Campgrounds: Levels 31 to 40

Our Campgrounds Walkthrough provides you with detailed instructions, screenshots, and video solutions to help you achieve an expert rating on both the eco and money trails in this exciting time management game. How will you run your Campground? Find out today!

[b]Tropical Paradise Level 31 [/b] Goals: 3 ponds, 3 shrubs, 275 campsite eco Start with $3000, 700 supplies, 875 seeds, 0 eco, 4 workers, 1 greenhouse [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Build chalet and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Scare away gorilla[/item] [item]Build another chalet to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Hire 1 worker[/item] [item]Build bottom bridge for 500[/item] [item]Run greenhouse[/item] [item]Built 2 tents[/item] [item]Add gardens to 2 chalets and 2 tents[/item] [item]Build top bridge for 3000 supplies[/item] [item]Scare off gorilla[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build 3 shrubs and 3 ponds [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-31.jpg[/gimg] [b]Tropical Paradise Level 32[/b] Goals: Construct the zipline (8000 supplies and 6000 supplies 9 workers Start with 4500 gold, 200 supplies, 5 workers 3 factories [NUMBERED] [item]Run all 3 factories and spend all your money[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build 2 chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy 2 parking spaces[/item] [item]Run all 3 factories[/item] [item]Start buying workers as you are running factories[/item] [item]Start in on the tree with about 4 workers[/item] [item]Build bridge for 500 supplies[/item] [item]Start in on other side with a couple workers[/item] [item]Then start alternating workers until both areas are full.[/item] [item]If you want to just do one side at a time, you can do so by filling up the tree first, then building the bridge so that you are ready to move from the first area when it is finished directly to the second area. [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-32.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 33 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: 4 chalets with 3 stars and gardens, 3 cabins with 3 stars and gardens Start with $4000, 200 supplies, 500 seeds, 4 workers, 2 broken cabins, 3 broken chalets [NUMBERED] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Repair cabins[/item] [item]Clear obstructions[/item] [item]Dig up treasures[/item] [item]Repair the chalets[/item] [item]Upgrade the chalets[/item] [item]Hire 3 more workers[/item] [item]Build 4th chalet and 3 cabin[/item] [item]Build a greenhouse[/item] [item]Hire 4 more workers to 11[/item] [item]Keep upgrading while buying seeds[/item] [item]Build gardens on all houses [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-33.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 33 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: $24,000 daily income, 2 volleyball courts, 1 ice cream stand Start with: $4500, 800 supplies, 900 seeds, 4 workers, 4 cabins, 1 chalet [NUMBERED] [item]Build bridge for 500[/item] [item]Scare away gorilla[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers[/item] [item]Scare away bear[/item] [item]Dig up treasures[/item] [item]Build 2nd chalet[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Build factory when you have money[/item] [item]Upgrade 2 chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers to 8th[/item] [item]Build parking spaces[/item] [item]Destroy cabin and build 2 more chalets[/item] [item]While upgrading, hire 2 more workers[/item] [item]Destroy the 3 last cabins[/item] [item]Dig up last treasure[/item] [item]Build 5th chalet and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build 2 volleyball courts as you have the supplies[/item] [item]Destroy the factory when you have 500 supplies[/item] [item]Build ice cream stand[/item] [item]Hold events at all 3 buildings [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/33m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 34 - Eco Trail [/b] Goals: 2 pools, 50 campsite eco, 3000 supplies Start with $1400, 600 supplies, 500 seeds, 75 hidden eco, 5 workers, 1 factory, 1 cabin, 1 broken cabin [NUMBERED] [item]Build a chalet[/item] [item]Start the factory[/item] [item]Clear the debris down to the cabin[/item] [item]Scare off the bear[/item] [item]Repair