Twisted Lands: Origin: Chapter 2: The Town

Our Twisted Lands Origin Walkthrough will guide you through this stunning prequel to the Twisted games. Join the detective as your search for the missing Theresa, the daughter of your friend, quickly goes from bad to worse. We've made sure to include tons of screenshots with key areas and items marked clearly as well as step-by-step instructions on what to do from the moment you find yourself seasick and stuck by yourself on a ship being tossed by the elements off the shore of the island of Tormente.


  • Proceed two steps through the town to the square where the cat is awaiting you.
  • Zoom into the sparking window in the background to initiate the next HOA puzzle.


  • Find the items listed.
  • Receive the GRAPPLING HOOK.


  • Zoom into the bulletin board and read the three notes.
  • Look at the bin and the note.
  • Go left to reach Main Street.


  • Zoom into the easel.
  • Zoom into the baby carriage.
  • Look at the note.
  • Zoom into the window.
  • Take the SLINGSHOT.
  • Go towards the gate.


  • Talk to the monk, then read the paper on the nearby stand.
  • Zoom into the well.
  • Click the wheel to drop the bucket.
  • Retrieve the BUCKET from the well with the GRAPPLING HOOK.
  • Click down.
  • Dip the BUCKET in the fountain to get the BUCKET OF WATER. 


  • Go back one step further and use the SLINGSHOT on the lamp.
  • Zoom into the grate.
  • Take the SMALL SHIP.
  • Note the hair clip in the grate.
  • Could someone PLEASE kill that mewling cat!
  • Return to the area by the church.


  • Douse the fire with the BUCKET OF WATER. Zoom into the well.
  • Put the SHIP in the niche on the box.
  • Take the DRAWER KNOB and COIN inside.
  • Click down four times to return back over the bridge by the old woman.


  • Zoom into the drawer.
  • Put the DRAWER KNOB into the hole and push in the screws (okay, where’s the mystery screw driver I just used?)
  • Open the drawer.
  • Take the HACKSAW.
  • Read through the journal inside.
  • Return to Main Street.

Phone Booth

  • Zoom into the phone booth.
  • Cut the chain with the HACKSAW.
  • Take the GLUE. Zoom into the purse.
  • Spray it with the BUG SPRAY.
  • Open the purse.
  • Take the LIGHT BULB and CHURCH.
  • Place the CHURCH on the board and exit back out. 
  • Zoom into the window.
  • GLUE the broken planet.
  • Take the PLANET.
  • Return to the church area and go towards the door on the left.
  • Go through the window to the schoolhouse.

School Room

  • Insert the LIGHT BULB in the lamp.
  • Place the PLANET on the solar system.
  • Take the CROWN.
  • Return all the way back to the dock – after getting another ear bashing from the pesky monk – and approach the boat again to play another HOA puzzle.

Boat Hidden Object

  • Find the items listed.
  • Receive the MONK.
  • When finished, go left towards the statues.


  • Zoom into the statues.
  • Put the CROWN on the king’s head.
  • Take the HEART.
  • Return to the elevator.


  • Zoom into the wheelbarrow.
  • Place the HEART on the box.
  • Take the TRUCK KEY.
  • Zoom into the picture.
  • Return to the police station exterior – dying of exhaustion yet?


  • Zoom into the truck.
  • Open it with the TRUCK KEY.
  • Take the FEATHER lying on the floor.
  • Insert the TRUCK KEY in the ignition and turn it.
  • Will someone PLEASE kill the cat!
  • Return to the schoolhouse.

School House

  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Place the FEATHER in the slot.
  • Take the PACIFIER and COIN.
  • Zoom into the two notes and the book.


  • Click down three times to return to Main Street.
  • Zoom into the baby carriage.
  • Place the PACIFIER in the baby’s mouth.
  • Take the SCISSORS inside the baby!
  • Either this kid has serious health issues, or it’s not real!


  • Return to the truck.
  • Snip the ribbon on the package with the SCISSORS.
  • Take the second PLANET and 2 COINS.
  • Read the note.

School House

  • Return to the schoolhouse.
  • Place the second PLANET in the solar system.
  • Zoom into the golden planet.
  • Take the COIN and the CARTRIDGES.
  • Click down six times.

Gas 1

  • Talk to the woman.
  • Purchase GASOLINE for 5 COINS.
  • Return to the police station exterior.


  • Pour the GASOLINE in the gas tank and start the truck up.
  • Enter the police station after the truck plows through the wall – exactly how many years are you going to get for demolishing a cop shop?


  • Take the SCREWDRIVER on the rubble to the left.
  • Return to Main Street.


  • Zoom into the phone booth.
  • Zoom into the phone.
  • Unscrew the screw with the SCREWDRIVER.
  • Take the CRESCENT MOON and the COIN.
  • Return to the church area.