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Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions, World Maps, Goodie Caves, a Mirror Mansion guide, a Spell Guide, a Party members guide, Battle strategies, where to find rest, where to find shops and much, much more!

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NOTE: Many places will be visited a number of times, so questions may not be pertinent until you return to an area one or more times.


Q: How can I get past the boulder to reach Thais? (whisperingmist, tiniponi)
A1: When Rye joins your party, he will automatically bring a stick of dynamite.
A2: You will need to recruit Rye into your party, but in order to do so you will first need to find the Snow Queen and warn Iya about the Snow Queen's plan.

Q: I have my canoe, but the first location I come to I can't enter. Where do I go? (shaz)
A: The first location is the entrance to the underworld, which is almost the last location on the Mainland that you'll go to. Ignore that one and go to the next spot - Woodlands.

ELFWOOD, The Vale: Oldwoods, Hive

Q: Are the Queen Bee and the two bees guarding her supposed to leave corpses & loot? (tiniponi)
A: No, they escape rather than die.

RAVENWOOD, Shadow Woods, Beast Lair, Woodsman’s Cabin

Q: Where is my canoe after I receive it? (tiniponi)
A: When you return to the World Map after receiving the canoe, you will see it floating on the river.

Q: How do I kill the beast in the Shadow Woods? (shaz)
A: You can't kill it - it'll get you every time. Talk to the woodsman, who will prepare a trap, then use his trap to capture it.

Q: In the Beast Lair, how do you get rid of the boulder blocking the path between the beast and the trap? (phoenixgirl)
A: Walk to the upper level where there is another boulder and push it to the left so that it falls on top of the boulder blocking the path.

Q: How can I restore the Beast to human form? (tiniponi)
1. Take thistleroot and a hair from the beast to the Alchemist in Happily Ever After. She will make an Antiwere Potion for you.
2. Pour the Antiwere potion over the beast in the cage in Ravenwood.

Q: Where can I find Thistleroot? (tiniponi)
A: In the Wildwoods (near Ryva), head north to the damp patch of earth near the western waterfall. When the 'get Thistle root' quest has been triggered, you will find it there.

Underworld Entrance

Q: How can I get past the Specter in the Underworld Entrance? (tiniponi, whisperingmist)
A: Far into the game, you will be able to obtain a Death Certificate. Until you get it, you can't enter the Underworld, so just remember where the Underworld Entrance is, for later.

Q: Where can I get a Death Certificate? (tiniponi)
A: In Ryva, while Great Grandma Nora's family is at her funeral

RYVA, The Woodlands

Q: What is the purpose of the damp patch of earth near the northwestern waterfall in the Woodlands? (shaz, tiniponi)
A: When you get a quest to find Thistleroot, you will find it here.

Q: What grows in the clump of earth above Ryva? (thistleroot)
A: That's where you'll find thistleroot later in the game

SHAENLIR, Spire Mountains, Ice Cavern (part1), Shaenlir Sewers, Wyvern Pass

Q: How do I get into Shaenlir Castle? (shaz)
A: If this is the first time you have visited Shaenlir, look in the house to the left of the inn, to find some servant's clothing. Choose it from the Items menu to make Ean put it on, then you can enter the castle through the side door.

Q: Do I need to get all blessings to fight the Snow Queen? (shaz)
A: No - one of the blessings is FROM Ishtar, the Snow Queen. Once you have the remaining five, it's time to think about heading back to Shaenlir (suitably equipped and leveled!)

THAIS, Green Weed Plains

Q: How do I get/rescue Jack? (shaz)
A: free him from his statue curse using a softening cream (from Bogwood) - afterwards go look for him in the Thais jail

Q: Are the two other people in Thais jail of any importance? (shaz)
A: No - the only person you're interested in there is Jack

Q: What do I do after I warn the king and queen of Thais and they don't believe me? I can't seem to go any further. (shaz)
A: Go back to Thais Castle again - they will have ignored your warning and gone to the Ice Ball. You will get more direction then

Q: I need a squirrel to operate the re-built Weapon (Thais) .. where can I find one? (shaz)
A: Two Moons Plains, in the Land of the Dead

Q: After getting the Squirrel Commander and returning to Thais Castle with him, Prince Uthar is no longer in the Throne Room. Where is he? (tiniponi)
A: He is in one of the rooms in the Castle, with the newly-made weapon.