the cabin[/item] [item]Keep running the factory[/item] [item]Dig up the treasure[/item] [item]Upgrade the chalet to 3 stars and the cabins to 1 star[/item] [item]Buy the parking space and hire additional workers after filling the factory[/item] [item]Build the bridge for 1000 supplies[/item] [item]Scare of the gorillas[/item] [item]Dig up the treasure[/item] [item]Build a greenhouse; need 1100 seeds[/item] [item]Clear the last debris[/item] [item]Destroy the greenhouse[/item] [item]Build a pool for 2000 supplies[/item] [item]Build a 2nd factory[/item] [item]Build the second pool[/item] [item]Buy supplies[/item] [item]Build gardens at the 2 cabins[/item] [item]Build a shrub [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-34.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 34 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 2 pools, 300 happiness, host 4 complete events Start with $12,000, 200 supplies, 400 seeds, 4 workers [NUMBERED] [item]Build factory and run it[/item] [item]Scare off bear[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Hire 1 worker[/item] [item]Build 2 chalets and upgrade once[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Clear to bridge[/item] [item]Build a tent[/item] [item]Build a pool[/item] [item]Hold 4 events without stopping[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Build 2 bridges[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Scare gorilla and clear 2 debris[/item] [item]Build a pool[/item] [item]Build a tent[/item] [item]As 4th event is ending, hold events at both pools [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/34m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 35 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: 3 shrubs, 3 ponds, 3 fruit trees Start with $4000, 300 supplies, 600 seed, 4 workers, 2 broken chalets [NUMBERED] [item]Repair the right chalet[/item] [item]Build a factory at the far left[/item] [item]Scare off the bear[/item] [item]Repair the 2nd chalet[/item] [item]Buy supplies[/item] [item]Upgrade the 2 chalets to 3 stars (make sure not to make too many supplies)[/item] [item]Buy the 2 parking spaces[/item] [item]Hire 1 worker[/item] [item]Build 2 greenhouses and run nonstop[/item] [item]Scare off the gorillas[/item] [item]Dig up the second treasure[/item] [item]Start with the 3 shrubs down at the bottom, build 2 at a time, then the 3 ponds, and finally the 3 trees[/item] [item]This is super close [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-35.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 35 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 6 chalets with 3 stars and gardens Start with $2700, 0 supplies, 420 seeds, 4 workers, 1 broken chalet [NUMBERED] [item]Dig up 2 treasures for money[/item] [item]Scare away gorilla blocking chalet[/item] [item]Build factory and run[/item] [item]Hire worker[/item] [item]Scare away 2nd gorilla [/item] [item]Repair the chalet[/item] [item]Build a 2nd chalet[/item] [item]Upgrade both to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy 2 parking spaces[/item] [item]Build 2 morechalets[/item] [item]Hire 2 more workers to 7 workers[/item] [item]Upgrade the 2 new chalets[/item] [item]Build a greenhouse and start buying seeds[/item] [item]Hire to 10 workers[/item] [item]Build 2 more chalets and upgrade[/item] [item]Build gardens as you have workers and seeds [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/35m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 36 - Eco Trail [/b] Goals: 6 chalets with 3 stars and gardens, 60 campsite eco, 2 greenhouses Start with $3000, 0 supplies, 600 seeds, 0 eco, 5 workers, 2 factories [NUMBERED] [item]Run the factory[/item] [item]Dig up the treasure by the bear (money)[/item] [item]Scare off the bear[/item] [item]Build 2 chalets and upgrade them to 3 stars[/item] [item]Dig up treasure and clear debris while waiting for supplies[/item] [item]Buy the parking space[/item] [item]Build 3 chalet and upgrade[/item] [item]Run both factories[/item] [item]Hire 3 workers[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Destroy one factory and build a greenhouse[/item] [item]Clear down the road[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers for total of 10[/item] [item]Build 3 chalets and upgrade to 3 stars; keep track of how much wood you still need[/item] [item]Destroy the 2nd factory once you know you have enough supplies[/item] [item]Build gardens and 2nd greenhouse [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-36.