Dreamscapes: The Sandman: Chapter Three: The Frozen Lake

Depend on our Dreamscapes: The Sandman Walkthrough to help you navigate the dark recesses of Laura's nightmare as you attempt to save her from the vile Sandman who has trapped her. Our beautifully marked screenshots, puzzle solutions, and detailed step-by-step instructions will help you locate the missing pieces of Laura's dreamcatcher and put an end to this night terror once and for all!

Part I: Chasing Laura

With Laura’s first nightmare now dispelled, the once ruined church has now reverted back into what it must have looked like before the Sandman corrupted it with his evil intentions. We find ourselves back in the Dreamscape area with another of part of Laura’s consciousness watching us from the ELEVATOR area.


  • The following instructions correspond to the numbers on the images:
    • 1. Before you head out, use the BUTTERFLY NET in your inventory to catch the BUTTERFLY (circled in green above).
    • 2. Investigate the CLOWN area (circled in yellow above). Once you get there you’ll find BENNY THE GREMLIN holding the last CIRCUITRY piece that you need.



  • 3. Choose the BUTTERFLY from your inventory and feed it to BENNY (circled in black above). He’ll scamper behind the clown face and leave the CIRCUITRY (3 of 3) behind. Take it and return to the dreamscape area.
  • 4. Click Laura (circled in red on dreamscape image above) to start a short cutscene. For some reason, she’s running away from us. We’ll have to follow her. Head to the ELEVATOR area (the same area that you saw Laura in).



  • 5. Investigate the control panel (circled in green above) and use the CIRCUITRY from your inventory to start CIRCUIT PANEL PUZZLE



The aim of this puzzle is to use the various circuits to create a path for energy to flow that will cause all 6 bulbs in the circuit panel to light up. There may be several solutions to this puzzle and one of these solutions is shown below:

Circuit Puzzle

  • 6. Once the puzzle is solved the ELEVATOR goes back up. Before you head down, grab the RIBBON on the tree (circled in red above).
  • 7. Take the ELEVATOR (circled in white) to the next area.


Frozen Bridge

  • Before anything else, eliminate BEHOLDERS marked with blue circles (3 of 3) / (22 of 110)
  • 8. Open the BAG (circled in red above) and grab the PAPER LAURA inside.
  • 9. Head to the DOOR (circled in green above) and investigate.


Frozen Door

  • Eliminate the single BEHOLDER in the area (circled in blue) (1 of 1) / (23 of 110)
  • 10. Examine the CHISEL (circled in red above) carefully and use the RIBBON in your inventory to pull it out of the ice. Pick up the CHISEL and head back up to the ELEVATOR area.
  • 11. Investigate the LAVA HOLE (circled in yellow on ELEVATOR area image above) and hang the CHISEL in your inventory in the stick. You’ll pull out a HOT CHISEL which will be placed in your inventory.


Frozen Doors 2

  • 12. Use the HOT CHISEL on the FROZEN DOOR (circled in green above) and then push it open. Enter the door to arrive at the FROZEN LAKE area and watch the cutscene as the SANDMAN once again tries to kill Laura.


Part II: On Thin Ice

  • The SANDMAN has trapped Laura in the middle of the frozen lake!
  • We must find a way to get her out before she freezes to death.


Frozen Lake

  • Before we do anything, eliminate the BEHOLDERS (circled in blue) in the area (2 of 4) / (25 of 110)
  • 1. Take the SCARF (circled in red above) lying on the bench.
  • 2. Investigate the BAG (circled in green above) and open it.



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER inside the bag (circled in blue above) (3 of 4) / (26 of 110)
  • 3. Take the DIARY PAGE (circled in green above) and it will reveal a PIN that you can take for your inventory. You’ll automatically exit to the FROZEN LAKE area.
  • 4. Head to the LAKE HOUSE (circled in yellow on the FROZEN LAKE image above).


Lake House

  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER in the window (circled in blue above) (1 of 3) / (27 of 110)
  • 5. Grab the can of GASOLINE (circled in red above) for your inventory.
  • 6. Investigate the MAST (circled in yellow) and grab the OCTOPUS piece (1 of 2). You’ll need this later.
  • 7. Investigate the SHIP (circled in black above).



