Wanderland: Chapter One: Fixing the First Portal

Our Wanderland Walkthrough is a play along guide where we share tips, tricks, and advice on this free-to-play hidden object game where you must repair the broken portals in order to restore the fairy tales we know and love.

Portal Gem Quest

Portal Gem Quest

  • Enter the Portal and inspect the central part of the portal to see that the gem is missing.
  • Accept Candice's Quest to Find and Place the Portal Gem. 
  • Go talk to the Dwarf


The Rune Stone Quest

Rune Stone Quest

  • He will agree to help you if you find him a Pickax. 
  • Accept the quest and then go to the Huntsman's House to search an HOG scene.
  • Search through the scene and you will receive the Pickax
  • Return to the Dwarf to give him the pickax. 
  • He will reward you with the Gem. 
  • Go to the portal.
  • Use the gem on the portal.
  • You'll have to play a mini-game to restore the portal. 


Restoring the Portal

First Portal

  • Simply move the fragments and place them in the right order to restore the image. 
  • Enter the portal.