Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter: Act Three, Chapter 10: Revitalize the Sun

Our Margrave the Blacksmith's Daughter Walkthrough will be your tour guide to the Cyclops City, where you'll join Edwina on a hunt to find her boyfriend Tom and escape the city before the sun sets and the city disappears for another 300 years. This Margrave Walkthrough contains tons of custom screenshots clearly marked with key locations, detailed instructions, and solutions to all the many puzzles and hidden object scenes you'll find in this exciting hidden object adventure game.

Sun Plate

  • Zoom into the sun plate (green circle).
  • A puzzle will trigger.


  • Solve the puzzle as shown above.
  • Align the wires to form a solid connection from the left to the right side.
  • Click the handle to move the wires.
  • The numbers indicate the number of steps each column will move and in which direction.

Hidden Object Area

  • Zoom into the hidden object area (red rectangle).

Hidden Object Area

  • Find the listed items (yellow circle).
  • Collect the flute.


  • Zoom into the mommy’s tummy (pink circle).
  • Click the scallop (green circle).
  • Collect the scallop code.
  • Go to the automata courtyard.


  • Click Afi (orange circle).
  • Click the mechanical bird to collect the tambourine (blue circle).
  • Go to the picnic garden.


  • Zoom into the statue (pink circle).
  • Pick the rose eye (green circle) use it to remove the illusion.
  • Collect the pinwheel (yellow circle).
  • Go to the automata courtyard.


  • Click the automata they will reveal the items they need.
  • Place the correct items with each automata.
  • Click the rodent automata (green circle); insert the pinwheel (yellow square).
  • Click the automata trio (blue circle).
  • Insert the hand bell (pink square) and the tambourine (purple square).
  • Go to the seashell campanile.