Viking Saga: New World: Bonus Levels

Enlist the help of our Viking Saga 2: New World Walkthrough when you just can't come up with a winning strategy to earn you the gold in this fast-paced time management game. With our step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots for each and every level at your side, you'll have no problem achieving those coveted 3-star times on expert.

Bonus Level 1

  1. Upgrade base twice
  2. Chop down tree and build farm
  3. Clear lot at left
  4. Build log house and upgrade twice (this will be your primary source of silver and it doesn't seem to get infected)
  5. Chop down trees
  6. Build druid's hut
  7. Upgrade base
  8. Build another druid's hut when you can
  9. Use x2 bonus to get wood (need 20 at one point)
  10. Click on the darn rats to keep them from infecting more buildings



Bonus Level 2

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Build chamber
  3. Clear lot and build mill
  4. Upgrade chamber
  5. Upgrade base
  6. Clear lot of pile of rocks
  7. Build sawmill
  8. Upgrade chamber
  9. Upgrade base
  10. Build ladder down and build druid's hut
  11. Activate pillars and pick up crystals
  12. Clear up to air station and build stone quarry
  13. Build air stations
  14. Build 5 wells



Bonus Level 3

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Build estate
  3. Clear lot and light fire
  4. Build mill
  5. Run mill and build ladder
  6. Upgrade estate
  7. Upgrade base twice
  8. Put out fires
  9. Upgrade estate
  10. Build sawmill
  11. Build boatyard
  12. Put out fire in boatyard at bottom right
  13. Put out fires
  14. Clear lot and build druid's hut to access blue crystals
  15. Build ladder and put fires out up to the plateau
  16. Build left boatyard and finish fire extinguishing
  17. Keep enough fires lit to show the 4 stumps
  18. Restore stumps using silver



Bonus Level 4

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Build fortress
  3. Clear rock and build mill
  4. Upgrade fortress
  5. Clear rock up at top
  6. Upgrade base twice
  7. Fill puddle and build sawmill
  8. Build bridge when you have the stone
  9. Clear rock and build quarry
  10. Upgrade fortress
  11. Build bridge to center and then go straight across (you can skip the other one)
  12. Clear lot and build druid's hut
  13. Collect crystals and activate 4 pillars
  14. Build the ship