Campgrounds: General Info and Tips

Our Campgrounds Walkthrough provides you with detailed instructions, screenshots, and video solutions to help you achieve an expert rating on both the eco and money trails in this exciting time management game. How will you run your Campground? Find out today!

Campgrounds is a traditional resource management game. On each level, you will be given certain tasks to accomplish and a time limit to accomplish them in. As one would hope with a new game, this one comes with several twists. Trophies are awarded for a variety of accomplishments but the three most important are getting 1000 money points, 1000 eco points, and all gold. Workers are hired at the office for $1000 throughout the entire game. Buildings are built at varying costs. See the bottom of this page for tables. Income collection is not affected by upgrading. You do not need to worry about timing your upgrades. [b]TWO TRAILS[/b] equals two different games. You will be able to choose between going for money or eco trails twice in the game. It is also possible to choose the opposite option the second time you get to choose. Within the walkthrough be sure to check the right trail in Levels 11-17 and Levels 33-40. To get the 1000 money and eco points, you will need to choose the money trail one time and the eco trail the next time. [b]COMPANY SCORE:[/b] On each level you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses for money and ecology. These scores will affect the starting values of money and seeds for the next level where you will get a dollar and seed for each money and eco bonus you have in your company score. Now this part is important!!! If you don't like your score on a level you must restart it immediately after finishing it. If you accept your score and go back to the map that will be the score you get. You can go back later and play for gold time to work toward the all gold trophy or dig up a missed treasure to find missing map pieces to play the bonus levels, but it won't improve your money or eco scores. Money score: +10 for finishing in gold star time, +3 for each treasure dug up Eco score: +5 for animal scared away, +10 for each tree you do not chop down. [b]CAMPSITE ECO:[/b] This is the eco score (the leaf) you earn on each level. In other games, you would work for a town happiness score or some such. In Campgrounds eco and happiness are split apart and are very different. Campsite eco is earned as follows: [LIST] [item]+10 - Build gardens on your buildings[/item] [item]+75 - Keeping a tree on a lot intact (only a certain levels)[/item] [item]+5 - Scare away animals (bears, apes) rather than shooting them. Scaring takes 2 workers and takes some time whereas shooting is rather quick (as in real life)[/item] [item]+10 - +75 - Building on small circular plots[/item] [item]Negative eco is also earned with ice-cream stands (-10), volleyball courts (-20), pools (-40)[/item] [/LIST] [b]HAPPINESS: [/b] This cannot be earned until ice cream stands are available. Happiness points are provided based on each housing building based on the following: Ice cream stands (+5), volleyball courts (+10), and pools (+20). In addition these buildings will provide a fixed amount of income, ice cream stands($100 per house), volleyball courts ($250 per house), and pools ($500 per house) Hosting events will provide double happiness and double income (at that building only) for 2 days. Thus you only need to come to the end of a level with 1/2 of the required happiness (or less depending on how many of these buildings you have) because you can host an event at the end to get to your goal. In addition, happiness is decreased by factories and greenhouses by 5 points for each housing unit at every factory or greenhouse . So if desired or necessary you can demolish these buildings at the end of the level to increase your happiness, along with hosting parties and/or building a few tents at the end. For example: You have 2 volleyball courts and 5 housing units; this gives you 100 happiness (20 for each housing unit because you have 2 courts). Then you have a factory and greenhouse; each will reduce your happiness by 25 (-5 for each housing unit) for a total of -50. So now you have 50 happiness. Hosting 2 events at the end will increase your happiness by 100 each and you temporarily have 250 happiness. [b]PARKING SPACES [/b]will be available later on. This are quite useful and almost always worthwhile to get at some point during the level. They increase your daily income 25% each from the base amount and this does include income from the event buildings. [b]EVENTS[/b] are available with the Ice Cream Stand, Volleyball Court, and Pool. They cost increasing amounts and use up one worker while the event is going on. During an event, the income from that building only will be doubled. You need to time these events fairly carefully as it feels like they don't last the 2 days exactly that they are supposed to. If your event ends right at the end of the day, you won't get the increased amount and the event doesn't start until the worker gets to the building. Try to start it at the beginning of the day so the worker will have time to get over there. [b]SECRET CAMPSITES:[/b] There are 6 bonus levels in the game. When you dig up the treasures on the various levels, most of the time you will receive a map piece. When all are collected you will be to piece them together and access a bonus campsite in each campground area. These are great places to earn extra eco and money points. [gimg]/Campgrounds/images/chart-buildings.jpg[/gimg] [gimg]/Campgrounds/images/chart-factory.jpg[/gimg] [gimg]/Campgrounds/images/chart-event.jpg[/gimg]