Kingdom Chronicles: Episodes 11 to 20

Let our Kingdom Chronicles Walkthrough be your guide through each and every episode of this fun and exciting time management game. Our custom walkthrough includes screenshots for every level, detailed instructions on exactly what to do and in what order so you can achieve expert ratings, and videos for some of the most challenging episodes. Kingdom Chronicles is a unique resource management game for all ages.

[b] Episode 11 - The First Crystal [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Traders: 5 food for 2 wood and 5 stone for 3 wood [/item] [item]Pick up the supplies and remove the first wood obstacle [/item] [item]Build the fisherman [/item] [item]Start clearing up the road and to the right working your way to the quarry and traders [/item] [item]Collect the wood in front of the traders [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 2 [/item] [item]Trade for wood [/item] [item]Upgrade the fisherman [/item] [item]Build and upgrade the quarry [/item] [item]Start breaking through rock [/item] [item]Trade for wood to upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear to the barracks [/item] [item]Trade for wood to build stage 1 of Defenders Monument, which requires 2 workers, 25 food, 20 wood, 10 stone [/item] [item]Stage 2 needs 55 food and 30 stone [/item] [item]Clear over to the mine [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]Build the mine [/item] [item]Clear up the road [/item] [item]Build the Stairs for 20 food, 4 wood, 15 stones, 4 gold; don't forget to trade for the wood [/item] [item]Pick up the crystal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-11.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 12 - Help Cyclops [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]You are going to need lots of food on this level [/item] [item]Pick berries [/item] [item]Clear through the cave [/item] [item]Clear up the road to the fisherman [/item] [item]Build the fisherman [/item] [item]Clear up to quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Clear to lumber mill [/item] [item]Build the bridge to the farm [/item] [item]Build the farm [/item] [item]Build the lumber mill [/item] [item]Give the cyclops 30 food; he will move down the road and now wants 30 gold [/item] [item]Start clearing to the gold mine [/item] [item]Upgrade the farm [/item] [item]Build the mine [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Trade food for gold [/item] [item]Use the skills recharger [/item] [item]Repair to the cyclops and give him 30 gold [/item] [item]Open his cave for 22 food and 6 gold [/item] [item]Repair down the road [/item] [item]The big rock requires 35 food and 10 gold to remove it [/item] [item]Pick up the magic crystal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-12.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 13 - Happy Town [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Your level will be destroyed as you get started and your goals will increase [/item] [item]This level has no lumber miller or gold mine [/item] [item]Clear to farm and build it [/item] [item]There is one cottage the clerk can collect rent from [/item] [item]Pick up all the wood [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Explore the strange place closest to the hut (the clerk does this) [/item] [item]Remove the 2 stone obstacles [/item] [item]Build the 1st bridge [/item] [item]Clear down the road and collect wood [/item] [item]Repair the first cottage [/item] [item]Upgrade the farm [/item] [item]The elder wants 20 food and 10 gold [/item] [item]Pick up wood when you have no food to pick up [/item] [item]Clear the next rock [/item] [item]Explore the next strange place [/item] [item]Build the next bridge [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Work to the skill recharge [/item] [item]Explore the next strange place and build the next bridge [/item] [item]Work to the quarry and next bridge [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Build the 3rd bridge [/item] [item]Two new bridges are available now [/item] [item]Build the bridge to the right to the next cottage [/item] [item]Repair the next cottage [/item] [item]Repair down the road [/item] [item]Upgrade the quarry [/item] [item]Repair the next cottage [/item] [item]Upgrade the town hall [/item] [item]Keep working down the road [/item] [item]Repair the bridge to the left of town [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]Build the last bridge [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-13.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 14 - Serpentine Road [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Build the lumber mill [/item] [item]Work down the road [/item] [item]Build the farm [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Pick up the gold and stone blocking the quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade the farm [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Build storehouse [/item] [item]Clear shortcut to skill charger [/item] [item]Clear to the gold mine and build it [/item] [item]Repair the far barracks [/item] [item]Clear the barricade at the close barracks and repair it [/item] [item]Remove the rest of the barricades and pick up the crystal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-14.