Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel: Chapter Six: Exploring Under the Well

Our Death Upon an Austrian Sonata: A Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough will provide you with a personal tour of Sebastian Knightstone's Manor, nestled in the snowy countryside of Austria. However, this is no relaxing vacation as you soon discover the halls of this exotic manor are haunted, and when your investigation takes a turn for the worst, you'll be happy to have the clear instructions and custom screenshots we've supplied in this Dana Knightstone Novel Walkthrough!


  • Click the clockmaker.
  • Examine the board and collect the poster.
  • Move to the train station.

Ticket Booth

  • Examine the ticket booth.
  • Place the poster onto the booth.
  • Click the glass, click the poster and collect the keychain.
  • Examine the bag.
  • Place the keychain on the bag and click and drag it.
  • Collect the gas mask.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the bench and collect the shoelace.
  • Examine the chapel’s door and collect the air pump.
  • Examine the well; use the gas mask to climb into the well.

Steel Rods

  • Collect 1 / 6 and 2 / 6 steel rods.
  • Examine the rocks.
  • Get the hammer by removing 25 rocks; starting from the top,
  • Move upstairs.


  • Examine the chapel’s door.
  • Use the hammer to remove a plank.

Inside Well

  • Go into the well.
  • Place the plank across the gap.
  • Go right.

Steel Rod

  • Collect the 3 /6 steel rod and the 4 / 6 steel rod.
  • Go forward.

Steel Rod

  • Collect the 5 / 6 steel rod.
  • Walk down two times, go upstairs and go forward.
  • Chapter-6-09-Gate
  • Examine the gate.
  • Remove the screws using the screwdriver and collect the lever.
  • Walk down one time, go into the well, turn right and go forward.

Lever Game

  • Place the lever into the niche.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • Move the lever into the slot in the center of the board.
  • Click Elise and collect 6 / 6 steel rod.


  • Examine the backpack to access a hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 1

  • Click open the back packs front pocket.
  • Use the pocket knife to cut the box.
  • Click the box open.
  • Click the laptop, collect the battery and insert it into the laptop.
  • Collect the bidding information.
  • Find the remaining items on the list.
  • Collect the bottle; pour the water into the glass.
  • Collect the filled cup.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the wall.
  • Place the 6 steel rods into the slots.
  • Collect the arrow.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the boat.
  • Place the arrow into the crossbow.
  • Collect the loaded crossbow.
  • Go upstairs and go forward.


  • Examine the vending machine.
  • Get the tongs by using the magnet tied to string.
  • Walk down one time and go into the well.


  • Examine the burning ember.
  • Pick up the burning embers using the tongs.
  • Collect the tongs holding ember.
  • Go right and go forward.


  • Examine Bohm.
  • Burn the rope by using the tongs holding ember.
  • Collect the rope.
  • Use the rope on Bohm.

Bohm Hidden Object

  • Search Bohm to access the hidden objects area.
  • Find all the listed items.


  • Examine the piano.
  • Click the pages two times and insert the book page.
  • Leave the piano.
  • Shoot the figure using the loaded crossbow.


  • Examine the wall.
  • Collect the stone slab.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the statue.
  • Place the stone slab into the panel to access a mini-game.
  • To solve, move the pieces around to recreate the violin picture.
  • Go to the mausoleum.


  • Examine the box.
  • Open the box using the hammer and collect the tape.
  • Walk down two times.


  • Examine the boat.
  • Use the tape to patch the boat.
  • Inflate the boat using the air pump; collect the raft.
  • Go right and go into the mausoleum.


  • Cross the ice pool using the raft.
  • Examine the mausoleum to access a mini-game.

Raft Game

  • Match the pieces to solve the puzzle.


  • Collect the secret photo.
  • Collect the violin.