Wanderland: Chapter Two: Tower Entrance

Our Wanderland Walkthrough is a play along guide where we share tips, tricks, and advice on this free-to-play hidden object game where you must repair the broken portals in order to restore the fairy tales we know and love.

Venus Head Quest

Venus Head Quest

  • Click on the end of the chain and the prince will offer you a quest to find the Spike Weight that goes at the end of the chain. 
  • Accept the quest. 
  • Go back one screen and then click on the dwarf to talk to him. 


Hammer for a Weight Quest

Hammer for a Weight

  • The Dwarf will help make a spike weight for you but he needs a hammer first. 
  • Accept the quest and then search the Huntsman's House again for the item. 
  • Find the items on your list and you will receive the Rune Hammer. 
  • Return to the Dwarf to get your reward of a Spike Weight. 
  • Go back through the portal.


Spike Weight

  • Use the Spike Weight on the end of the chain. 
  • Click to zoom in on the sparkle area. 


Do Gargoyles Eat Coal Quest

Gargoyles Eat Coal

  • The prince will give you another quest. 
  • Accept the quest and return to the dwarf. 


Dragon's Coal Quest

Dragons Coal Quest

  • The dwarf gives you a quest to find a spade so he can get you dragon's coal. 
  • Accept the quest and then go to the Green Swamp to play an HOG. You'll need to unlock it first with gold. 
  • Find the items on the list and you will rewarded with a Spade.
  • Return to the dwarf to complete the quest and get the Dragon's Coal. 
  • Go back through the Tower Portal. 
  • Click to zoom in on the brazier. 
  • Use the coal on the brazier. 
  • The prince will then give you another quest. 


Fire for the Stone Quest

Fire Stone Quest

  • The prince will tell you that you need to find a Flint stone in order to light the brazier. 
  • Go back one screen and you'll see Father Fernando walking around with a question mark over his head. 
  • Click on him to talk to him


By Flint and Steel Quest

Flint and Steel

  • The monk wants you to find him an Ax in return for the flint. 
  • Accept the quest and go play the HOG scene in the Huntsman House.
  • Find the items on the list to receive your reward of an Ax. 
  • Return to the monk and he will give you the flint stone.
  • Go through the Tower portal and click on the brazier. 
  • Use the Flint Stone on the coal to light it. 
  • Go forward to the Tower.