Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema: Chapter Four:The Factory

Rely on our Fear for Sale Nightmare Cinema Walkthrough to guide your steps as you face the unthinkable in the dark depths of an abandoned movie theater. Brush off those icy tendrils of terror by using our comprehensive directions and solutions to all the pitfalls and puzzles you'll face as you attempt to put an end to this special feature.


  • Take the PANEL and CHISEL.
  • Enter the soul furnace.



  • Put the PANEL on the wire.
  • Click the stop button.
  • Talk with the boy’s spirit.
  • Take the GRINDING STONE.
  • Head right to the forge. 



  • Take the HAMMER.
  • Put the GRINDING STONE on the grinder.
  • Sharpen the BLUNT SCISSORS on the grinder.



  • Click down once to return to the soul furnace.
  • Zoom into the wall.
  • Snip the wires with the SHARPENED SCISSORS.
  • Take the MASK.
  • Wedge the CHISEL in the crack.
  • Hammer the chisel to widen the opening.


Wall HOA

  • Click the sparkles to play an HOA.
  • Find the items listed.
  • Inflate the ball with the pump.
  • Insert the bulb in the lamp.
  • Click the button to get the lit lamp.
  • Receive the ZIPLINE LIFT.
  • Click down once to return to the conveyor.



  • Zoom into the door.
  • Zoom into the face.
  • Put the MASK on the space.
  • Enter the tailor’s room.



  • Click the sewing machine cover to open it.
  • Zoom into the sewing machine.
  • Take the EMPTY BOBBIN.
  • Zoom into the mannequin.
  • Take the NECKLACE.
  • Slide the EMPTY BOBBIN on the spindle.
  • Put it back into the sewing machine.
  • Snip a path through the threads with the SHARPENED SCISSORS.


Sewing HOA

  • Click the sparkles to play an HOA.
  • Find the items listed.
  • Click the jacket to get the dolphin.
  • Sew the sock with the needle.
  • Zoom into the pocket to get the coin and ring.
  • Receive the GLOVES.
  • Go forward to the dressing room.



  • Take the third RUNE, MASK, and TUBE.
  • Zoom into the table.
  • Use the ATOMIZER PUMP on the PERFUME.
  • Take the PERFUME.
  • Zoom into the mannequin.
  • Put the NECKLACE, MASK, and GLOVES on the mannequin.
  • Spritz her with PERFUME.
  • Click down once to return to the tailor’s room.


Sewing HOA

  • Click the sparkles to play an HOA.
  • Find the items listed.
  • Zoom into the pocket to get the paper clip.
  • Click the jacket to get the half moon.
  • Put the epaulet on the uniform to get the medal.
  • Receive the ANGEL’S WINGS.
  • Go back to the conveyor.



  • Put the TUBE on the pipe.



  • Ascend the stairs to the bridge.
  • Take the GOLDEN STAR.
  • Zoom into the furnace.
  • Enter the statue park.



  • Take the STATUE HEAD, the third piece of SCREENPLAY PAGE 3 and the BLANK SWORD.
  • Zoom into the statue.
  • Restore the STATUE HEAD to the statue.
  • Put the ZIPLINE LIFT on the wire.
  • Zip across the wire to the movie temple gates.



  • Take the GOLEM HAND.
  • Give the statue the POPCORN.
  • Click to remove the poster from the door.
  • Take the WRENCH.
  • Click down twice to return to the bridge.



  • Zoom into the light.
  • Take the second CUBE.
  • Remove the bolt with the WRENCH.
  • Take the camera.



  • Return to the dressing room.
  • Zoom into the table.
  • Put the GOLDEN CRESCENT and GOLDEN STAR in the top of the box.
  • Take the EMPTY INK PEN, BRUSH, and NEEDLE.
  • Go back to the writer’s desk.



  • Put the EMPTY INK PEN in the ink to get the FILLED INK PEN.
  • Click down once.
  • Zoom into the book on the right.
  • Place SCREENPLAY PAGE 5 in the book.
  • Write in the book using the FILLED INK PEN.
  • Enter the portal.