Christmas Stories: The Nutcracker: Chapter Eight: Exploring the Throne Room

With our Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Walkthrough, you can ring in the holidays and embrace the Christmas spirit with ease this year as you enjoy this enchanting twist on a timeless classic. Our Christmas Stories Walkthrough will guide you through each magical scene with crisp screenshots and clear-as-a-Christmas-bell instructions that will never leave you hanging. So get ready to embark on a wild Christmas tale you'll never forget as you help the Nutcracker battle the Rat King and save Princess Mary from his clutches.


  • Collect the cup.
  • Go to the 1st floor of the library.

Cash Register

  • Examine the cash register; put the cash register button onto the machine.
  • Click the button; collect the 2nd animal tile.
  • Go to the stairwell.

Animal Puzzle

  • Examine the puzzle.
  • Insert the 2 animal tiles to trigger the puzzle.
  • The solution is randomized.
  • Use the carved clues to place the tiles onto the correct spots.
  • Solve as shown above.
  • Collect the silver star.
  • Go to the precipice.


  • Examine the left dragon.
  • Place the silver star into the lock.
  • Collect the 2 / 2 heart piece.
  • Examine the dragon on the right.
  • Insert the heart pieces into the groove to trigger a hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Area

  • Put the V onto the mirror; collect the four.
  • Unlock the handcuffs using the key; collect the handcuffs.
  • Collect the skull ring.
  • Go to the dungeon.


  • Examine the cage.
  • Insert the skull ring into the locking mechanism.
  • Collect the 2nd cup.
  • Go to the kitchen.


  • Examine the shelf.
  • Put the 2 cups onto the shelf to trigger a puzzle.
  • Put the dinnerware onto the shelf based on the paint splashes.
  • Move them as necessary.
  • Solve as shown; once the puzzle is completed a hidden objects area will be accessible.
  • Play the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Area

  • Use the knife to slice the pie; collect the piece of pie.
  • Put the dough into the cookie cutter; collect the cookie.
  • Collect the weathervane.
  • Go to the dungeon.


  • Examine the mice; use the weathervane on the device.
  • Collect the scalpel.
  • Examine the gate; collect the note.
  • Examine the left cage; collect the spider amulet.
  • Go to the precipice.


  • Insert the snake, spider and scorpion amulets into the stones.
  • Collect the stone tray.
  • Go to the temple.


  • Examine the fountain.
  • Place the stone tray into the fountain; collect the acid.
  • Go to the dungeon.


  • Examine the gate.
  • Pour the acid on the bars.
  • Collect the flute and mallet.
  • Go to the throne room.


  • Remove the mice using the flute.
  • Collect the small screwdriver.
  • Go to the alchemist’s room.

Toy Shop

  • Examine the toy repair shop.

Toy Puzzle

  • Put the scalpel, the mallet and the small screwdriver into the repair shop.
  • Trigger the puzzle by placing the nutcracker onto the hook.
  • Click the body to remove the arm.
  • Click the left arrow.
  • Click the screw; remove the arm.
  • Click the screw; remove the leg.
  • Click the right arrow two times.
  • Click the screw and remove the other leg.
  • Face the nutcracker forward and put the breastplate on him.
  • Turn him backwards and put the back of the breastplate on.
  • Turn him sideways; insert the two rivets.
  • Turn him to the opposite side and insert the two rivets.
  • Put his leg on and insert a rivet.
  • Place the arm on and insert a rivet.
  • Turn him to the opposite side and place his leg on and insert the rivet.
  • Place his arm on and attach it using the rivet.
  • Put the shield on him and turn him forward.
  • Remove the hat.
  • Put the helmet on and give him his sword.
  • Collect the armored nutcracker.
  • Go to the throne room.


  • Use the armored nutcracker on the scene.
  • Collect the armored nutcracker, the princess and the magic wand.
  • Go to Christmas Hall.


  • Examine the boxes.
  • Put the armored nutcracker and the princess in their boxes.
  • Use magic wand on the nutcracker and the princess.