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Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions, World Maps, Goodie Caves, a Mirror Mansion guide, a Spell Guide, a Party members guide, Battle strategies, where to find rest, where to find shops and much, much more!

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Untitled Document ****GENERAL QUESTIONS****


Q: Where can I find the version I am playing? (tiniponi)
A: The version is shown on the Title Bar when you have the game open in Windowed mode. If you don't know what that means, see this topic for a screenshot - Screenshot showing version location
If you're playing in Full Screen mode, press Ctrl-Enter to switch to Windowed mode temporarily, then Ctrl-Enter again to switch back to Full Screen, if you desire.)

Q: Can I use my saved games from Version 1 in Version 1.1? (shaz)
A: No - version 1.1 has new quests and a very different beginning. You have to start a new game


Q: Are there any Goodies or Easter Eggs available in Aveyond II:Ean’s Quest? (tiniponi)
A: A: Yes, there are five Goodie Caves, but finding them requires diligent searching. Be advised, you should really play the game without them the first time through. When you’ve done that, and are ready to start searching for them, search every nook & cranny, cliffside, etc, pressing your Spacebar or Enter at each spot, and you will eventually find the Goodies. Amanda usually releases Goodie/Easter Egg information a while after a game has been released to the public. When she feels enough time has passed for people to try the game without them, she will likely make an announcement of the areas in which they can be found. So please don’t post their locations if you find them.

For now, I’ll just say you can find four of the goodie caves before you leave the Mainland by ship, but the last one requires the ship or dragon.. Later, we might list the maps in which each can be found. Until then, if you really want them, please search for them yourself.


Q: What is the Magic Express? (shaz)
A: Similar to traveling runes in AV1, Magic Express allows you to quickly travel to different locations. You must activate a switch at the destination before you can go there, which means you can only use it to return to places you have already visited

Q: Where are the Magic Express stations? (shaz)
A: Only on the mainland -
Shadow Woods, near Ravenwood
Woodlands, near Ryva
Green Weed Plains, near Thais
Brightwood Forest, near Candar
Toadstump Marsh, near Bogwood
Seri Desert, near Seri

Q: Why doesn't Magic Express list the place I want to go? (shaz)
A: You can only use it to get to places you've already been, and only to places on the Mainland. The switch at the destination has to be turned on. Also, each station only links to a few other stations - you might have to "chain" your way through them (use one, then the next one straight away) to reach your desired location



Q: Where can I find the "Ultimate" weapons for each player? (KTC, shaz, whisperingmist)
Ava: ?? possibly the Trinity Rapier - (Brimstone Underpass)
Ean: Dragon Claw (Brimstone Underpass)
OR Ice Claw (Ice Caverns??)
Emma: Masamune (Mount Siren)
Gavin: Calamity (Two Moon Plains)
OR Poisonwood (Ice Cavern)
Iya: Ryguard's Staff )Old Ways)
Note: Phoenix Sphere (Candar) is her ultimate ‘shield’
Jack: Osmium Dagger (Mt Siren)
Nicolas: Star Staff (Old Ways)
Rye: Crusher - Cursed Woods

Q: [b]How can I change Ean's form?
A: In your items menu, use the transfigurine of the form you wish to become.

Q: What forms can Ean assume, and where does he get the transfigurines for them? (tiniponi)
A: The following:
1. Elf (start, and Shadow Woods)
2. Beast (Shadow Woods)
3. Chicken (Grimm's Farm)
4. Griffin (Shivendale Woods)
5. Cyclops (Graystone Pass)
6. Behemoth (Brimstone Underpass)
7. Dragar (Littlerock Plains)
8. Vampire (Cursed Woods)

Q: How do I get the Giant Chicken transfigurine? (KTC)
A: You need to start the quest for the sultan in Seri. He wants something exotic.

Q: In Ean & Iya's profiles, what is 'Attraction' and what does it do? (question submitted by Abby, answered by KTC)
A1: It shows how much Ean and Iya are attracted to each other. With 5 attraction points, you get the "special" Ean/Iya Ending.

Q: How can I get Attraction points? (tiniponi, mojanecusjanepotus)
A: In several ways:
1. Give Iya a kitten (Candar - Renna)
2. Give Iya a ribbon (Candar - Lorena)
3. Fairy love spell (Happily Ever After)
4. Witch's spell (Bogwood -Hilda, if she has Calliope's wand)
5. Give Iya a gold ring (Candar - ring seller on street)

Q: How long must I wait for Emma to finish her training?
A: It may be after you gain 10 levels from the time you paid your tuition, or after you get your ship.

Q: How can I get Gavin and Nicolas in my party? (shaz)

A: You cannot have both of them at once, even in reserve. Nicolas hates witches and Gavin hates nobility. They will not travel together. You can have a maximum of 7 people in your party, 4 of them active

Q: Is it better to have Nicolas or Gavin? (shaz)
A: It's up to you. Nicolas is great for defence and healing, and Gavin is great for offence. It depends on the type of game you want to play

Q: Why can't Nicolas and/or Gavin learn certain magic spells? (shaz)
A: Nicolas can learn white magic, Gavin can learn dark magic. Both can learn neutral magic. So some spells they will both be able to learn, and others will be for either Nicolas OR Gavin.
(Note: right now, Nicolas can only Learn White Magic spells, but we think that is a mistake.)

