Kingdom Chronicles: Episodes 21 to 30

Let our Kingdom Chronicles Walkthrough be your guide through each and every episode of this fun and exciting time management game. Our custom walkthrough includes screenshots for every level, detailed instructions on exactly what to do and in what order so you can achieve expert ratings, and videos for some of the most challenging episodes. Kingdom Chronicles is a unique resource management game for all ages.

[b]Level 21 - Market[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Collect all resources and pick berries when available [/item] [item]Break through obstructions to the right leaving the last wood one [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Pick berries [/item] [item]Clear down to the storehouse [/item] [item]Build the lumber mill and upgrade it [/item] [item]Build the quarry [/item] [item]Build the storehouse [/item] [item]Build the market [/item] [item]Build the town hall [/item] [item]Build the 2 available cottages and upgrade them [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Upgrade the town hall [/item] [item]Give the cyclops 20 food, 30 gold [/item] [item]Explore the bridge area with 2 clerks, 20 food, 60 gold [/item] [item]Rebuild the bridge with 2 workers, 20 food, 20 wood, 30 stone, 60 gold [/item] [item]Build and upgrade the last cottage [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-21.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 22 - Up a Creek[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Pick up resources [/item] [item]Build lumber mil [/item] [item]Build farm [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Repair bridges to stone trader [/item] [item]Repair bridges to get to gold [/item] [item]Trade for stone when you have 8 gold [/item] [item]Build market [/item] [item]Build town hall [/item] [item]Build 2 cottages [/item] [item]Trade for wood as needed [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages to level 3 [/item] [item]Build barracks and upgrade [/item] [item]Clear down the road [/item] [item]Pick up the crystal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-22.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 23 - Enchanted Forest[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Pick berries, work down road, and build farm [/item] [item]Pick up wood [/item] [item]Build hut [/item] [item]Clear to mine and 1st rock blocking the quarry [/item] [item]Build mine [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Trade for wood [/item] [item]Build storehouse [/item] [item]Clear big rock blocking the quarry [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade mine to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Pay elder 20 gold who will expose road [/item] [item]Repair the road [/item] [item]Pay the elder 40 gold [/item] [item]Repair road [/item] [item]Build guard arch 2 workers, 20 food, 4 wood, 20 stone, 10 gold [/item] [item]Elder wants 80 gold [/item] [item]Trade stone for gold; there is only one road hole under the last bit [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-23.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 24 - The Swamp Sage[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Build lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build fisherman [/item] [item]Remove rock on shortcut [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Build mine [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mil [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman [/item] [item]Clear to storage [/item] [item]Upgrade quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade mine [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Clear to elder and pay 20 gold [/item] [item]Clear down the road [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Clear to fairy statue and build [/item] [item]Repair the swamp road [/item] [item]Upgrade quarry to level 3 [/item] [item]When finished with road, remove the 2 big rocks if needed for stone goal [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-24.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 25 - The Ice Key[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Pick up food and pick berries [/item] [item]Build the lumber [/item] [item]Upgrade the lumber mill [/item] [item]Collect berries [/item] [item]Clear over to elder [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Clear to fisherman [/item] [item]Build the fisherman and upgrade twice; wait until before chopping any wood off to the side [/item] [item]Pick up some gold [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber to level 3 [/item] [item]Work down the road [/item] [item]Build a second hut [/item] [item]Trade for gold (but only enough) [/item] [item]Build 2 swamp fairy statue [/item] [item]Pay elder 20 gold [/item] [item]Build ancient circle with 5 workers, 40 food, 20 wood, 40 stone, 20 gold [/item] [item]Trade for stone and gold to build the next section [/item] [item]Build the next stage with 60 food, 10 wood, 60 stones, 40 gold [/item] [item]Pick up key [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-25.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 26 - Swamp Ghost[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Build the lumber mill [/item] [item]Build the fisherman [/item] [item]Upgrade the hut [/item] [item]Clear some gold [/item] [item]Upgrade the lumber to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade the fisherman to level 3 [/item] [item]Remove some rock [/item] [item]Upgrade the lumber mill level 3 [/item] [item]Clear some more gold [/item] [item]Build the town hall and cottages [/item] [item]Upgrade the fisherman to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Start exploring strange place [/item] [item]Trade for stone [/item] [item]Build fairy statues [/item] [item]Upgrade town hall to level 2 [/item] [item]Explore last strange place and build fairy statue [/item] [item]Finish repair road [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-26.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 27 - The Bridge of Heroes[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Build lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build fisherman [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman [/item] [item]Clear to quarry and build [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Build market [/item] [item]Clear to mine and build [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Upgrade quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade mine [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade fisherman hut to level 3 and lumber mill to level 3 [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Build 2 outposts [/item] [item]Repair town hall [/item] [item]Upgrade cottages to level 3 [/item] [item]You do NOT have to clear big rock [/item] [item]Fix the bridge [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-27.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 28 - Ambush Ahead[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Build lumber mill [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Clear all the way around to the farm; pick up food laying around [/item] [item]Build the farm [/item] [item]Upgrade lumber mill to level 2 [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Start clearing to mine [/item] [item]Upgrade mill to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear to and build mine [/item] [item]Build quarry [/item] [item]Upgrade mine to level 2 [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Give elder 10 food and 10 gold [/item] [item]Build barracks [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Upgrade barracks twice [/item] [item]Fight off bad guys and destroy enemy structures [/item] [item]Repair storage when it gets destroyed [/item] [item]Pick up gold [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-28.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 29 - No More Road?[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Build farm [/item] [item]Trade for wood [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Clear to first cottage [/item] [item]Upgrade farm to level 3 [/item] [item]Clear to cottages and repair [/item] [item]Clear to the mine [/item] [item]Break up the big stone to get stone to trade for wood [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Build mine [/item] [item]Upgrade mine [/item] [item]Clear stones; all available stones need to be cleared to get enough to upgrade the hut to level 3 [/item] [item]Send clerks to explore 2 spots requiring lots of gold and food [/item] [item]Upgrade hut to level 3 after the first spot is being cleared [/item] [item]Remove all the big rocks that were hidden [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-29.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED] [b]Episode 30 - Combat Skills[/b][NUMBERED] [item]Pick up wood [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build farm [/item] [item]Clear rock blocking barricade and trade for wood [/item] [item]Build bridge [/item] [item]Upgrade farm [/item] [item]Clear to storage [/item] [item]Pick berries as needed [/item] [item]Clear to mine [/item] [item]Build mine [/item] [item]Clear to quarry [/item] [item]Build quarry and upgrade [/item] [item]Clear gold vein blocking spell recharger [/item] [item]Upgrade hut [/item] [item]Build storage [/item] [item]Clear to barracks [/item] [item]Clear everything you can get to without warriors [/item] [item]Build barracks and upgrade immediately [/item] [item]Fight off bad guys and destroy mercenary camps [/item] [item]Work out to the sword and pick it up [/item] [item]Destroy all enemy structures [/item] [item]Finish off the big rock in the road [gimg]/kingdom-chronicles/images/level-30.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [/item] [/NUMBERED]