Kingdom Chronicles: Episodes 31 to 40

Let our Kingdom Chronicles Walkthrough be your guide through each and every episode of this fun and exciting time management game. Our custom walkthrough includes screenshots for every level, detailed instructions on exactly what to do and in what order so you can achieve expert ratings, and videos for some of the most challenging episodes. Kingdom Chronicles is a unique resource management game for all ages.

[b]Episode 31 - Merchantville[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Trade for food frequently as you have a large food goal [/item] [item]Pick up food, berries, and wood [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Work over to quarry and mine [/item] [item]Trade for food and pick berries [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Clear some logs in front of cottages [/item] [item]Build the mine [/item] [item]Build the market [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build the town hall [/item] [item]Repair all the cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade the town hall to level 2 [/item] [item]Explore the 2 areas [/item] [item]Collect for the guard arch, 20 food, 4 wood, 20 stone, 10 gold and then build [/item] [item]Build barracks and upgrade twice to Level 3 [/item] [item]Clear the enemy barricade [/item] [item]Explore 2 more areas [/item] [item]Build the 2nd guard arch [/item] [item]Keep collecting food [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-31.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 32 - The Quarries[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]On this level you will trade stone for food and food for wood [/item] [item]Trade for wood [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Trade for wood and remove gold blocking mine [/item] [item]Remove rock blocking mine [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build the mine [/item] [item]Repair a few quarries and trade for wood [/item] [item]Upgrade mine to level 2 [/item] [item]Remove log blocking storage [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Upgrade mine to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 4 [/item] [item]Give 20 food to Cyclops [/item] [item]Trade for food and wood [/item] [item]Upgrade storage to level 2 [/item] [item]Give Cyclops 20 food and 20 gold [/item] [item]Then give Cyclops 50 gold; you want to do these quickly because a mercenary will come a wreak destruction until the Cyclops blocks the road [/item] [item]Go nuts clearing paths and upgrading quarries, while trading for food and wood [/item] [item]Finish repairing the road [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-32.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 33 - A Shortcut[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up wood [/item] [item]Build sawmill [/item] [item]Clear one log and pick berries [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Build farm [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Clear road [/item] [item]Clear down to mine [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build bridge to mine [/item] [item]Build gold mine [/item] [item]Fix holes in the road [/item] [item]Upgrade gold mine twice to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade storage [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Pay elder 50 gold [/item] [item]Upgrade barracks [/item] [item]Clear the barricade you can and fight off enemies [/item] [item]Upgrade barracks to level 3 [/item] [item]Remove last barricades [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-33a.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 34 - Fire Mountain[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]You will need 5 workers to finish [/item] [item]Pick up food through cave and repair farm [/item] [item]Pick up gold through cave and repair gold mine [/item] [item]Repair quarry [/item] [item]Clear to bottom berry bush [/item] [item]Trade food for wood [/item] [item]Upgrade farm to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear logs [/item] [item]Upgrade mine to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade quarry to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear up to skill recharger [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 4 [/item] [item]Give elder 10 food [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Remove barricades blocking berry bushes and 2nd hut [/item] [item]Repair 2nd hut [/item] [item]Start destroying mercenary camps as you upgrade the barracks twice to level 3 [/item] [item]Send workers to the mountain top to remove the rock [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-34.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 35 - Gold Rush[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up food and wood [/item] [item]Repair the farm [/item] [item]Pick up down near the storage and get 2 gold veins [/item] [item]Repair the storage [/item] [item]Upgrade the farm to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Repair the town hall [/item] [item]Keep clearing [/item] [item]Explore the strange places as they become available [/item] [item]Build 2 mines [/item] [item]Upgrade the storage [/item] [item]Explore and build another mine; the next 3 only need exploring and not building [/item] [item]Build outposts as you can [/item] [item]Collect gold [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-35.