PuppetShow: Destiny Undone: Chapter Seven: The End

Rely on our PuppetShow Destiny Undone Walkthrough during your investigation of the missing Master of Puppets. Consult our expert instructions, custom screenshots, and detailed solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter during gameplay in order to track down the Master of Puppets and save him from his ultimate destiny.


  • Click the mechanical girl.
  • Click the steps; collect the jewel and the syringe part.
  • Move up the steps.



  • Click the steps; collect the puppet.
  • Click the winged predators; insert the 2 red jewels to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Attach the head and the arm onto the body; collect the big doll.
  • Click the board; collect the pear and the article “the.”
  • Click the object in the trolley; collect the monocle.
  • Collect the handle.
  • Move down one time.



  • Click the axe head; attach the handle.
  • Collect the pickaxe.
  • Move up the steps.


Pick axe

  • Click the steps; use the pickaxe on them.
  • Collect the 2 / 2 barrels.
  • Move down one time.


Barrel Puzzle

  • Click the chest.
  • Insert the 2 barrels to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the 4 round mini-game by guiding the seaman to move the barrels to the red spots.
  • Collect the bottle of acid.
  • Move up the stairs.



  • Click the chains.
  • Pour the bottle of acid onto the chains.
  • Play the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the board; collect the airship.
  • Click the arm; collect the cloth.
  • Click the body parts and collect the mechanical arm.
  • Click the panel then click the trolley; collect the bulb.
  • Collect the syringe part.
  • Move down one time.


Red button

  • Click the puppet.
  • Click the face and collect the red button.
  • Click the knight; click the cap and insert the 2 syringe parts.
  • Click the syringe and collect the fuel.
  • Move into the doorway to the factory.


Five Star

  • Click the door; collect the five-pointed star.
  • Click the center console and insert the five-point star.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Attach the wing to the dragonfly; collect it.
  • Click the book and collect the six-pointed star.
  • Collect the six-point star.


Six Star

  • Click the console on the left; insert the six-pointed star.
  • Move through the doorway on the left.



  • Click the shadow graph; collect the puppet.
  • Click the doll; click the head and pour in the fuel.
  • Collect the seven-pointed-star
  • Click the crate; collect the key and the hat pattern.


Parade Hat

  • Click the puppet house.
  • Click the parade hat to trigger a puzzle.
  • Assemble the hat as shown in the diagram.
  • Collect the parade hat.
  • Leave the puppet house and move down once.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Attach the wing to the skull; collect the winged skull.
  • Click the cloth; collect the spider.
  • Collect the film slide.


Seven Star

  • Click the console on the right.
  • Insert the seven-pointed star.
  • Enter the doorway on the right.



  • Click the cage; insert the key.
  • Collect the beetle.
  • Move down one time and enter the left doorway.



  • Click the shadow graph; insert the film.
  • Click the screen; collect the code.
  • Move down once and enter the door on the right.



  • Click the safe; click the handle.
  • Collect the puppet and the lever.
  • Click the mechanism; insert the lever and click it.


Device Game

  • Click the device; insert the red button and the beetle to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the arrows and buttons until the blue crystal connects with the crystal that the beetle holds.
  • Solve the puzzle using the following steps.
  • At the starting point click the left arrow button.
    • Click A: 3 x’s
    • Click B: 2 x’s
    • Click C.
    • Click the left arrow twice.
    • Click D: 2x’s
    • Click E: 3x’s
    • Click F: 2x’s
    • Click the left arrow twice.
    • Click G: 2x’s
    • Click H: 2x’s
    • Click I: 2x’s
    • Click the left arrow.
    • Click J
    • Click the left arrow
    • Click M: 3x’s
    • Click N: 2x’s
    • Click O: 2x’s
    • Click the left arrow twice.
    • Click P: 3x’s
    • Click Q: 2x’s
    • Click R: 2x’s
    • Click the left arrow.
    • Click S: 2x’s



  • Click the Master and select the puppet helper.