Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter: Strawberry Book

Our Margrave the Blacksmith's Daughter Walkthrough will be your tour guide to the Cyclops City, where you'll join Edwina on a hunt to find her boyfriend Tom and escape the city before the sun sets and the city disappears for another 300 years. This Margrave Walkthrough contains tons of custom screenshots clearly marked with key locations, detailed instructions, and solutions to all the many puzzles and hidden object scenes you'll find in this exciting hidden object adventure game.

Strawberry 1

  • Market Square:
  • Once opened; zoom into the wall of eyes to collect the strawberry.

Strawberry 2

  • Plaza:
  • Pic Afi; have her collect the strawberries on the balcony.

Strawberry 3

  • Obsidian Gatehouse:
  • Zoom into the Ula constellation; once the illusion is removed collect the eight strawberries.

Strawberry 4

  • Windmill Cliff:
  • Pick Afi; have her collect two strawberries from the ruins.

Strawberry 5

  • Cliff top Gatehouse:
  • Collect the five strawberries.

Strawberry 6

  • Rudo’s Tower:
  • Collect the strawberries at the bottom of the tree.
  • Collect the strawberries on Rudo’s bed.

Strawberry 7

  • Zoom into the bookcase; collect the strawberry on the shelf.

Strawberry 8

  • Zoom into the window; collect the strawberry on the window ledge.

Strawberry 9

  • Send Afi to the shuttered window; have her collect five strawberries.

Strawberry 10

  • Automata Courtyard:
  • Send Afi to collect the strawberries over the automata trio.
  • Collect the strawberry by the door.

Strawberry 11

  • Parade Bridge:
  • Collect the three strawberries.

Strawberry 12

  • Wardian Chamber:
  • Send Afi to pick the five strawberries in the tree.

Strawberry 13

  • Seashell Bridge:
  • Collect the three strawberries under the lantern.

Strawberry 14

  • Sun Tower:
  • The diamond sun tower top has three strawberries to collect.

Strawberry 15

  • The bell sun tower has two strawberries on the ledge.

Strawberry 16

  • Soul Chamber:
  • Collect the four strawberries on the grass.

Strawberry 17

  • Seashell Campanile:
  • Send Afi to the schoolhouse and collect the five strawberries by the arched window.

Strawberry 18

  • Collect the two strawberries in the cliff passage.