Campgrounds: Levels 41 to 50

Our Campgrounds Walkthrough provides you with detailed instructions, screenshots, and video solutions to help you achieve an expert rating on both the eco and money trails in this exciting time management game. How will you run your Campground? Find out today!

[b]Tropical Islands Level 41[/b] Goals: 6 villas with 3 stars and gardens Start with $6500, 1400 supplies, 1600 seeds, 5 workers, 1 factory, 1 broken villa[NUMBERED] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Repair villa[/item] [item]Build second villa[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build 3rd villa[/item] [item]Scare left gorilla[/item] [item]Upgrade first villa[/item] [item]Hire to 6 workers[/item] [item]Scare second gorilla[/item] [item]Dig up 2 treasures [/item] [item]Hire to 9 workers[/item] [item]Upgrade the other villas[/item] [item]Hire to 13 workers[/item] [item]Build greenhouse and start buying to 5400 seeds[/item] [item]Build 3 more villas and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build gardens as you can [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-41.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 42 [/b] Goals: 8 shrubs, 6 ponds, 5 fruit trees You do not need to build the bridge to win this level; it is possible, barely, to do so but why bother? [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory and run[/item] [item]Dig up treasure for 1000 supplies[/item] [item]Hire 4th worker[/item] [item]Build 2 villas [/item] [item]Hire 5th worker[/item] [item]Upgrade villas[/item] [item]Hire 6th and 7th workers [/item] [item]Build 2 parking spaces[/item] [item]Clear debris piles on both islands (don't need bridge)[/item] [item]Keep clearing on island[/item] [item]Destroy factory [/item] [item]Build 2 greenhouses[/item] [item]Clear debris and scare away gorillas on island[/item] [item]Dig up 2nd treasure[/item] [item]Build everything; once the end of the island is clear build from the far end first. I like to build the smaller things first so that it doesn't get super crazy at the end. [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-42.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 43 [/b] Goals: $40,000 daily income, 200 happiness, 60 campsite eco Start with $5000, 1000 supplies, 900 seeds, 4 workers, 1 factory, 1 greenhouse, 1 broken villa [NUMBERED] [item]Repair villa[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Build 2nd villa and upgrade once[/item] [item]Hire 5th worker [/item] [item]Upgrade villas to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Build 3rd villa and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Hire to 8 workers [/item] [item]Start buying seed[/item] [item]Dig up 2nd treasure[/item] [item]Destroy greenhouse at 2000 seeds[/item] [item]Build left bridge to swimming pool for 2000 supplies[/item] [item]Build a tree[/item] [item]Build 2nd pool[/item] [item]Destroy the factory[/item] [item]Buy 4 parking spaces[/item] [item]Build 4th villa [/item] [item]Run 2 events [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-43.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [b]Tropical Islands Level 44 [/b] Goals: 3 villas, 25 campsite eco Start with $12,000, 0 supplies, 500 seeds, 12 workers, 1 factory, 1 greenhouse, 2 cabins [NUMBERED] [item]Run factory (need a total of 4000)[/item] [item]Dig up 1st treasure[/item] [item]Clear obstruction[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Dig up 2nd treasure[/item] [item]Scare off gorilla[/item] [item]Build 2nd bridge[/item] [item]Dig up 3rd treasure[/item] [item]Destroy factory (with 3000 supplies)[/item] [item]Buy 600 seeds at greenhouse[/item] [item]Collect $4500 in rent and destroy 2 cabins[/item] [item]Buy another 900 seeds[/item] [item]Build 3 villas[/item] [item]Build 2 gardens [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-44.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 45[/b] Goals: 3 villas with 3 stars, 1 pond, $60,000 Start with $10,000, 400 supplies, 1700 seeds, 5 workers, 2 factories [NUMBERED] [item]Run 2 factories[/item] [item]Clear obstructions to lots[/item] [item]Build 2 villas and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire 6th & 7th workers[/item] [item]Buy 2 parking spaces [/item] [item]Build 3rd villa and upgrade to 3 stars [/item] [item]Scare away gorillas[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build bridge needs 10,000 supplies[/item] [item]Build pond (don't need to buy seeds) [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-45.