Viking Brothers: Levels 31 - 40

Depend on our Viking Brothers Walkthrough as you journey through distant lands with the two viking brothers as they search for a magic strong enough to save their world. Use our detailed, step-by-step guide as well as our video solutions of each and every level to help you storm your way to gold through 50 levels of this intense time management game.

Note: This page may take a few moments to load since we've included videos for every level.

Level 31

Goal: Capture the Enemy Buildings.


Level 32

Goal: Capture the Enemy Buildings, Destroy Every Totem.


Level 33

Goal: Recapture Your Buildings, Repair the Statue.


Level 34

Goal: Remove the Poison Ivy from the Arch


Level 35

Goal: Destroy the Totems, Defeat the Savage Chief.


Level 36

Goal: Capture the Enemy Buildings, Remove the Debris from the River, Get the Dragon's Tear.


Level 37

Goal: Drive Away the Savages, Destroy Every Totem.


Level 38

Goal: Repair the Small Bridges, Heal the Tree.


Level 39

Goal: Talk with the Druid.


Level 40

Goal: Leave the Swamp