Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema: Chapter One: Outside the Cinema

Rely on our Fear for Sale Nightmare Cinema Walkthrough to guide your steps as you face the unthinkable in the dark depths of an abandoned movie theater. Brush off those icy tendrils of terror by using our comprehensive directions and solutions to all the pitfalls and puzzles you'll face as you attempt to put an end to this special feature.


  • Talk to Lily.
  • Zoom into the car.



  • Click the glove compartment to open it.
  • Take the TAPE RECORDER.
  • Click the seat to move it forward.
  • Zoom into the paper bag behind the seat.
  • Take the MILK and the sandwich.
  • Click down.
  • Record Lily with the TAPE RECORDER to get LILY’S VOICE RECORDING.
  • Take the CINEMA TICKET from Lily.



  • Zoom into the phone booth.
  • Take the poster.
  • Go to the cinema entrance.



  • Talk to the boy.
  • Zoom into the ticket booth.
  • Give the man the CINEMA TICKET.
  • Take the PHONE BADGE and GLUE.
  • Zoom into the door.
  • Click to open the lion’s mouth.
  • Take the SNAKE RING.
  • Click down.



  • Zoom into the fence.
  • Zoom into the toolbox.
  • Insert the SNAKE RING on the top of the toolbox.
  • Take the CUTTERS.
  • Use the CUTTERS to snip a hole in the fence.
  • Enter the alley.



  • Zoom into the front of the van.
  • Take the PHONE NUMBER.
  • Click the van door to open it and play an HOA.




  • Find the items listed.
  • Zoom into the ledge to get the clover, van key and scarf.
  • Click the handle to get the handprint.
  • Return the three mirror shards to the mirror frame.
  • Unlock the safe with the key to get the African mask.
  • Receive the dial.
  • Go back to the first scene.


Phone Booth

  • Zoom into the phone booth.
  • Insert the PHONE BADGE into the space on the door.
  • Click to open the door.
  • Zoom into the phone.
  • Put the DIAL on the phone.
  • Place the PHONE NUMBER in the scene.
  • Take the first SLOT REEL and METAL MASK.
  • Click to open the envelope.
  • Take the CD.
  • Go back to the car.



  • Zoom into the computer.
  • Click to open it.
  • Insert the CD into the disk drive.


Computer Puzzle A

  • Click the two circled items.


Computer Puzzle B

  • Click the two circled items.


Computer Puzzle C

  • Click the two circled items.


Computer Puzzle D

  • Click the green right arrow on the computer screen two times.
  • Then print.
  • Take the PRINTED IMAGE.
  • Go back to the alley. 



  • Zoom into the window.
  • Put the PRINTED IMAGE and METAL FACE on the window to initiate a mini-game.
  • The object of the game is to arrange the eyes to match the colors show in the printed image.
  • Assuming the faces are numbered one to six beginning at the bottom left corner and moving clockwise, click in this order: 1, 1, 2, 6, 5, 4, 4.
  • Enter the cinema basement.



  • Zoom into the fuel tank.
  • Take the LIGHT BULB.
  • Go back to the alley.



  • Zoom in under the front of the van.
  • Affix the LIGHT BULB to the clamps.
  • GO back to the basement.



  • Zoom into the elevator.
  • Put the ELEVATOR BUTTON on the panel.
  • Enter the elevator to go to the cinema lobby.