Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death: Chapter Six: Meeting the Prince of Darkness

Our Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Walkthrough will help strengthen your resolve as you delve deeper into this nightmare in order to rescue your fiancé. Face down this terrible creature that feeds off human suffering and use our easy-to-understand instructions, detailed screenshots, and puzzle solutions to free its victims from its terrifying torment.


  • Collect the parchment.
  • Collect the 33rd beyond object.
  • Move to the garden.



  • Collect the blood filled dagger from the boatman.
  • Zoom into the cache.



  • Put the parchment onto the stone image; use the pencil to collect the final instructions.
  • Move to the office.



  • Attach the final instructions to the torn parchment.
  • Insert the blood filled dagger into the heart.
  • Click the hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the jar.



  • Collect the portrait of Dr. Morbile.
  • Put the ring near the vials.
  • Use the ring to find Mark’s soul.



  • Insert the portrait of Dr. Morbile into the frame.
  • Collect the rune.
  • Move to the cellar.



  • Fill the jar with acid; collect the acid.
  • Move to the altar.


Object 34

  • Collect the 34th beyond object.
  • Throw the goblet of water into the fire pit.



  • Douse the roots using the acid.
  • Collect the rune.
  • Click the levers to lower Mark’s body.



  • Collect the rune from Mark’s hand.
  • Place Mark’s soul into the metal vest Mark is wearing.
  • Insert the runes into the locks.

Congratulations! You have completed Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death!