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 36 - Logging[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up food and clear 2 logs [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Clear 1st log [/item] [item]Build fisherman [/item] [item]Repair 1st 2 mills [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman [/item] [item]Clear to storage [/item] [item]Remove big rock [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Repair storage [/item] [item]Build bridge to platform [/item] [item]Repair next 2 mills [/item] [item]Upgrade storage [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Repair town hall and 2 cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade town hall [/item] [item]Explore the strange places and build bridge section, twice [/item] [item]Pick up crystal [/item] [item]Get wood goal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-36.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 37 - The Last Crystal[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Build mill [/item] [item]Collect food [/item] [item]Upgrade mill [/item] [item]Build fisherman [/item] [item]Clear first rock [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear down the road [/item] [item]Build the bridge [/item] [item]Collect gold [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman [/item] [item]Clear to quarry and build [/item] [item]Build market [/item] [item]Give Cyclops 30 food [/item] [item]Clear to gold mine, build, and upgrade to level 2 [/item] [item]Build bridge over to barracks [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Clear barricade between town hall and cottages [/item] [item]Repair town hall and 2 cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade 2 cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade barracks to level 3 [/item] [item]Collect gold for Cyclops [/item] [item]Remove barricade [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-37.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 38 - The Flying Ship[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Build lumber mill [/item] [item]Build farm [/item] [item]Upgrade mill [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Clear to storage, quarry and mine [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Build Mine [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build the town hall and cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade storage [/item] [item]Clear big rock [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages [/item] [item]Pay elder 50 gold [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 4 [/item] [item]Collect supplies to build the flying ship (2 stages) [/item] [item]Stop collecting stone at the second stage [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-38.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Level 39 - The Sword of the Black Pond[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]This level is kind of crazy busy and all over the place. [/item] [item]The buildings when repaired are at various levels. [/item] [item]You want to get up to Level 3 lumber mill, fisherman, cottages, and quarry, [/item] [item]You want level 2 town hall and storage and level 4 hut with outposts [/item] [item]You will need to trade with the traders as needed [/item] [item]Once you have everything built, build the wharf [/item] [item]Load the 200 gold into the boat first [/item] [item]Now keep trading with whatever gold you have to get up to 200 food, stone, and wood. [/item] [item]Repair out to the Black Pone Sword while collecting resources [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-39.jpg[/gimg][youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Level 40 - Castlerock[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up everything [/item] [item]Build and upgrade farm twice to level 3 [/item] [item]Build market and storage [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build wharf a.s.a.p. after getting storage [/item] [item]Boats will arrive and drop off lots of supply [/item] [item]Upgrade storage [/item] [item]Upgrade market [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 4 [/item] [item]Once ships leave and everything you can clear everything you can get to [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Use warriors to destroy the camps at the end of the roads first (while fighting off enemies) [/item] [item]Clear barricades blocking all the buildings [/item] [item]Repair town hall [/item] [item]Repair cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade one level 2 cottage to level 3 [/item] [item]Repair 2nd hut [/item] [item]Repair more barracks and upgrade (need 6 warriors) [/item] [item]Buy wood and stone as needed to build bridges [/item] [item]Pay elder [/item] [item]Destroy all barricades [/item] [item]Use warriors to break down the door [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-40.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Trophies[/b] [LIST] [item]If you are into trophies, you can go back and get gold on any levels you missed. [/item] [item]If you are not playing the collector's edition, you may have to play a level to get a bronze medal [/item] [item]If you are playing the collector's edition, play the bonus levels and odds are 1) you won't be able to get gold on all of them and 2) you will be getting a bronze or two. [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/trophies.jpg[/gimg][/item] [/LIST] [b]Bonus Levels[/b] [LIST] [item]In the bonus levels, you play as the enemy as several levels from the regular game. [/item] [item]It is very confusing and hard to get gold. However, the gold does not count toward the all gold medal. [/item] [item]I just played through the best I could, got my bronze medal, and when finished got my last medal for completing the bonus levels.[/item] [/LIST]