CANDAR, Brightwood Forest, Grimm’s Farm

Q: How can I get a kitten (or other pets)? (tiniponi)
A: You must own Grimm's Farm

Q: What are the benefits of buying Grimm's farm? (tiniponi)
A: A number of things:
1. You can have various animals
2. You can get eggs if you have a chicken
3. You can get milk if you have a cow
4. You can rest free of charge
5. You can talk to other party members while in the farmhouse (changing the leader may change conversations)

Q. What animals can you collect for your farm, and where can I get them? (tiniponi)
A: All of the following:
1: Kitten (Candar)
2. Cow (Ryva)
3. Chickens (Ryva)
4: Goat (Happily Ever After)
5. Salamander (Seri Desert)
6. Evil Ox - Two Moons Plain(thanks, KTC & shaz, for the correction and added info! )

Q: How do I get Emma? (shaz)
A: offer to pay for her tuition at the Thais School of War and Magic. Later (when you have a ship) you can go back, and if she's finished her training she will offer to join you

Q: What is the sphere on a pedestal, and how can I get it? (tiniponi)
A: It is the Phoenix Sphere, and is Iya’s most powerful sphere. You must have at least 10 Karma points (from making donations and/or completing one or two quests) to be able to take it.

Q: Can I still get the Phoenix Sphere if I stole from a donation box? (shaz)
A: If you have stolen from ONE donation box, then you can get a maximum 8 karma points (+9 for donations, -1 for stealing). There are two tasks you can perform to redeem yourself and get those remaining two points. Restore the beast in Ravenwood to human form, and give Great Grandma Nora her love letter which will restore her youth and reunite her with her lost love.

Q: How do I get Ivanna's manuscript back? Beatrice tells me not to touch it (shaz)
A: Leave Candar, and when you return Beatrice will be out in public signing her new book. You can slip into her house while she's out

Q: Where do I get a love sonnet? (KTC)
A: You need to save a girl from a bad marriage in Seri.

Graystone Pass, Graystone Caves (between Thais, Bogwood, and Seri)

Q: Why is there a Giant Chicken or Giant Chicken Egg in Graystone Pass? (shaz)
A: The chicken, and the egg it's sitting on, will come into play later in the game. For now you can just ignore it.

Q: Ok, found this exotic..thing. Now how do I reach the Giant Chicken Egg? (KTC)
A: There's a girl in Seri who sells ropes.

Q: How can I get past the blockage at the entrance to Graystone Pass? (tiniponi)
A: Use the dynamite found in a crate in the Shaenlir sewers while escaping with Iya.

Q: How do I get through Graystone Pass? (KTC)
A: See the mini-guide here: Graystone Pass
Go through the cave marked "1"
Graystone Caves < click link
Go toward exit marked "5"

BOGWOOD, Toadstump Marsh

Q: How do I get to Bogwood? (shaz)
A: Go into Graystone Pass and follow the cliff along the bottom of the map - there'll be an exit there to Toadstump Marsh which will take you to Bogwood

Q: What is the Softening Cream for? (tiniponi)
A: You can use it on Jack’s stone statue in the Thais sewers to return him to flesh

Q: Heptitus just tells me to go away - she won't ask me to help her join the Actor's Guild (shaz)
A: You need to read the sign in front of her house

SERI, Seri Desert, Pirates Cave, Tournament

Q: How do I get to Seri? (KTC)
A: Go through Graystone Pass/Cave
World Map
It's east of Thais.

Q: How much time must elapse between rounds of the Tournament? (tiniponi)
A: 45 minutes of actual playing time

Q: What are the rewards Emma receives for winning tournament rounds? (tiniponi. whisperingmist)
A: the rewards are bands she can equip, each with different stat bonuses, as follows:
1. Yellow band: agility +5
2. Red Band: agility +10
3. Blue Band: agility +15 (I didn't receive this one, but at least one person did)
3. Green Band: agility +20
4. Gold Band: Magic Defense +30 and agility +25 (She is also promoted to Sword Master.)

Q: Where do I go after getting the pirate ship? (shaz, tiniponi)
A1: Head east to find the Land of the Lost first
A2. You can explore the other islands before going to the Land of the Lost. However, please note: At one time, it was mandatory to go there (to Dead Man’s Canyon – the only place on the island accessible by ship) at some time before getting a dragon. It may or may not still be that way. It’s up to you which way you want to approach this. 1

Q: What do I do with the bean seeds? (shaz)
A: You can swap the bean seeds for a goat (in Happily Ever After) to keep on Grimm's Farm if you buy it. (There's no beanstalk to climb in AV2. )

Q: Where can I find an anchor, dynalite, and sails for One-Eye Ava in the Pirate’s Cave? (tiniponi)
anchor – in a chest south-southwest of the cave
sails – buy from sail merchant in Seri marketplace
dynamite – in a chest in the storeroom north of the castle in Seri

Q: When I complete the hermit lady's quest in Seri Desert, sometimes I get a salamander as a reward and other times, I get golden salamander armor as a reward. Why is this? (phoenixgirl)
A: Getting one or the other as a reward is entirely random.

Q: Will the salamander ever lay another egg? tiniponi
A: No. If you particularly want either the armor or the salamander, save before you talk to Sabriyya to get your ‘reward’. You may be able to eventually get the armor, if that’s what you want.

