PuppetShow: Destiny Undone: Chapter Five: Meet Felicia

Rely on our PuppetShow Destiny Undone Walkthrough during your investigation of the missing Master of Puppets. Consult our expert instructions, custom screenshots, and detailed solutions to all the puzzles you'll encounter during gameplay in order to track down the Master of Puppets and save him from his ultimate destiny.


  • Click Felicia.
  • Select the sword and use it to cut the ropes.
  • Collect the piece of plywood.
  • Click the robot; insert the computer paper.
  • Collect the letter.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Put the head onto the doll; collect the Gemini.
  • Click the flowers; collect the fish.
  • Click the web; collect the spool.
  • Click the picture; collect the train.
  • Collect the 3 / 3 fish.



  • Click the crate and insert the 3 fish to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the lily pads as follows to solve the puzzle.
  • (E-H) (F –E) (J-C) (I-H) (D-B) (E-F) (A-G) (G-D)
  • Collect the elevator button.
  • Move down one time.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the lever and collect the guard head and the mouse.
  • Click the stage; collect the umbrella and the bow.
  • Collect the guard head.
  • Move through the door on the right.



  • Click the puppet; click the card and insert it into the slot.
  • Place the piece of plywood into the hand.
  • Insert the key into the keyhole and click it.
  • Collect the triangle and the wire beneath it.
  • Move down 2 times and go into the elevator.



  • Click the control panel.
  • Click the middle button and insert the elevator button.
  • Click the elevator buttons and go down when the elevator stops.
  • Click the hidden objects area.






  • Click the drawer; collect the hammer.
  • Hit the nails using the hammer; collect the puzzle.
  • Click the chest and lay the puzzle onto it.
  • Click the pieces to recreate the picture; collect the star.
  • Insert the star into the slot; collect the cello accessory.
  • Insert the cello accessory onto the cello; collect the fuse.
  • Insert the triangle into the slot.
  • Insert the fuse into the mechanism and collect the handle.
  • Move up the ladder.



  • Click the flowers; collect the 2/ 2 gears.
  • Click the body and attach the guard head onto it; collect the panel lamp.
  • Click the tank; collect the liquid.
  • Click the poster.
  • Attach the handle onto the panel and click it.
  • Collect the hat pattern and the library card.


Pirate Hat

  • Click the puppet house.
  • Click the pirate house to trigger a game.
  • Select the knife; click the knife on every dot.
  • Create 3 patterns.
  • Attach the skull and crossbones; collect the pirate hat.
  • Leave the puppet house.



  • Click the door on the right and insert the 2 gears to trigger a puzzle.
  • Insert the gears onto the correct pegs.
  • Enter the doorway.



  • Click the table.
  • Collect the puppet and the soldier.
  • Select the puppet helper to open the door; collect the books.
  • Move down one time and enter the door on the left.



  • Click the mechanical girl.
  • Click the table; collect the soldier.
  • Click the book; place down the liquid.
  • Click the cap and pour the liquid onto the left page.
  • Notice the equation.
  • Click the mantle and place down the 2 soldiers.
  • Move through the fireplace to enter the secret room.



  • Click the table.
  • Collect the hat pattern.
  • Click the puppet house.



  • Click the cowboy hat to trigger a puzzle.
  • Select the knife and click the dots to create the patterns.
  • Attach the belt to the hat.
  • Collect the cowboy hat.
  • Leave the puppet house.


Library Card

  • Click the table.
  • Hand the librarian the library card; collect the books.
  • Click the carpet edge; collect the control panel part.
  • Click the mobile and select the puppet helper to use on it.
  • Click the window and collect the flag and the pirate.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Click the tank.
  • Put the pirate and the flag onto the ship and collect the glass cutter part.
  • Move through the door on the left.



  • Click the table.
  • Put the glass cutter part onto the device; collect the glass cutter.
  • Move to the secret room.



  • Click the window and use the glass cutter to collect the stained glass piece.
  • Move to the watchmaker’s room.



  • Click the book and lay the 2 sets of books onto them.
  • Click the stained glass window and insert the stained glass piece.
  • Click the clock; move the hands to show 10:10.
  • Collect the piano.
  • Move down once and enter the door on the left.



  • Click the puppet and lay the piano into its lap.
  • Click the piano to trigger a puzzle.
  • To solve the puzzle use the following solutions:
  • Solution 1:
  • G – A – J – G – E
  • Solution 2:
  • E –G- J –G – E
  • Solution 3:
  • G – A – J – G – E – J- D – D –G
  • Once the puzzle is completed a hidden objects area will be triggered.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the curtains; collect the ball and giraffe.
  • Click the egg; collect the ring.
  • Click the pouch; collect the hairpin.
  • Put the lens into the glasses; collect the glasses.
  • Collect the red wire.
  • Collect the wire.
  • Move to the tram.



  • Click the puppet’s back.
  • Insert the 2 wires, the panel lamp and the control panel part.
  • Click the lever two times and leave the tram.