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 36 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 8000 supplies, 80 happiness, 4 cabins with 3 stars Start with: $500, 1000 supplies, 420 seeds, 6 workers, 3 factories [NUMBERED] [item]Build 2 cabins[/item] [item]Scare off gorilla[/item] [item]Upgrade cabins[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Dig up treasure[/item] [item]Build 2 more cabins and upgrade them[/item] [item]Buy one parking space[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Do this twice more to get all 3 parking spaces[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Clear down the road[/item] [item]Run all factories as you can get to them[/item] [item]Hire a 7th worker[/item] [item]Build a pool[/item] [item]Hold an event as you finish up the supplies [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/36m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 37 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: 12 fruit trees Start with $500, 1500 supplies, 6600 seeds, 8 workers, 1 factory [NUMBERED] [item]Build 3 chalets[/item] [item]Dig up treasure for $2000 money[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Scare away animals while upgrading the chalets[/item] [item]Upgrade the chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Build 2 greenhouses[/item] [item]Destroy factory and build another greenhouse[/item] [item]Build 12 trees [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-37.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 37 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 350 happiness Start with $3700, 1400 supplies, 450 seeds, 5 workers, 1 broken chalet [NUMBERED] [item]Repair chalet[/item] [item]Buy the first parking space[/item] [item]Build first bridge[/item] [item]Clear down the 2 roads[/item] [item]Buy the 2nd parking spaces[/item] [item]Remove trees from 3 lots[/item] [item]Build 2 factories[/item] [item]Build 1 tent[/item] [item]Build 1st pool[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Build 2nd pool[/item] [item]Build bottom bridge and clear to the treasure and dig it up[/item] [item]Build top bridge and clear to treasure and dig it up[/item] [item]Destroy the factories when you have 2075.[/item] [item]Build a pool and a tent[/item] [item]Host 3 events [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/37m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 38 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: 450 campsite eco, 12 workers Start with $2500, 500 supplies, 1000 seeds, 5 workers, 1 factory, 2 broken chalets [NUMBERED] [item]Repair 2 chalets[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Scare bear[/item] [item]Upgrade 2 chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy parking space[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Clear debris and dig treasure[/item] [item]Build 3rd chalet to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build greenhouse[/item] [item]Keep making supplies[/item] [item]Build 2nd greenhouse[/item] [item]Build 2 trees[/item] [item]Build bridge for 5000[/item] [item]Build 3 ponds[/item] [item]Hire workers throughout (need 12) [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-38.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 38 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 5 pools, 4 chalets with 3 stars, $200,000 Start with $6700, 600 supplies, 480 seeds, 8 workers, 2 broken chalets [NUMBERED] [item]Repair 2 chalets[/item] [item]Build a factory and run[/item] [item]Clear down the road[/item] [item]Upgrade chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Buy the parking spaces[/item] [item]Run the factory[/item] [item]Build 2 more chalets and upgrade[/item] [item]Buy a 2nd factory when you have enough money to run both[/item] [item]Hire 3 extra workers[/item] [item]Dig up treasures[/item] [item]Build 3 pools[/item] [item]Host 2 events at a time throughout[/item] [item]Destroy the 2 factories when you have 4000 supplies[/item] [item]Build 2 pools[/item] [item]Host events [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/38m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 39 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: 