Q: In Seri, I can choose to buy Imperial or Pirate sails - does it matter which ones I get? (shaz)
A: no - there seems to be no difference in the plot

Q: What do I get if I save Rasmen from the thugs? (shaz)
A: he will give you a packet of bean seeds, which you can use later in the game

Q: What is exotic?! (KTC)
A: Something that is huge, located in a nest, and makes a lovely omelet.

VERASHEMA, Shivendale Woods, Jewel Mine, Mini-Dwarf Lair, Stardale Glen

Q: Why can’t I get to one of the chests in Shivendale Woods? (tiniponi)
A: You have to go through the Jewel mines to get to that clearing. Search the mines carefully … there is an exit to the World Map in it (look for the bright white cave entrance).

HAPPILY EVER AFTER, The Mists, Dogwart Plains, Mirror Mansion, Widow’s Cave, Fairy Tale Forest

Q: Where is Aveyond? (shaz)
A: You have to find a guide. Head to The Mists (lowest continent, westmost cave) to start, but there will be some mysteries you'll have to solve before you meet your guide

Q: How can I get past the troll guarding the bridge in Dogwart Plains? (shaz)
A: only the North Wind is strong enough to blow him away

Q: What will I find if I can get past the troll guarding the bridge? (tiniponi)
A: The tailor’s kit Doyle (Happily Ever After) needs

Q: I need the North Wind to move the troll, but I am supposed to give it to Obert. Which do I do first? (shaz)
A: This is one place where you have to choose. Either choice will potentially leave you with an unfinished quest in your journal. Neither are necessary to the plot.

Q: What do I get if I use the North Wind on the troll, and if I give it to Obert? (shaz)
A: If you use it on the troll you will find a tailor's kit that someone is looking for (he will give you a choice of two items that will help you during the rest of the game). If you give it to Obert you will receive the North Wind spell which Gavin can learn.

Q: The Alchemist in Happily Ever After says to come back if I ever want a potion made. Do I need to get her to make a potion? (shaz)
A: This is linked to a side quest - talk to Gulliver in Ravenwood after he leaves Verashema and he will give you a use for a potion

Q: What kind of potion can the Alchemist in Happily Ever After make for me? (tiniponi)
A: Antiwere (requires Thistleroot (The Woodlands) plus a hair from the Beast ( Ravenwood)

Q: Where can I find a wife for the warthog? (shaz)
A: Only witches are interested in having ugly husbands

Q: How do I get the witch in Fairytale Forest to leave her house? (shaz)
A: She will leave after you have found the guide/guardian to Aveyond

BRIMSTONE VILLAGE, Fire Rock (Volcano), Brimstone Underpass

Q: How do I kill those firebirds?! (KTC, Indigo)
A1: Be at least level 50. Use Nicolas's lullaby attack to put the birds to sleep. Then whack them with weapons/spells. Do NOT use Phoenix Sphere unless you're in the 2nd level for spells. The key thing is to keep those birds sleeping.
Another way is to use Chicken Curse Spell since it will immobilize the birds. When in doubt: trust the chicken curse or run. (literally)
A2: Blizzard scrolls that can be bought in Happily Ever after are very useful against them, more than other spells I was using. The spell attacks the whole party and the damage it causes to each of them is 1000+ so it's really worth to buy a huge stock of these scrolls in HEA before going to Brimstone underpass and use them.

EREDAR, Land of the Lost, Littlerock Plains, Mount Siren, Old Ways, Hidden Library, Dead Mans Canyon

Q: Is there any way to get through the blocked cave in Dead Man's Canyon? (tiniponi)
A: No ... you must enter Old Ways from another direction.

White Pass, Ice Cavern (part2)

Q: What do I use to capture the North Wind? (shaz)
A: If you completed a quest for the black widow in Fairytale Forest, you will have an empty bottle. You can catch the North Wind in that

CASKET HILL, Land of the Dead (from Underworld Entrance),
Cursed Woods, Two Moon Plains, Squirrel Hideout, Cliffs of Remembrance

Q: How can I make Haliburt recognize Great Grandma Nora? OR How can I make Great Grandma Nora young again? (tiniponi)
A: Get Haliburt's love letter to her from the drawer in her house in Ryva, after she asks you to do so. Give it to her, and watch the magic happen.

Q: How can I get the Lord of Souls to restore the Squirrel Commander’s soul to him? (tiniponi)
A: Bring him a memory of his mother.

Q: Where can I find or how can I get a memory of the Lord of Soul's mother? (tiniponi)
A: Find a rose on the Cliffs of Remembrance.

Q: How do I kill the Vampire Bats and Ghosts? (ktc)
A: Vampire Bats are weak to Melee attacks. Spheres have NO effects on them so DON'T use them.
Ghosts are weak to magic attacks. Melee attacks are mostly ineffective against them.
Again, Chicken Curse is very effective in these situations. When in doubt: trust the chicken curse or run. (literally)

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