Viking Saga: New World: Levels 1 - 10

Enlist the help of our Viking Saga 2: New World Walkthrough when you just can't come up with a winning strategy to earn you the gold in this fast-paced time management game. With our step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots for each and every level at your side, you'll have no problem achieving those coveted 3-star times on expert.

Level 1

  1. Repair demolished hut
  2. Remove wood from road
  3. Pick 2 bushes
  4. Build hut
  5. Collect rents



Level 2

  1. Run farm as needed
  2. Upgrade base
  3. Upgrade 1st hut
  4. Repair 2nd hut
  5. Demolish ruins
  6. Upgrade 2nd hut
  7. Chop down trees
  8. Build 3rd hut
  9. Build farm
  10. Chop trees
  11. Upgrade 3rd hut
  12. Talk to the druid




Level 3

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Repair farm and run 3x
  3. Build 2 huts and upgrade
  4. Repair sawmill
  5. Clear down to treasure chest and open
  6. Run sawmill to get 20 wood
  7. Build the ship
  8. Collect 30 food



Level 4

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Repair farm
  3. Repair bridge
  4. Run farm and pick berries as needed
  5. Repair 1 hut
  6. Build ladder
  7. Clear to and open treasure chest
  8. Upgrade base
  9. Upgrade hut
  10. Repair and upgrade 2nd hut
  11. Clear lot to build 3rd hut and upgrade
  12. Chop wood (18 total) to light fires



Level 5

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Light 2 campfires
  3. Dismantle ship
  4. Repair farm
  5. Access 1st treasure chest
  6. Light fire to right and open 2nd chest
  7. Run farm and fish as needed
  8. Dismantle ship
  9. Light fire near ladder and build
  10. Repair hut
  11. Light large fire at top of ladder and campfire across ice bridge
  12. Access 3rd chest
  13. Dismantle ship
  14. Light fire at bottom left
  15. Dismantle ship
  16. Light fire on the right



Level 6

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Light 2 campfires and work in 2 directions
  3. Repair log house
  4. Drive away bear and repair farm
  5. Run farm and fish
  6. Access chest
  7. Upgrade house twice
  8. Light fire on ice for 2nd fishing hole
  9. Upgrade base
  10. Light up the road removing obstacles and scaring bears
  11. Chop down a few trees to light campfires as you go
  12. Clear the lot and access to the demolished hut



Level 7

  1. Upgrade base twice
  2. Remove snowdrift blocking house and upgrade twice
  3. Repair sawmill
  4. Remove ruins and build farm
  5. Light fire to melt the ice
  6. Upgrade 2nd house twice
  7. Light fire on the ice to access fishing hole
  8. Use extra worker bonus
  9. Clear up to the druid and speak
  10. Build the bridge
  11. Build 3rd house and upgrade twice (don't bother keeping road clear for silver)
  12. Remove ice wall
  13. Open chest
  14. Build 4th house and upgrade twice



Level 8

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Build sawmill and druid's house
  3. Activate the rune and open the chest
  4. Build bridge to the left
  5. Light fires
  6. Build log house and upgrade twice
  7. Build boatyard on shore and in center
  8. Build farm
  9. Build boatyard on left
  10. Activate rune and open chest
  11. Build boatyard at top left
  12. Activate rune and open chest
  13. Build boatyard on the right
  14. Remove large snowdrift (use extra worker bonus)
  15. Activate rune and open chest
  16. You can leave the bear



Level 9

  1. Upgrade base
  2. Repair log house
  3. Build farm
  4. Light fire and build ladder
  5. Fish and build sawmill
  6. Upgrade house twice
  7. Upgrade base
  8. Build boatyard on the left
  9. Clear lot and built druid's house
  10. Remove stone past the fishing pier
  11. Send druid to rune stone by base and to collect blue crystals
  12. Clear up the road past the bear and speak with the trader
  13. Remove stone by sawmill and near sledge
  14. Repair sledge and remove bears
  15. Note:  You do not need to access the left side of the game area



Level 10

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Upgrade base
  3. Upgrade left house twice
  4. Speak with Leif
  5. Build farm
  6. Upgrade base again
  7. Demolish right house and build a sawmill
  8. Use extra worker to fish
  9. Build bridge to left
  10. Trade food for stone (need a total of 30)
  11. Light fires near the chapel and restore in 3 stages