Dreamscapes: The Sandman: Chapter Five: The Corrupted Forest

Depend on our Dreamscapes: The Sandman Walkthrough to help you navigate the dark recesses of Laura's nightmare as you attempt to save her from the vile Sandman who has trapped her. Our beautifully marked screenshots, puzzle solutions, and detailed step-by-step instructions will help you locate the missing pieces of Laura's dreamcatcher and put an end to this night terror once and for all!

Part I: A Fallen Fairy

With another nightmare dispelled, we move closer and closer to stopping the Sandman and saving Laura from the curse of eternal sleep. Our recent trip to Laura’s past has not only revealed a bit of background on the true nature of Laura’s existence, it has also provided us with a key, a FAIRY KEY to be exact, which will help us move forward through her tangled dreams. From the CATWALK, go to the BRIDGE area, from here we continue our mission to rescue Laura.

  • The numbers on the images correspond to the instructions below.


  • 1. Investigate the area circled in green in the image above. Here you will find a small door beside the one that led to the FROZEN LAKE.


  • 2. If you look at it closely at the door circled in red above, you’ll see that the lock matches the FAIRY KEY in your inventory. Use it to unlock the door, and step in. A cutscene begins showing the Sandman corrupting another of Laura’s dreams.


Corrupted Forest

  • Eliminate the BEHOLDERS in the area (circled in blue above) (3 of 6) / (52 of 110)
  • 3. There really isn’t anything we can do here for now. Head further into the forest (circled in green above) to find a way to help Laura and Timmy.


Corrupted Forest

  • Eliminate the BEHOLDERS in here as well (circled in blue above) (3 of 3) / (55 of 110)
  • 4. Investigate the strange looking toadstool growing at the base of the TREE OF LIFE.



  • 5. You might be tempted to try and shake the toadstool, but all it does is make you sneeze. Instead, grab the STICK beside it (circled in yellow above) for your inventory, then head back to where Laura and Timmy are.
  • 6. Investigate the VENUS FLYTRAP (circled in white in the FOREST CLEARING area above).


Venus Flytrap

  • Eliminate the BEHOLDERS in hiding near the VENUS FLYTRAP (circled in blue above) (5 of 6) / (57 of 110)
  • 7. Use the STICK in your inventory to force open the jaws of the plant. Take the SLINGSHOT inside its mouth (circled in yellow above) and head back to the TREE OF LIFE area.
  • 8. The OWL is keeping us from getting near the tree. Hit it with your SLINGSHOT to drive it away. Once the OWL is gone, grab the FEATHER that it leaves behind and check the area that it was in. This will start a small mini game.



The objective of this game is to catch all the TERMITES that are crawling around the TREE OF LIFE (10 TERMITES in all). This game is pretty straightforward, though it can be tricky as the TERMITES do move rather quickly.


  • Once you get all the TERMITES (10 of 10), return to the FOREST CLEARING area.
  • 9. Check the plant that swallowed TIMMY (circled in black in the FOREST CLEARING area above). We need to get him out of there! Use the FEATHER that you picked up from the OWL on the nostrils of the plant. The plant will pretty much explode and release TIMMY from its grasp.


Corrupted Forest 3

  • 10. Take the DREAMCATCHER piece and the CORK (circled in red on the image above) that the plant sneezed out. You may want to talk to TIMMY but all he says is to help save Laura.
  • 11. Investigate the TREE ROOTS (circled in yellow on the image above) to find BENNY trapped behind it.



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER near the ROOTS (circled in blue above) (6 of 6) / (58 of 110)
  • 12. Release the TERMITES on the ROOTS to release BENNY. It seems like he’s drunk! Take the DRUNKEN BENNY and then take the CORK from your inventory and put it on the BOTTLE. Doing this will cause the BOTTLE to go to your inventory.
  • 13. Head back to the TREE of LIFE area and check the SPIDER WEB (circled in black in the TREE OF LIFE image above)



  • 14. Take the CLOWN PART on top of the TREE STUMP. Put the DRUNKEN BENNY on the place that you took the CLOWN PART.
  • 15. Click the leaf (circled in red in the image above) to give BENNY a little dash of cold water. BENNY sobers up and tries to eat the spider (which he finds rather hard to swallow). Place the BOTTLE on top of the TREE STUMP
  • 16. Remove the WEB by clicking it. This releases the FIREFLIES trapped on it and starts the FIREFLIES PUZZLE.



The object of this puzzle is to guide the floating FIREFLIES into the bottle. These FIREFLIES will try to move away from your mouse pointer, and it is a little tricky to get them inside. But this puzzle is pretty straightforward.


  • Once you get all the FIREFLIES in the bottle, the cork will automatically go on its mouth. Take the bottle for your inventory. Place the FIREFLIES inside the HOLE in the trunk of the TREE OF LIFE and pull out the cork. This will release the FIREFLIES and in turn heal the tree.



  • 17. The now healed tree produces a fully bloomed FLOWER OF LIFE. Take it for your inventory and quickly head to the FOREST CLEARING. It’s about time we cured Laura.


Corrupted Forest 4

  • 18. Check on Laura (circled in green above) and give her the FLOWER OF LIFE. Doing so cures her of the deadly poison and she flies away with TIMMY, leaving several DIARY PAGES and another piece of the dreamcatcher. Take them and you’ll automatically be taken to the BRIDGE.



  • 19. Take the APPLE and another piece of the dreamcather (circled in green above) that you find hanging on the tree. Another of Laura’s nightmares dispelled! We are slowly, but surely coming close to the end of our mission.

End of Chapter V