Christmas Stories: The Nutcracker: Chapter Four: Hunting Around the Hunting Lodge

With our Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Walkthrough, you can ring in the holidays and embrace the Christmas spirit with ease this year as you enjoy this enchanting twist on a timeless classic. Our Christmas Stories Walkthrough will guide you through each magical scene with crisp screenshots and clear-as-a-Christmas-bell instructions that will never leave you hanging. So get ready to embark on a wild Christmas tale you'll never forget as you help the Nutcracker battle the Rat King and save Princess Mary from his clutches.


  • Click anywhere in the scene.
  • Examine the board over the bed.
  • Insert the bear, hare and fox figurines to trigger a puzzle.

Animal Puzzle

  • Solve this puzzle by selecting the animals in the pattern shown (A-H).
  • Collect the 3rd picture fragment.


  • Examine the chest; insert the 3 picture fragments.
  • Click the chest open and collect the cannon ball and the gunpowder.
  • Go to the valley.


  • Examine the cannon; place the wheel onto it.
  • Insert the cannonball into the cannon.
  • Pour in the gunpowder; collect the cannon.
  • Go to the library doors.


  • Use the cannon on the snowman.
  • Examine the remains of the snowman.
  • Collect the sticks and the fang.
  • Go to the hunting lodge.


  • Examine the boar’s head; insert the fang into its mouth.
  • Collect the fire rune.
  • Examine the fireplace; insert the sticks and use the candle to light it.
  • Collect the hammer.
  • Examine the plaque; remove it.
  • Remove the boards using the hammer.
  • A hidden objects area will be triggered.

Hidden Object Game

  • Use the scissors to cut the rope; collect the saber.
  • Use the pen on the paper; collect the 16.
  • Click open the box; collect the buttons.
  • Collect 1/6, 2/6 and 3/6 controllers.
  • Move to the crossroads.


  • Examine the rock and remove the weeds.
  • Insert the fire rune into the groove; collect the queen statue.
  • Go to the porch.


  • Examine the icy castle.
  • Place the queen statue down.
  • Collect the 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6 controllers.
  • Go to the library doors.


  • Examine the library doors.
  • Insert the library key into the lock.
  • Insert the 6 controllers onto the door to trigger a puzzle.

Door Puzzle

  • Solve this puzzle using the following sequence:
    • F: 1 x
    • G: 2 x’s
    • F: 1 x
    • G: 2 x’s
    • E: 3 x’s
    • F: 1 x
    • H: 1 x
    • E: 1 x
    • H: 1 x
    • E: 1 x
    • C: 1 x
    • B: 1 x
    • D: 1 x
    • B: 1 x
    • I: 1 x
    • J: 1 x
    • I: 1 x
    • E: 1 x
    • A: 1 x
  • Move into the doorway to gain access to the 1st floor of the library.
  • Access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Game

  • Use the hammer to crack the glass; collect the butterfly.
  • Use the lit candle to light the cupcake candle; collect the birthday cupcake.
  • Collect the palette knife.

Cash Register

  • Examine the cash register; look at the note.
  • Collect the charm piece and the magical brush.
  • Examine the stairs; collect the knitting needle.
  • Zoom into the wall; tear the wall paper.
  • Notice the clue; collect the 1st mechanism part.
  • Walk down one time.

Palette Knife

  • Examine the ground.
  • Use the palette knife on the brick; collect the 2nd mechanism part.
  • Go to the 1st floor of the library.


  • Examine the mechanism.
  • Insert the 2 mechanism parts to trigger a puzzle.

Mechanism Puzzle

  • Solve the puzzle using the sequence shown (A-J).
  • Move through the top door into the 2nd floor library.