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 15 - Here Come the Trolls [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Clear the first log obstruction [/item] [item]Build fisherman [/item] [item]Clear next obstruction [/item] [item]Build lumber mill [/item] [item]Clear next obstruction [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Build first bridge [/item] [item]Pick up gold [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman [/item] [item]Repair gold mine [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Work through cave to get around the barricade [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Repair 2nd fisherman and upgrade [/item] [item]Repair the second bridge [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]Remove the 2 barricades [/item] [item]Fight trolls [/item] [item]Upgrade barracks [/item] [item]Remove barricade [/item] [item]Collect food[gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-15.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 16 - Troll Tricks [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Start with 300 food and no production buildings available [/item] [item]There is trader available for gold [/item] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Clear the rock and wood obstructions [/item] [item]Build the bridge to the right [/item] [item]Access the skills recharge frequently; use the run skill as much as possible [/item] [item]Start clearing over to the barracks [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]There are 3 cottages you can repair now [/item] [item]Work to the barracks by going north and breaking through a rock [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]This is kind of crazy and you do not need to pick up everything [/item] [item]Clear the barricades blocking the cottages [/item] [item]You need enough rocks and stone to upgrade the barracks next [/item] [item]Upgrade the town hall [/item] [item]Collect gold like crazy [/item] [item]Clear to the barricades and remove them while battling away the trolls and thieves [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-16.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 17 - Good Fishing[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Clear left to bridge [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Pick up supplies and clear to quarry, but do not build [/item] [item]Pick up everything you can get to [/item] [item]Build bridge at the bottom [/item] [item]Pick up everything you can get to [/item] [item]Repair the gold mine [/item] [item]Repair and upgrade the lumber mill [/item] [item]Repair the fishermen [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Repair the storehouse [/item] [item]Upgrade the mine [/item] [item]Upgrade fishermen to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to Level 3 [/item] [item]Build the barracks after you have collected a lot of food because in the center troll camp, there is an elder who want 300 food and 30 gold [/item] [item]Destroy the troll camps and fight off trolls [/item] [item]Remove barricades [/item] [item]Pay the elder 300 food and 30 gold [/item] [item]Pick up the crystal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-17.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 18 - Ambush the Trolls [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Pick up available logs [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Gold veins give gold and stone. [/item] [item]Trade all of your gold until you have cleared all gold veins and upgraded everything [/item] [item]Trade stone for wood in about even amounts after upgrading [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Build the mine [/item] [item]Upgrade the quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade the mine [/item] [item]Give 10 food to Cyclops and pick up the gear [/item] [item]Talk to the elder (5 gold) who will expose a berry bush and skill recharger [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Tear down troll camps and fight trolls [/item] [item]Upgrade the barracks [/item] [item]Remove the barricade (2 warriors, 12 food, 10 gold) [/item] [item]Build the guard arch (2 workers, 20 food, 4 wood, 20 stone, 10 gold) [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-18.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b] Episode 19 - Hotspring Peak [/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Need 150 gold and 150 food [/item] [item]Pick up food [/item] [item]Go down to the 2nd turn and remove the wood obstacles [/item] [item]Pick up rent [/item] [item]Buy 2 batches of food [/item] [item]Examine the strange place; it is a lumber mill [/item] [item]Remove the logs blocking the farm [/item] [item]Repair the farm [/item] [item]Build the lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Upgrade the lumber mill [/item] [item]Clear the rock below the farm [/item] [item]Upgrade the farm [/item] [item]Work to quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Repair a cottage [/item] [item]Send clerk to examine the strange place [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Build the storehouse [/item] [item]Upgrade farm to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]Work down the road [/item] [item]Trade for food when you get over 150 gold [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-19.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 20 - Clear the Pass[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Clear obstruction into the cave [/item] [item]Pick up food [/item] [item]Clear to one barrack [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Sell gold for food [/item] [item]Clear all the gold through the cave [/item] [item]Build the storehouse [/item] [item]Clear the wood [/item] [item]Build the barracks [/item] [item]Sell stone for gold and gold for food to get through the rock [/item] [item]Once through fight off the enemies and destroy their camps [/item] [item]Keep selling gold and pick up berries to get food to destroy the camps[gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-20.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube][/item] [/NUMBERED]