3000 seeds, 120 campsite eco, 120 happiness Start with $3500, 0 supplies, 685 seeds, 2 workers, 1 trailer, 4 broken chalets, 1 factory [NUMBERED] [item]Clear debris to 2 chalets[/item] [item]Hire worker[/item] [item]Wait for first rent from trailer and run factory[/item] [item]Repair 1st 2 chalets[/item] [item]Hire 4th worker[/item] [item]Scare away gorilla and repair 3rd chalet[/item] [item]Run factory once for 300 supplies[/item] [item]Hire 5th worker[/item] [item]Remove gorilla and repair 4th chalet[/item] [item]Build 2 parking spaces[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Build greenhouse and start buying seed[/item] [item]Dig treasure[/item] [item]Destroy trailer and build 2nd greenhouse[/item] [item]Start running factory again and collect 2000 supplies[/item] [item]Hire 7th worker[/item] [item]Destroy factory and build pool[/item] [item]Build 3 ponds [/item] [item]Keep collecting seeds[/item] [item]Host event[/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-39.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 39 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: 3 trailers with 3 stars, 3 cabins with 3 stars, 3 chalets with 3 stars, 90 happiness Start with $4700, 100 supplies, 505 seeds, 3 workers, 1 trailer, 1 broken cabin, 2 factories [NUMBERED] [item]Dig up 2 treasures[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Build right bridge[/item] [item]Repair trailer and upgrade twice[/item] [item]Run factory[/item] [item]Clear debris to next factory[/item] [item]Build chalet and upgrade twice[/item] [item]Hire 4th worker[/item] [item]Upgrade trailer third time[/item] [item]Upgrade chalet third time[/item] [item]Build chalet and upgrade twice[/item] [item]Hire 5th worker[/item] [item]Build left bridge[/item] [item]Hire 6th worker[/item] [item]Repair cabin[/item] [item]Clear debris and scare gorilla[/item] [item]Buy workers until you have 12[/item] [item]Build 3rd chalet[/item] [item]Upgrade chalet and cabin to 3 stars[/item] [item]Build 2 cabins and 2 trailers and upgrade to 3 stars[/item] [item]Tear down one factory[/item] [item]Build volleyball court and host event [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/39m.jpg[/gimg] [b]Towering Trees of the Mongolian Forest Level 40 - Eco Trail[/b] Goals: Clear debris blocking river, resurrect the ancient tree, 40 campsite eco Start with $4500, 1000 supplies, 695 seeds, 4 workers [NUMBERED] [item]Dig up treasure for $3000[/item] [item]Build villa and upgrade twice[/item] [item]Build factory[/item] [item]Clear debris and top gorilla[/item] [item]Build 2nd chalet[/item] [item]Hire 2 workers to 7[/item] [item]Build 3rd chalet[/item] [item]Scare 2nd gorilla[/item] [item]Upgrade all 3 chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire to 8 workers[/item] [item]Buy parking spaces[/item] [item]Clear debris to the bottom[/item] [item]Build 3 greenhouses[/item] [item]Destroy factory and build greenhouse[/item] [item]Send workers to river[/item] [item]Keep hiring workers[/item] [item]Send workers to tree while keeping enough to buy seeds[/item] [item]Keep hiring workers to 16[/item] [item]Build gardens at 3 villas gradually[/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/level-40.jpg[/gimg] [b]The Land of Riches Land 40 - Money Trail[/b] Goals: Construct the manion, 100 happiness, all homes with gardens Start with $3000, 900 supplies, 900 seeds, 5 workers, 2 factories, 2 broken chalets, 2 cabins [NUMBERED] [item]Build chalet and upgrade[/item] [item]Repair left chalet[/item] [item]Clear debris blocking chalet, factory, and cabin[/item] [item]Repair 3rd chalet[/item] [item]Clear debris[/item] [item]Buy parking space [/item] [item]Scare away 2 gorillas[/item] [item]Hire 3 workers to 8[/item] [item]Upgrade all 3 chalets to 3 stars[/item] [item]Hire to 10 workers[/item] [item]Build 3rd factory[/item] [item]Demolish cabin[/item] [item]Hire to 13 workers[/item] [item]Build greenhouse[/item] [item]Build pool at end[/item] [item]Build bridge[/item] [item]Send workers to mansion[/item] [item]Hire to 15 workers[/item] [item]Build gardens at 3 chalets and 1 cabin[/item] [item]Destroy greenhouse when you have 2000 seeds[/item] [item]Build tent and add garden[/item] [item]Near end start hosting events at the pool for happiness [/item] [/NUMBERED][gimg]/Campgrounds/images/40m.jpg[/gimg]