Grim Facade: The Cost of Jealousy: General Info and Tips

Our Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough will help you unravel this elaborate mystery brimming with intrigue, deceit, and betrayal. Rely on our trusty tips, puzzle solutions, and in-depth instructions to weave your way to the truth in this exciting whodunit hidden object adventure game.

Welcome to our Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough, where you'll find everything you'll need to solve this murder mystery case set in a sprawling estate in Spain. Filled with detailed, step-by-step instructions, insider hints, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions, you'll have no trouble getting to the bottom of this classic whodunit. Please enjoy our Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough.

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Opening Story:

In Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousyyou are called to Spain to solve a murder case. Late in the night Hugo Sanchez was murdered and his wife Gabriella calls you in to help find her husband's killer. But you soon realize that never everything is as it seems. As suspects and  motives start piling in, you'll have to use all your wits to get to the bottom of this mystery before you become the killer's next victim. Can you put together the clues in order to discover the true killer? Find out in this murderously good whodunit hidden object adventure game. 

General Tips for Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy

Difficulty - Three modes: Casual, Advanced and Master of Investigation. In Casual mode, there are interactive sparkles hints and the hint and skip buttons don't take long to charge. In Advanced mode, there are no interactive sparkle hints and the hint and skip button takes longer to charge. Master of Investigation mode has no interactive sparkle hints and the hint and skip button take a very long time to charge. 

Glasses - Your cursor will turn into glasses when you can interact with something, zoom into an area, or talk to someone. 

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item and add it to your inventory.

Diary -  Your Diary is located at the bottom left corner of your screen and stores all the notes you make along the way. 

Menu -  The menu button is located at the bottom left portion of your screen.

Hints -  The hint button found in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Click here if you're stuck. Just remember, the button takes time to charge before you can use it again.

Inventory -  Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen by hovering over the area. To lock it in the open position, just click the padlock at the top of the bar. 

Navigation Icon - When you cursor turns into an arrow with a globe, it means you go move in that direction.

Skip -  During mini-games, if you are having trouble or maybe you just don't feel like solving it, you can click on the skip button.

Hidden Object Scenes -  Hidden object scenes will be indicated by sparkles. Objects in red require an extra step to find them. 

And those are the basics for playing Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough!