect the tattooed man’s badge.
  • Insert the little mirror into the frame.
  • Collect Isis.
  • Place the tattooed man’s badge 1 onto his necklace.
  • Use the code 93 on the lock and collect the eye.
  • Move to the Outside the Snack Bar.



  • Insert the eye into the socket and collect the book part 2 and the cylinder 2.
  • Move to the Gates.



  • Insert cylinder 2.
  • Click the tube and collect the file.
  • Insert the file into the lock and click the latch to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the third candle and collect the chandelier.
  • Collect the elephants and place them onto the other elephants; collect the elephants.
  • Click the fan piece and insert it into the fan; collect the fan.
  • Collect the switch.
  • Move to the Laboratory.



  • Place the switch into the slots to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by aligning the switch to the correct output using the levers.
  • Collect the rubber glue, the activator 2 and the black page diary.
  • Click the button.
  • Move to the Theater of Day and Night.


Clock 1

  • Place the clock hand on 4.
  • Move to the Gaming Machines.


Clock 2

  • Place the clock hand on 11.
  • Move to the Roller Coaster Car.


Clock 3

  • Place the clock hand on 7.
  • Move to the Snack Bar Counter.


Clock 4

  • Place the clock hand on 4.
  • Move to the Outside the Snack Bar.


Clock 5

  • Place the clock hand on 6.
  • Move to the Gate.


Clock 6

  • Place the clock hand on 10.
  • Move to the Ferris Wheel.


Clock 7

  • Place the clock hand on 9.
  • Move to the Laboratory.



  • Click the green button and collect the blue shattered glass.
  • Move up the ladder to the Bridge.