Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death: Chapter One: Welcome to Sacra Terra Island

Our Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Walkthrough will help strengthen your resolve as you delve deeper into this nightmare in order to rescue your fiancé. Face down this terrible creature that feeds off human suffering and use our easy-to-understand instructions, detailed screenshots, and puzzle solutions to free its victims from its terrifying torment.


  • Zoom into the table; collect the knife.
  • Pry the lock part from the wall using the knife.
  • Insert the lock part into the book.
  • Move to the living room.


  • Click the room divider; collect the umbrella.
  • Zoom into the purse; collect the tweezers.
  • Go to the deck.


  • Knock the 2nd lock part using the umbrella.
  • Collect the 3rd lock part using the tweezers on the hole in the floor.
  • Insert the lock parts into the book.


  • Collect the 1st beyond object.
  • Collect the map on the metal skull.
  • Collect the metal skull.
  • Collect the slingshot.
  • Move to the castle entrance.

Object 2

  • Collect the 2nd beyond object.
  • Collect the paper clip.
  • Collect the green ball.
  • Collect the ring.
  • Go to the dock.


  • Open the tackle box using the paperclip.
  • Collect the machete.
  • Move to the castle entrance.


  • Open the gate using the machete.
  • Go into the garden.

Object 3

  • Collect the 3rd beyond object.
  • Collect the token.
  • Collect the 1/2 of a gem.
  • Shoot the crow with the slingshot.
  • Collect the red ball.
  • Go to the castle entrance.


  • Insert the balls into the castle door.
  • Move the balls to the matching slots.
  • Go into the castle foyer.

Object 4

  • Collect the 4th beyond object.
  • Collect the spear.
  • Collect the metal skull.
  • Insert the ½ of a gem into the door lock at the top of the stairs.
  • Move to the castle entrance.


  • Raise the statue using the spear.
  • Collect the fuse.
  • Move to the dock.


  • Insert the fuse into the lamppost.
  • Click the case on the bench.
  • Collect the elixir.
  • Collect the token on the bas-relief.
  • Click the shed to access a hidden objects area.


  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the metal skull.
  • Move to the garden.


  • Pour the elixir onto the sprout.
  • Collect the stone book.
  • Move to the castle foyer.

Stone Book

  • Insert the stone book onto the hands of the mermaid statue.

Mini-game 1

  • Find the matching icons.

Magic Book

  • Collect the magic book.
  • Collect the ½ of a gem from the statues mouth.
  • Insert the ½ of a gem into the door lock at the top of the stairs.
  • Go into the library.

Object 5

  • Collect the 5th beyond object.
  • Collect the metal skull.
  • Put the magic book onto the pedestal.
  • Click the winch on the left; collect the screwdriver.
  • Collect the mask on the floor.
  • Collect the hammer on the bookshelf.
  • Click the ladder top to access a hidden objects area.


  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the winch handle.
  • Move to the dock.


  • Zoom into the winch.
  • Put the winch handle onto the winch.
  • Click the handle; collect the spider gem.
  • Move to the library.


  • Put the spider gem into the claw.
  • Insert the metal skulls into the hands coming out of the portal.
  • Make sure to color match the hands and skulls.
  • Move through the portal.

Object 6

  • Collect the 6th beyond object.
  • Collect the pile of books.
  • Move to the library.


  • Put the pile of books onto the bookshelf.
  • Move the books around to create an image.
  • Go into the meeting hall.

Object 7

  • Collect the 7th beyond object.
  • Zoom into the table; collect the portal key.
  • Move to the portals.


  • Zoom into the mechanism; insert the portal key.
  • Move into the portal.