Sable Maze: Norwich Caves: Chapter Eight: Hello Buildson

Our Sable Maze Norwich Caves Walkthrough will be your personal guide as you navigate the treacherous twists and turns found deep in the underground caverns beneath the university. Rely on our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions to help you locate the missing students and escape the labyrinth before the swiftly rising waters spell your doom.

Door Puzzle

  • Zoom into the door and insert the tile to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by guiding the snake tile to the winged rod.
  • Use the following sequence of movement to solve the puzzle.
  • E – F – G: down
  • G: up and left
  • E – D – B: right
  • D – C – A: left and up
  • Enter the doorway.
  • Click the bookcase to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the bat and place it onto the pedestal.
  • Select the other bat and place it onto the pedestal also.
  • Click the torn poster to uncover the lizard tail and attach it to the lizard skeleton.
  • Select the frog and place it onto the pedestal, the grate will open and reveal a skeleton.
  • Select the femur and use it to smash the glass jar; collect the eye and insert it into the skeleton.
  • Click the lizard claw and collect the eye; insert it into the skeleton to reveal the ticket.
  • Collect the ticket.



  • Zoom into the gurney; click the sheet.
  • Attach the defibrillator onto the dummy and click it; collect the respirator.
  • Zoom into the box; click the camera and collect the sleeve.
  • Move down once.



  • Zoom into the door lock.
  • Insert the ticket into the slot.
  • Enter the doorway.



  • Zoom into the glass case.
  • Insert the stone book into the holder.
  • Click the back wall and collect the flowers and the tube.
  • Move to the Auditorium.
  • Click the bookcase to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the flower bud and place it onto the flower base; collect the Neanderthal.
  • Place the Neanderthal onto the pedestal and uncover the bullet.
  • Select the scalpel and use it to remove the gunpowder from the bullet.
  • Place the gunpowder onto the tray.
  • Select the candle and use it to ignite the gunpowder.
  • Collect the fountain model.
  • Move to the History Exhibit.


Fountain Model

  • Attach the fountain model onto the base.
  • Collect the mask part and the tile.
  • Move to the Laboratory.



  • Zoom into the counter.
  • Place the bent spade into the vise and collect the spade.
  • Move to the Auditorium.



  • Zoom into the box and insert the tile.
  • Collect the tweezers.
  • Move to Smith Hall.



  • Zoom into the flower.
  • Select the spade to dig the dirt and collect the 1 / 2 lenses.
  • Zoom into the display and insert the flowers to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by placing the flowers into the correct areas.
  • Collect the test tubes.
  • Move to the left.



  • Zoom into the lockers.
  • Select the tweezers to collect the valve.
  • Move to the Medical Wing.



  • Zoom into the feeder.
  • Attach the valve and click it once.
  • Collect the 2 / 2 lenses.
  • Move to the Laboratory.


Mask Part

  • Zoom into the table.
  • Insert the mask into the outline.
  • Place down the 2 lenses, respirator and scrunchy.
  • Collect the mask.
  • Place the mask onto the girl.
  • Zoom into the chemicals.
  • Put the test tubes onto the shelf and the tube beneath the arrows.
  • Click each of the arrows; collect the chemicals.
  • Put the chemicals onto the table.
  • Add them to the beaker in the following order:
  • Yellow – blue – red – purple
  • Collect the puzzle key.
  • Move to the History Exhibit.


Lock Game

  • Zoom into the lock and insert the puzzle key to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving the symbols over their matching areas.
  • Collect the ornate tile.
  • Move to the Labyrinth.



  • Zoom into the gate; insert the ornate tile.
  • Enter the labyrinth.
  • Move ahead, then right then left.



  • Zoom into the ladder.
  • Place the sleeve onto the ladder; collect it.
  • Place the diamond ring onto the crystal to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by cutting all the lines but without repeating any lines.
  • Use the following sequence to solve:
  • C – B – A – F – B – G – F – K – L – Q – K – P – Q – R – S – T – O – S- N – O – J – E – D – J – I – N – M – H – I – D- C – H – G – L – M – R
  • Place the ladder into the well; collect the smelling salts.
  • Move through the passage way.
  • Click anywhere.



  • Zoom into the professor.
  • Select the smelling salts and use it on the professor.
  • Collect the stick.
  • Place the star map onto the pool.
  • Select the stick to click the stars as shown on the map.



  • Click the medical emblem to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the tiles to create the image to solve the puzzle.
  • Click the lower left emblem to trigger a puzzle.



  • Recreate the image by rotating the disks to solve the puzzle.
  • Click the upper right emblem to trigger a puzzle.



  • Solve the puzzle by finding the matching pairs.
  • Click the lower right emblem to trigger a puzzle.



  • Solve the puzzle by assembling the pieces to recreate the image.



  • Congratulations! You have freed the students and successfully completed the main game of Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Collector’s Edition