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Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions, World Maps, Goodie Caves, a Mirror Mansion guide, a Spell Guide, a Party members guide, Battle strategies, where to find rest, where to find shops and much, much more!

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How to gain Party Members

Storyline - The character will be encountered in the game
Optional - The character can be acquired by doing certain actions and quest in the game.

Ean (Storyline) - Starting of the Game, Shapeshifter Class:
The main character, automatically available in the party

Iya (Storyline) - Elfwoods/Snow Queen's Castle, Singer Class:
She'll join Ean on the quest to get Honeycomb, but afterwards she will left the party and end up at the Snow Queen's Castle (Sheanlir). After going to Thais to warn the King and Queen but too late, return to Shaenlir. The ball should start when you return to the castle, talk to Iya and get the mirror on the next room to make her believe the evil plots of the Snow Queen. When she realized, she will join the party

Rye (Storyline) - Ryva, Hunter Class:
On your first visit to Shaenlir Castle, you will found Iya there but she didn't trust you. Afterwards, you will have to go to Thais but theres a boulder in the middle. Go back to Ryva and talk to Rye, he will offer to go with you to Thais. This is compulsory since you will need Rye's dynamite to destroy the boulder blocking your way to Thais

Ava One Eye (Storyline) - Seri, Pirate Class:
When you are told by Uthar to go to Seri. Travel through Graystone Pass East of Thais and through the Seri Desert to reach Seri. Head to the bar South of the city and talk to the person with purple hair and an eye patch (Ava), she will ask you to enter the basement of the bar and talks about ship and afterward she will left. Gather anchor, sail and dynamite, then head to Southeast of Seri Desert (Near a beach, theres a cave above). Give Ava the items to fix the ship, after setting up everything she will offer to join your party (compulsory)

Emma (Optional) - Candar, Swordmistress Class:
When the bridge North of Thais was fixed, use the bridge to head to Candar. In Candar, head Northwest of the city and enter a big house, Emma will be there (As the maid). Talk to her and she will talk about being a sword mistress, pay 500 gold for her enrollment in Thais Castle's Academy. She will left the house and head to Thais. Return to Thais castle and enter the right door, she will be walking around at the duel room. Talk to her and she will say that she had just graduated and offer to join your party. Not compulsory but she is the only one who can wield Thor (Not Ava)

Jack (Optional) - Thais, Thief Class:
Must have completed a quest at Bogwood.
Must have get the quest at Thais' sewer
In Bogwood, talk to the witch near the entrance just around The Mara's home. She will ask if you can get a toad full of warts for her. Go to Toadstump Marsh to look for a toad (Should be at the upper right corner of the map). Return to Bogwood and gave the witch the toad and she will hand you a Softening Cream. Return to Thais' Sewer and use the cream on the statue there (Jack). He will restore to normal and runs away, afterwards he will end up at the jail near the castle (Guess). Talk to him, then talk to the guard and pay him 200 gold to release Jack. Afterwards, he offer to join your party. Not compulsory but he can steal extra goods for you during battle.

Nicolas/Gavin (Optional) - Nicolas (Thais Castle), Gavin (Bogwood), White Mage Class(Nicolas), Warlock Class(Gavin):
This two is a tricky one. You can ONLY have either Nicolas or Gavin in the party.
After getting a quest to head to Seri and talk to Ava. Go up the left side of the castle and go to the bottom left corner of the room. Talk to Nicolas and he will offer to join your party.
For Gavin, head to Bogwood at the Actor Guild Hall (Southeast of Bogwood). Enter and you will find Gavin there. He said that he is tired of the witches surrounding him and offer to go with you.
Now the problem is, Nicolas doesn't like Gavin. If you take Gavin with you, Nicolas will leave and return to Thais. When you have Gavin in the party and you invite Nicolas, Nicolas will say that he doesn't want Gavin to be in the party with him. Both are not compulsory but Nicolas can heal and support the party while Gavin can use Offense and Status Magic.


How many members can I take at one time?
In Aveyond 2, there are 8 playable members and you can only have 7 in your party at most (Because of Nicolas and Gavin issue)

When can I get Emma?
As long as you can go to Candar (At the time where you need to deliver the letter). Just follow the instructions above to get Emma.

Where can I get Sunshine for Nicolas, which is one of the White Magic he can learn?
It can be bought at the store in Happily Ever After

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