Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema: Chapter Six: The Movie Set

Rely on our Fear for Sale Nightmare Cinema Walkthrough to guide your steps as you face the unthinkable in the dark depths of an abandoned movie theater. Brush off those icy tendrils of terror by using our comprehensive directions and solutions to all the pitfalls and puzzles you'll face as you attempt to put an end to this special feature.


  • Take the TORN CLOTH.


Studio HOA

  • Click the sparkles to play an HOA.
  • Find the items listed.
  • Click the beehive to get the bee.
  • Put the crest on the shield to get the gorgon shield.
  • Receive the fifth RUNE.
  • Go back to the tailor’s room.



  • Insert the NEEDLE into the sewing machine.
  • Slide the TORN CLOTH under the needle.
  • Click the lever to lower the needle and sew the cloth.
  • Receive the SEWN CLOTH.


Yard HOA

  • Go back to the Yard.
  • Click the sparkles to play an HOA.
  • Find the items listed.
  • Click the clock hand to reveal a hidden area.
  • In this area, find the samovar, pot and gas torch.
  • Zoom into the desk to get the ship and coin.
  • Zoom into the shelf to get the blood and spoon.
  • Receive the TORCH.
  • Return to the forge.



  • Light the TORCH using the flame inside the statue’s chest.
  • You will receive the BURNING TORCH.
  • Go back to the yard.



  • Zoom into the manhole cover.
  • Place the five RUNES on the cover.
  • Open the manhole cover by clicking the +5 rune, the +7 rune, and the +5 rune again.
  • Toss the BURNING TORCH down the manhole opening.
  • Follow the torch down the hole to access the underground tunnels.