Viking Brothers: Levels 11 - 20

Depend on our Viking Brothers Walkthrough as you journey through distant lands with the two viking brothers as they search for a magic strong enough to save their world. Use our detailed, step-by-step guide as well as our video solutions of each and every level to help you storm your way to gold through 50 levels of this intense time management game.

Note: This page may take a few moments to load since we've included videos for every level.

Level 11

Goals: Find the Valkyrie, Drive Away the Savages, Build the Grand Statue


Level 12

Goals: Build a shortcut, Repair the Bridges, Build a Storehouse


Level 13

Goals: Build Cannon Towers, Capture Enemy Buildings


Level 14

Goals: Repair the Small Bridges, Repair the Statues, Repair the Main Bridge.


Level 15

Goals: Repair Every Bridge, Dig Out the Cannonballs.


Level 16

Goals: Collect Roses from the Valkyries, Repair the Statue.


Level 17

Goals: Repair the Statue, Buy Rubies from the Trader, Open the Gate.


Level 18

Goals: Build the Stairs, Collect Ashes from the Volcano.


Level 19

Goals: Repair the Lighthouse


Level 20

Goals: Collect Rubies for the Dwarf