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 46[/b] Goals: 3 chalets with 3 stars, 2 villas, 50 happiness Start with: $10,000, 3000 supplies, 750 seeds, 4 workers, 3 villas (2 broken( [NUMBERED] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Build bottom bridges [/item] [item]Build factory and run factory[/item] [item]Dig up treasure for 2000 supplies[/item] [item]Build next 2 bridges[/item] [item]Build a villa[/item] [item]Repair first chalet[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Upgrade chalet to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build next bridge 1000 supplies[/item] [item]Start upgrading 2nd chalet[/item] [item]Build next bridges all the way to 3rd chalet[/item] [item]Hire to 7 workers[/item] [item]Upgrade 3rd chalet to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build volleyball court[/item] [item]Build 2nd villa[/item] [item]Have event [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-46.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 47[/b] Goals: 400 campsite eco, 200 happiness Start with $5500, 200 supplies, 750 seeds, 4 workers, 4 chalets (3 broken), 1 tennis court [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Dig up treasure for 5000 gold[/item] [item]Clear debris to top chalet[/item] [item]Build villa[/item] [item]Repair chalet[/item] [item]Clear debris right and down[/item] [item]Hire 5th worker[/item] [item]Build 2nd villa[/item] [item]Destroy 2 broken chalets[/item] [item]Buy 2 parkings spaces[/item] [item]Build 2 greenhouses[/item] [item]Hire 6th & 7th workers[/item] [item]Destroy factory when you have 2000 supplies[/item] [item]Add garden to 1 chalet[/item] [item]Build pool[/item] [item]Build 5 trees [/item] [item]Have event [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-47.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 48 [/b] Goals: 9 villas with 3 stars Start with $19,000, 0 supplies, 900 seeds, 4 workers [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Build 2 villas[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Upgrade villas[/item] [item]Scare off gorilla[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Build 3rd villa[/item] [item]Hire to 9 workers[/item] [item]Build 2nd and 3rd factory[/item] [item]Upgrade 3rd villa to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire to 13 workers[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Build villa[/item] [item]Scare off gorillas[/item] [item]Hire to 16 workers[/item] [item]Build villas on top island[/item] [item]Upgrade all 4 villas[/item] [item]Hire to 18 workers[/item] [item]Destroy 2 factories[/item] [item]Build and upgrade last 2 villas [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-48.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Islands Level 49[/b] [NUMBERED] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Immediately build first villa; you should get rent at the end of day 2[/item] [item]Make 1000 supplies[/item] [item]Build 2nd villa and upgrade both villas to 1 star[/item] [item]Build next bridge for 1000 supplies[/item] [item]Skip a lot[/item] [item]Build 3rd villa[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Build next bridge[/item] [item]Demolish cabin and build villa[/item] [item]Repair villa[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Start hiring workers[/item] [item]Build greenhouse and run it[/item] [item]Upgrade the 2 villas on the island[/item] [item]Add gardens on the island[/item] [item]Upgrade the rest of the villas and add gardens[/item] [item]End with about 14-16 workers [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-49.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube] [b]Tropical Islands Level 50[/b] Goals: Repair the airport, Purchase the plane ($200,000) Start with $16,000, 0 supplies, 4 workers [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]build bridge for 1000[/item] [item]Clear debris and then dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build 1st villa[/item] [item]Scare gorilla[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers[/item] [item]Build 2nd villa[/item] [item]Build 3rd villa across the bridge[/item] [item]Hire 7th worker[/item] [item]Build 4th villa[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces (alternating with supplies)[/item] [item]Upgrade villas[/item] [item]Hire to 9 workers[/item] [item]Build 2nd factory[/item] [item]Hire workers quickly to 13 workers without stopping factory[/item] [item]Send 4 workers to start airplane and add as you get them[/item] [item]At the end, wait to click on the man and then immediately click the purchase button immediately [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-50.jpg[/gimg] [youtube][/youtube]