Viking Saga: New World

Enlist the help of our Viking Saga 2: New World Walkthrough when you just can't come up with a winning strategy to earn you the gold in this fast-paced time management game. With our step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots for each and every level at your side, you'll have no problem achieving those coveted 3-star times on expert.

Welcome to the Viking Saga 2: New World Walkthrough.  Here we provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots so you can beat each level on the Expert Level at 3-star time.

Game Play

All levels start with the base at level 1 with one worker available.

It is possible to upgrade to 6 workers but I never got more than 4 due to the cost.  The advantage to having 4 workers, beyond having 4 workers, is receiving 1 unit of stone per cycle.

Costs for buildings stay the same throughout the game except more and more expensive housing becomes available.

Starting base provides 1 worker plus 1 food and 1 wood per cycle.

First upgrade provides total of 2 workers and costs 5 food

Second upgrade provides total of 3 workers and costs 10 food

Third upgrade provides 4 workers and costs 15 food, 15 silver and gives 1 food, 1 wood, and 1 stone per cycle.

Upgrading to 5th worker costs 20 food, 10 wood, 10 stone, 20 silver

Upgrading to 6th worker costs 25 food, 15 wood, 15 stone, 25 silver

You can tell how many workers you have available by the number of circles

Each of the other buildings can be upgraded 3 times (to 3 stars)

Game mode:

Easy has no timer

Normal is timed and allows for queuing of tasks.

Hard has to be completed in less time and does not allow queuing of tasks


A variety of bonuses are available throughout the game.  I usually used freeze time if available.  X2 is essential in the last few levels.


Druids offer some benefits that are not instantly obvious. 

Each level has 3 blue crystals.  Collecting crystals gives some time back on the clock.  

In many levels there are rune pillars which will expose a treasure chest filled with nice things.

Some obstructions cannot be cleared without the druid and you know this by a little druid on the information bubble.


Hovering over a building, item, or obstruction shows the cost and income.

Green circles show available workers and resources.  Red circles show blocked areas. Yellow circles show available areas but not enough resources.

Demolishing buildings does not cost anything and does not return materials.