Sable Maze: Norwich Caves: Chapter Six: The Observatory

Our Sable Maze Norwich Caves Walkthrough will be your personal guide as you navigate the treacherous twists and turns found deep in the underground caverns beneath the university. Rely on our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions to help you locate the missing students and escape the labyrinth before the swiftly rising waters spell your doom.


  • Click the desk to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the spiral tube and insert it into the missing area then click the valve.
  • Select the tweezers and use them to collect the magnet.
  • Select the magnet to remove the metal and collect the lever.
  • Insert the lever into the panel and click the all the levers down.
  • Select the nippers and use them to collect the wire.
  • Select the wire and insert it into the key mold; collect the key.
  • Select the key and insert it into the drawer to reveal the medallion.
  • Collect the 1 / 2 medallions.



  • Zoom into the balls.
  • Select the throwing star to use on the balls; collect the button.
  • Select the pin to collect the 2 / 2 medallions.
  • Move to the University Radio Station.



  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Insert the medallion into the dairy cover; collect the paper and the planet tile.
  • Zoom into the controls and attach the button to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by recreating the pattern.
  • Click the buttons as follows:  B – E – D – A then A – B – C.
  • Collect the lamp.
  • Move down once.



  • Zoom into the photo booth.
  • Insert the lamp onto the “on the air” button; click the photo button.
  • Collect the star and zoom into the photos.
  • Move down once.



  • Zoom into the door.
  • Insert the star and the planet tile.
  • Enter the doorway.



  • Zoom into the chessboard; collect the 1 / 2 tiles.
  • Zoom into the frame; collect the 5/ 7 tiles.
  • Move upstairs.



  • Zoom into the stone; collect the 6 / 7 tiles.
  • Zoom into the door; collect the string.
  • Move upstairs.



  • Click the bookcase to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the arrow and insert it into the compass then click it to reveal the weights.
  • Select the weights and place them onto the scale to reveal the round knob.
  • Place the round knob onto the missing space to reveal the books; collect the book and reveal the missing maze piece.
  • Insert the maze key and align the rings to uncover the crystal.
  • Select the crystal and place it into the mortar; use the pestle to crush it and create the sand and then click the bag.
  • Pour the sand into the bag to create the bag with sand.
  • Collect the sand.