Dreamscapes: The Sandman: Chapter One: The Professor’s Laboratory

Depend on our Dreamscapes: The Sandman Walkthrough to help you navigate the dark recesses of Laura's nightmare as you attempt to save her from the vile Sandman who has trapped her. Our beautifully marked screenshots, puzzle solutions, and detailed step-by-step instructions will help you locate the missing pieces of Laura's dreamcatcher and put an end to this night terror once and for all!

Part I: The Lab

  • The game begins with a short movie introducing the heroine, Laura Young and the strange circumstances that she currently finds herself in. Unable to wake up and with doctors having no clue what to do, she’s been entrusted to the care of Professor Sanders who has built a machine that may help Laura with her predicament. You play as a volunteer that has come to aid the Professor in his experiment, and as the intro movie comes to a close, it seems that our first task would be to fix the Professor’s machine.
  • As the game begins, it will ask you whether or not you would want to try the tutorial. There is no change to the gameplay if you choose to skip it or not, so the choice is entirely up to you. Once it’s done, the game actually begins.
  • You find yourself in Professor Sander’s laboratory, with his machine apparently broken, and Laura sleeping soundly on a bed in the corner.


Lab Bed

  • The above image shows areas of interest and corresponds to the instructions below. If the area is not fully shown on your screen, scroll to the left or right edge of your screen to move your view.   
  • 1. This is PROFESSOR SANDERS, the scientist that is seeking a cure to Laura’s condition. Talk to him to know what to do next.
  • 2. Check the BEDSIDE TABLE. On top you’ll find a DIARY and a YELLOW FUSE, take them both. The DIARY can now be accessed anytime. Throughout the game you will find missing pages of this DIARY revealing LAURA’s full story. The YELLOW FUSE goes to your inventory which you can access by mousing over the word “INVENTORY” at the bottom of your screen.
  • 3. This is Professor Sander’s DREAM MACHINE. It’s currently broken, and there’s nothing you can do with it until you gather all the items needed to fix it.
  • 4.  (4a, 4b) These areas do not have any items or puzzles related to them, but do give details about the story. 4a shows Laura in a comatose state, while 4b shows an illustration of the procedure that Professor Sanders wants to perform on her.
  • 5. Once you have the YELLOW FUSE and DIARY, head to the PROFESSOR’S OFFICE you’ll need to search this area for the other two fuses.


Part II: The Office

  • When you head out the door out of the lab you’ll find yourself in the Professor’s office. It isn’t much of an improvement to where you just were but never mind, there are fuses to find.


Lab Office

  • 1. Check the bottom of the CHALKBOARD and grab the HAMMER
  • 2. Check the HOURGLASS and then use your HAMMER to break it. Grab the BLUE FUSE that you find inside.
  • 3. Investigate the TABLE and take the SCREWDRIVER. Use the HAMMER to remove the nails keeping the drawer closed. Open the drawer and take the SPONGE and the KEY inside it. You’ll also find a newspaper on the top of the table which you can read.
  • 4. Check the CHALKBOARD and use the SPONGE to reveal a hidden code.
  • 5. Check the LOCK and use the KEY. Arrange the tumblers until they match the image below:


  • The cabinet will now open, check inside it. You’ll find several bottles of chemicals inside, but what you need is in the back of the bottles.
  • First push the mortar and pestle aside so that you can move the other bottles.
  • You will find a RED FUSE. Take it for your inventory.


Part III: Into the Dream

  • With all three fuses now in your possession, head back to the LAB area.
  • Investigate the DREAM MACHINE and use the SCREWDRIVER on the panel to remove it.
  • Take out the blown fuses and use the RED FUSE, YELLOW FUSE and BLUE FUSE to replace them.
  • Turn on the three switches (Circled in green on the image below) in any order to activate the machine.

Machine Panel

  • Professor Sanders will then hand you a helmet. This will allow you to enter Laura’s dreams.
  • As you put it on, a rather creepy cutscene begins and you end up in a very eerie place.



  • You see Laura at the other end of the floating bridge (circled in the image above).
  • Clicking on her starts another short cutscene, and you suddenly realize that you’re not alone inside Laura’s dreams.
  • A mysterious dark stranger captures Laura and pulls her into the ruined church.
  • You have no time to lose, Laura needs to be saved!

End of Dreamscapes: The Sandman - Chapter One