Christmas Stories: The Nutcracker: Chapter Five: The Library

With our Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Walkthrough, you can ring in the holidays and embrace the Christmas spirit with ease this year as you enjoy this enchanting twist on a timeless classic. Our Christmas Stories Walkthrough will guide you through each magical scene with crisp screenshots and clear-as-a-Christmas-bell instructions that will never leave you hanging. So get ready to embark on a wild Christmas tale you'll never forget as you help the Nutcracker battle the Rat King and save Princess Mary from his clutches.


  • Click anywhere in the scene.
  • Examine the window; open it and send the cat through.
  • A hidden objects area will be accessible; play the hidden objects game.

Hidden Object Game

  • Cut the flowers using the pruning shears; collect the flower.
  • Use the cloth to rub the lamp; collect the genie.
  • Collect the corkscrew.


  • Examine the table.
  • Melt the ice using the candle.
  • Collect the 1st metal disk.
  • Go to the porch.


  • Examine the barrel.
  • Use the corkscrew to remove the cork.
  • Collect the pentagon amulet.
  • Go to the library doors.


  • Examine the sign.
  • Brush away the cobwebs using the magical brush.
  • Collect the knight figurine.
  • Go to the kennel.


  • Examine the cabinet.
  • Brush the cobwebs using the magical brush; collect the cash register button.
  • Examine the bowl; use the magical brush on the cobwebs; collect the 1st Mayan tile and the 1st little bone.
  • Examine the inside of the dog house; brush the cobwebs with the magical brush.
  • Remove the cloth and collect the wooden handle.
  • Go to the hunting lodge.

Window 2

  • Examine the window.
  • Brush the cobwebs with the magical brush.
  • Collect the book.
  • Examine the chest.
  • Brush the cobwebs with the magical brush.
  • Collect the 1 / 3 coin.
  • Go to the porch and zoom into the picture.


  • Remove the bear picture.
  • Place the wooden handle into the groove and collect the 2nd metal disk.
  • Go to the 1st floor of the library.


  • Examine the cash register; insert the cash register button into the slot.
  • Click the button; collect the 2nd Mayan tile and the 2 /3 coin.
  • Go to the valley.


  • Examine the manhole cover and insert the 2 Mayan tiles.
  • Collect the 3rd metal disk and the 2nd little bone.
  • Examine the well; insert the 3 metal disks to trigger a puzzle.

Well Puzzle

  • Solve the puzzle using the following sequence:
  • E –F – G – H – A – E- C –G – D – H- B – F – I – E – F – G – H – C – C- A- A- B- B – D- D- E – F –H – G- I – I – I- G – E – F – H.


  • Examine the drain.
  • Collect the 2nd knight figurine.
  • Go to the 1st floor of the library.


  • Examine the table; use the nutcracker on the rat.
  • Insert the 2 knight figurines into the slots to trigger a puzzle.

Knight Puzzle

  • The solution is randomized.
  • Surround as many red flags as possible.
  • Collect the cat statue.
  • Go to the kennel.

Dog House

  • Examine the dog house.
  • Insert the 2 little bones into the slots.
  • Collect the 1 / 6 and 2 / 6 golden rivets.
  • Go to the well.


  • Examine the groove; insert the cat statuette.
  • Move the cats until all the eye colors are in the correct places.
  • Solve as shown (purple – red – green – yellow – blue).
  • Move to the temple.


  • Click anywhere on the scene.
  • Examine the pedestal.
  • Collect the miner’s badge.
  • Move to the well.


  • Insert the miner’s badge into the groove.
  • Collect the 3/ 3 coins and gloves.
  • Go to the hunting lodge.


  • Examine the window sill; insert the 3 coins into the slots.
  • Collect the 3 / 6 and 4/6 rivets.
  • Go to the 2nd floor library.


  • Examine the valve.
  • Use the gloves to collect the valve and the piece of ore.
  • Go to the well.


  • Examine the drain; insert the valve into the groove.
  • A hidden objects area will be activated.

Hidden Object

  • Use the ice pick to crack the ice; collect the cherries.
  • Put the flower on the stem; collect the flower.
  • Collect the net.
  • Go to the second floor of the library.