Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival: Chapter One: Welcome to the Carnival

Our Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival Walkthrough will guide you as you gear up to tackle your most challenging case yet as the Master Detective. Madame Fate has returned from the dead and has charged you with the curse that once afflicted her. Use our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our comprehensive puzzle solutions to free the cursed prisoners of Fate's Carnival and put another case in the closed file.


  • Click the raven.
  • Click the coat twice and collect the bronze key.
  • Collect the game coin.
  • Zoom into the chest; collect the corkscrew.
  • Place the bronze key into the lock and click it to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the planet and place it into the solar system; collect the solar system.
  • Give the cheese to the mouse; collect the mouse.
  • Select the sponge to use on the clown; collect the happy clown.
  • Collect the pruning shears.



  • Examine the gate and select the pruning shears to trim the vines and trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by sliding the cylinders to uncover the buttons, and then click the buttons in numerical order.
  • Attempt to enter the gate.
  • Collect Isis.
  • Re-enter the gate.



  • Select the Isis to go under the fence and collect the comedy mask.
  • Collect the mechanical bird.
  • Move to Outside the Tent.



  • Collect the knife handle.
  • Move down once.



  • Attach the knife handle onto the blade.
  • Collect the knife.
  • Move to Outside the tent.



  • Use the knife to slice the rope.
  • Move into Larry’s Tent and click anywhere.



  • Collect the raven charm, the wind up handle and the mutoscope film.
  • Select Isis to use on the bat.
  • Collect the tragedy mask.
  • Move down once.



  • Attach the comedy and tragedy masks onto the curtain.
  • Place the raven charm into the slot and collect the Black Diary and the lever beneath it.
  • Move down once.



  • Collect the black diary pages.
  • Click the diary open to trigger a mini-game.
  • Solve the game by setting the clock times per the clues.



  • Attach the lever and the wind up handle into the slots to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by aligning the balls using the lever and the wind up handle.
  • Move to the Crossroads.



  • Select Isis to collect the battery.
  • Examine the poster.
  • Move to the Fish Gates.



  • Collect the dictation tape and the gear.
  • Click the figurine.
  • Move to Outside the Tent.



  • Attach the dictation tape onto the device.
  • Click it twice and collect the battery.
  • Move to the Crossroads.


Gate Puzzle

  • Insert the 2 batteries.
  • Click the gate to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by creating a combination of 13.
  • Insert the wolf into the slot.
  • Click the lights off excluding the blue ones.
  • Click the lights off then click only the yellow ones on.
  • Click the lights off then click only the red ones on.
  • Give the rabbits the saw then click them as follows: left – right – left – right – left.
  • Click the bell.
  • Adjust the needle on the power meter.
  • Select the strong man arm to smash the glass.
  • Click the 3 zebras and insert the key into the lock.
  • Click the wheel 2 times.
  • Click the 3 sheep and insert the key into the lock.
  • Click the wheel 1 time.
  • Click the 3 mice and insert the key into the lock.
  • Click all the keys then click the lock.
  • Adjust the code to 3-1-5 using the icons as clues.
  • Move to the Attractions.