Viking Brothers

Depend on our Viking Brothers Walkthrough as you journey through distant lands with the two viking brothers as they search for a magic strong enough to save their world. Use our detailed, step-by-step guide as well as our video solutions of each and every level to help you storm your way to gold through 50 levels of this intense time management game.

Welcome to our Viking Brothers Walkthrough, a comprehensive guide filled with step-by-step instructions as well as video solutions of each and every level demonstrating how to achieve those hard to reach gold times. Join the brothers as they search for a way to restore their lands through 50 levels of intense time management play.

Title Screen

Opening Story:

In Viking Brothers, two brothers embark on an adventure in search of a way to breath new life into their desolate lands. Journey through the realms looking for a magic that may restore the tree of life and drive away the savages who seek to destroy their home. With more than 50 levels of this time management game, will you be able to get gold each time? You can with our Viking Brothers Walkthrough at your side!

General Tips for Viking Brothers

Main Building
Level 1 - Provides 1 Worker
Level 2 - Provides 2 Workers
Level 3 - Provides 3 Workers

Level 1 - Provides 1 Wood
Level 2 - Provides 3 Wood
Level 3 - Provides 5 Wood

Level 1 - Provides 1 Food
Level 2 - Provides 3 Food
Level 3 - Provides 5 Food

Level 1 - Provides 1 Ore
Level 2 - Provides 3 Ore
Level 3 - Provides 5 Ore

Level 1 - Provides 1 Gold
Level 2 - Provides 3 Gold
Level 3 - Provides 5 Gold

Level 1 - Provides 1 Warrior
Level 2 - Provides 2 Warriors
Level 3 - Provides 3 Warriors

Resources can be found on the side of the road or can be harvested from obstacles or objects.
Trees  - Provide 2 Wood
Berry Bushes - Provides 1 - 3 Food
Corn - Provides 1 Food
Rock Pile - Provides 3 Ore
Wood - Provides 2 Wood
Wood Blockage - Provides 3 Wood 
Docks - Provides 2 Food
Stones - Provide 2 Ore
Stone Blockage - Provides 3 Ore
Large Wood Blockage - Provides 4 Wood

Puddles - Requires 3 Food, 1 Ore
Big Puddles - Requires 6 Food, 3 Ore
Small Gap - Requires
Gap - Requires 4 Food, 3 Ore

And those are the basics for playing Viking Brothers. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Viking Brothers Walkthrough!