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER in the side of the ship (circled in blue above) (2 of 3) / (28 of 110)
  • 8. Grab the WEIGHT (circled in orange above) to reveal a mug, click it to get a MUG OF SNOW for your inventory. You’ll automatically exit back to the LAKE HOUSE area.
  • 9. Investigate the BARBECUE GRILL



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER in the side of the ship (circled in blue above) (3 of 3) / (29 of 110)
  • 10. Grab the SCOOP for your inventory and then exit. Return to the FROZEN LAKE area.
  • 11. Investigate the FENCE where BENNY THE GREMLIN is standing (circled in orange on the FROZEN LAKE image above).



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER in the side of the ship (circled in blue above) (4 of 4) / (30 of 110)
  • 12. Click on BENNY and he’ll jump into the snow leaving a hole. Use the SCOOP in your inventory to dig through the hole that BENNY made. This will reveal a LIGHTER that you can pick up. Return to the BARBECUE GRILL on the LAKE HOUSE area.
  • 13. Remove the COVER of the BARBECUE GRILL (circled in red on the BARBECUE GRILL image above) and pour in the GASOLINE. Use the LIGHTER to start a fire and place the MUG OF SNOW on top. This will cause the snow to melt, but you won’t be able to grab it with your bare hands. Use the SCARF in your inventory to take the mug of BOILING WATER and you’ll automatically head back to the LAKE HOUSE area.
  • 14. Investigate the LAKE HOUSE door (circled in white on the LAKE HOUSE image above) and pour the BOILING WATER from your inventory on the FROZEN LOCK. Use the PIN that you picked up earlier to pick the lock and the doors will open. Go inside.



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDERS you find in the WAREHOUSE (circled in blue above) (2 of 4) / (32 of 110)
  • 15. Investigate the SHELVES (circled in green on the image above) and take both the MAGNIFYING GLASS and the OCTOPUS piece (2 of 2) that you find there.
  • 16. Investigate the warehouse DOOR to find an unusual lock. Use the OCTOPUS symbol to reveal a LOCK PUZZLE.



The goal of this puzzle is to move the small marble at the lower right portion of the lock to the upper right portion. The small metal bars slide as you move the lock around and if the two bars with holes in them slide into the red circles, it opens a hole that you must place the marble into. This is a simple puzzle but is rather tricky. A step by step guide to solve this puzzle follows:

Lock Puzzle

  • Move the lock counterclockwise until you get the image above.


Lock Puzzle 2

  • Move it further counterclockwise until the circles turn green. Then guide the marble to the bottom of the lock as shown above.


Lock Puzzle

  • Turn the lock back clockwise until you get what is shown above.


Lock Puzzle

  • Then move it clockwise even more to get what is shown above.


Lock Puzzle 5

  • Move the lock slightly so that the marble drops down.
  • You can then easily move it to the position shown above.


Lock Puzzle 6

  • From here, you can easily manipulate the lock until it resembles the above image. All that’s left is to move the marble into the hole and solve the puzzle. Solving this puzzle will cause the doors to open. Investigate the area. You’ll once again see BENNY and he will leave a BUTTON for you.



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER you find here (circled in blue above) (3 of 4) / (33 of 110)
  • 17. Take the BUTTON for your inventory and you’ll automatically go back inside the warehouse.
  • 18. Investigate the SWITCH (circled in yellow on the LAKE HOUSE image above) and take the PAPER CAT that you find there. Use the BUTTON from your inventory and push it to move the BOAT down.



  • Eliminate the BEHOLDER you find inside the boat (circled in blue above) (4 of 4) / (34 of 110)
  • 19. Take the CHAINSAW and head back to the entrance of the LAKE HOUSE.


Lake House 2

  • 20. Investigate the MAST (circled in green above) and use the CHAINSAW to cut it down. Grab the MAST. This should be perfect for fishing LAURA out of that icy water. Go back to the FROZEN LAKE area.
  • 21. Go to LAURA, you’ll find that if you move closer that the ice will crack. Fortunately you now have the MAST. Use it and watch the cutscene where you drag Laura out of the cold.

Once the cutscene is over, you can talk to Laura again. She’ll thank you for your help and will disappear soon afterwards. She’ll leave another piece of the dreamcatcher behind. Take it and you’ll automatically go back to the FROZEN BRIDGE, which suddenly transforms back to its original state. Another of Laura’s nightmares has been dispelled!

End of Chapter III