Q: What guilds can Iya join, and where are they? (shaz)
Chaos Mage - Thais
Mage - Seri
Enchanter - Happily Ever After
Necromancer - Casket Hill

Q: How can Iya join a Guild, and what are the rewards? (tiniponi)

Chaos Guild: Defeat Chaos Master in Thais; Reward: 100XP, Storm Sphere, Chaos Master Gown
Mage Guild: Defeat the Mage in Seri; Reward: 300XP, Battle Sphere, Mage Gown
Enchantress Guild: Defeat the Enchantress in Happily Ever After; Reward: 2000XP, Butterfly Sphere, Enchantress Gown
Necromancer Guild: Defeat the Necromancer in Casket Hill; Reward: 4000XP, Cursed Sphere, Necromancer Gown

Q: Why can't I join xxxxxx guild? (tiniponi)
A: You can only join ONE guild per game.

Q: Can I join more than one Guild? (tiniponi)
A: No

Q: I joined xxxxx guild, but now I want to join yyyyy guild! Can I switch guilds?
A: No … you can only join a different guild if you go back to a savegame before you joined the other, or if you start a new game.

Q: What Spheres can Iya get, and from where? (tiniponi)
1. Song Sphere (she has it when she rejoins your party in Shaenlir)
2. Storm Sphere (Chaos Guild - Thais)
3. Battle Sphere (Mage Guild - Seri)
4. Butterfly Sphere (Enchantress Guild - Happily Ever After)
5. Cursed Sphere (Necromancer Guild - Casket Hill)
6. Phoenix Sphere (pedestal in Brightwood Forest - requires 10 Karma points) (This is the best sphere in the game)

Q: Can I still get the Phoenix Sphere if I stole from a donation box? (shaz)
A: Yes … see below under ‘DONATIONS’


Q: What do I get if I make donations? (shaz)
A: Each donation you make gives you 1 karma point. If you have 10 karma points, Iya will have access to the Phoenix Sphere, which will allow her to learn the most powerful spells

Q: Can I still get the Phoenix Sphere if I stole from a donation box? (shaz)
A: If you have stolen from ONE donation box, then you can get a maximum 8 karma points (+9 for donations, -1 for stealing). There are two tasks you can perform to redeem yourself and get those remaining two points. Restore the beast in Ravenwood to human form, and give Great Grandma Nora her love letter which will restore her youth and reunite her with her lost love.

Q: Where are the donation boxes? (shaz)
A: in order of appearance (approximately)
Happily Ever After


Q: Where are the nymphs? (shaz)
A: (this is the order in which I encountered them, Heptitus and Ceri, and Serendipity and Aisling could probably be done in the opposite order)
Heptitus - nymph of wickedness - Bogwood
Ceri - nymph of love - Candar
Serendipity - nymph of luck - Stardale Glen
Aisling - nymph of hope - Fairytale Forest
Nuha - nymph of wisdom - Eredar (Land of the Lost)
Ishtar - nymph of compassion – Shaenlir


Q: How to I get rid of curse? (shaz)
Nicolas - BLESS
Gavin - CLEANSE (blue chest in Graystone Caves)
Witcheye Root (Casket Hill)
Equip and Unequip cursed armor
Equip lucky charm (from Ivanna in Candar), Undead and Toad amulets to prevent curse in the first place

Q: Why does Cursed Armor/Shield/Helmet DROP my defenses/attack rather than RAISE them? (KTC)
A: It's cursed equipment. Cursed means to drop defenses and attack power by half. Also, think about the location you're in: Land of the Dead, Casket Hills, Two Moons Plain. Look at the monsters: All dark magic creatures. Why should it raise it when the whole land AND its inhabitants are essentially cursed?


Q: How do you open the locked blue treasure chests? (phoenixgirl)
A: You need to recruit Jack (he doesn't have to be active) and he'll have a picklock to open the blue chests.

Q: How can I open the locked Red Chests? (tiniponi)
A: These chests are magically locked, and require a magic picklock to open them.

Q: Where can I find the Magic Picklock? (tiniponi)
A: In a Blue Chest in the Mists


Q: Where can I get dynamite? (tiniponi)
A: There are three places where you need dynamite in Aveyond II, and you get the dynamite from three different places:
1. Rye will have some when he joins the party
2. You will find some in a chest in the Shaenlir sewers while escaping with Iya
3. There is some in a chest in a storeroom in Seri


Q: The Cloak of Shadows does not work! What do I need to do? (shaz, tiniponi)
A: The Cloak of Shadows is not an invisibility cloak. If you want the same effect as Aveyond I’s Cloak of Invisibility, help Doyle in Happily Ever After, then choose Smelly Shoes as your reward. Monsters will be disgusted and run away if you are wearing a pair of smelly shoes!


Q: Do I have to fight all those black birds flying around everywhere? (shaz)
A: No - the black birds that just fly in a straight line will go right over you. If they fly a little more randomly, you need to watch out for them (like the ones in The Woodlands)


Q: Can I interact with the rabbits, butterflies, baby birds, squirrels, etc, I see everywhere? (tiniponi)
A: No. However, late in the game, there WILL be a cave of Squirrels you will be able to interact with.


Q: How do I get a bottle? (shaz)
A: Help the warthog in Happily Ever After


Q: What is 'HEA'? (KTC)
A: Happily Ever After


Q: I can't find my canoe! (tiniponi)
A: THere are three possibilities:
1. When you first get it, you can find it on the river once you return to the WORLD map.
2. You got off it, explored, et, and can't find it. This is probably because you forgot where you left it. Retrace your steps, and if you still can't find it, you probably have just forgotten something you did right after you left it. Check every possible place on the shore and you should find it.
3. For one person, the canoe did disappear. He shut down the game, reopened it, and the canoe was back where he left it.


Q: Is there a Shovel? (KTC)
A: No Shovel.


Q: What does 'Spirit Shield' do? (tiniponi)
A:Some of us think it protects against Magic spells, but we aren't sure.

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